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Brian Lazzaro Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, In With The Old

Magnolia TV in its series In With The Old in 2021 introduced us to this couple, Brian and Rachelle Lazzaro.

In With The Old is a renovation show for old-home enthusiasts, starring old-home enthusiasts and Brian and Rachelle were part of that.

Let us now get to know more about what they have been up to in the rest of the writing called ‘Brian Lazzaro Bio’. A good part of this is also about Brian’s age, net worth, height, and likewise.

Brian Lazzaro On Magnolia TV’s In With The Old

In With The Old is such that each week, it made sure designers, builders, and old-home enthusiasts in small towns and big cities across find an old home to restore to glorious perfection. One couple that stood out in the process during last season was Brian and Rachelle Lazzaro. The thing that made them special was that they not only did incredible work but were super adorable while doing it. Also, they wholeheartedly claimed that they will not only restore a home but possibly faith in humanity as well.

So, this couple appeared on S01E02 which premiered in October 2021. As a team, renovators Brian and Rachelle were shown returning to their hometown of Railroad, Pennsylvania, to rebuild the town one house at a tome. For this, they first were seen tackling the Creek House, a small home next to the train tracks that were built in the 19th century.

Before the dynamic duo was plucked out for the show, they documented the restoration of an old house via a YouTube channel called Creek House. This is the same house that we discussed earlier. They had bought this house at a government auction with the hopes of turning it into an Airbnb property, which they did.

After this, they bought another in Freeland, Maryland that they named Creek House Farms. Two years later in January 2022 and they finally moved into the property. This property, other than their own home, also includes The Creek House – A Restored Historic Cottage. This entire home of 4 guests and 2 bedrooms had been rented for $243/night on Airbnb.

Rachelle And Brian Lazzaro’s Children

Brian and Rachelle, who turned 37 in August 2021, got married on 27 July 2013. But before that, they met at a pizza place in Jackson, Wyoming. Brian lived there, Rachelle was just driving through. And Brian recognized her from a shoot he had directed years prior in Los Angeles.

After getting engaged, they returned to the Grand Tetons to tie the knot.

Two years later their daughter Emma Jane Lazzaro came into their lives (on 28 May 2015). Emma is frequently helping out her parents with their DIY projects.

Then, on 28 June 2021, James Robert, their son was born.

Brian Lazzaro as seen with the kids in March 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Both these kids are all over their parents’ social media. (Rachel is on Instagram @rachellelazzaro).

The family is followed by two labrador companions, Oscar and Molly, whenever they are out traveling. Work carries Brian and Rachelle all over the world.

Brian Lazzaro Net Worth

Brian, a director/producer from upstate New York, reportedly had more than 700 thousand dollars as his net worth as of 2022.

He graduated from NYU Film School in 2002 and began directing music videos in Los Angeles at the age of 24. He was Featured in Shoot Magazine’s New Directors Showcase of 2006.

What’s more, his music video credits include videos for rock artists like Good Charlotte, The Deftones, Rooney, and over 60 others. One of these videos for Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” won “Breakthrough Video of the Year” and “Duo Video of the Year” in 2013. The one for Cassaddee Pope won “Breakthrough Video of the Year” the next year.

Of course, Brian also successfully ran a design business with his wife, other than making money also from photography and creating commercials.

Brian Lazzaro Height

Brian Lazzaro stands around 6 feet and 2 inches in height.

Is Brian Lazzaro On Instagram?

Yes. Brian could be found on Instagram @brianlazzaro. And there were 525 posts and 464 followers on it as of 4 August 2022.

Brian also shared as much as he could on Facebook.

Brian Lazzaro Age

Born in 1980, Brian Lazzaro reached the age of 42 in 2022.

Brian Lazzaro Family

Brian’s dad is Robert James Lazzaro of Hopewell Junction, New York. He turned 70 in August 2021 and according to Brian, he was always a trendsetter before that.

Likewise, there is Beth Lazzaro, Brian’s mom who loved to share now and then glimpses of her life on Instagram @bethlazz30. Beth also based in Hopewell, also turned 70, but in June 2022.

On Instagram, in 2020, Brian also mentioned a cousin, Lisa Anne, who they lost around the time. Though she was 54 at the time, Brian shared that she always had the spirit and vitality of a twenty-something.

Brian also cared to mention that both his grandpas, Clay Olney and Dominick Lazzaro served in the navy during the second world war.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brian Lazzaro’s Birthday?

Brian Lazzaro’s birthday falls in the month of January. So, he is either a Capricorn or an Aquarius.

  • Where Is Brian Lazzaro From?

Brain hails from upstate New York. Although lately (in 2022) he was living and working in the north of Baltimore, Maryland where he served on the town council of Railroad.

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