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Brice Bolden Bio, Height, Age, Twin, College, 7 Little Johnstons

TLC’s 7 Little Johnston wasn’t just about the family of seven who lived with dwarfism. It also featured the lives of people that revolved around them; especially their romantic interests. Brice Bolden comes into the scene as the boyfriend of Elizabeth Johnston, on the show’s 10th installment.

So, who is he? Keep reading this Brice Bolden Bio to learn more about him. 

Meet Brice Bolden, Elizabeth Johnston’s Boyfriend

Brice Bolden was first introduced to the 7 Little Johnston fans in the 2020 ep of the show, where he took Elizabeth, Carol, and Daisy fishing. The siblings later scrutinized him, making sure that he wanted the best for their sister. 

And it seems that he did!

As of November 2021, Brice and Elizabeth were still together. Moreover, they were rumors floating around that the duo was planning on moving in together.

Also, it wasn’t a new thing for Brice to express his love for Elizabeth over his socials. To sum up all of his posts, Elizabeth was his “forever and always”, and he was serious about spending many more years with her.

On Valentine’s day 2020, Brice dedicated a post to Elizabeth — “She always thinks she looks rough, but can’t wait to spend many more valentines with you. I know it was yesterday but being with you is a Valentine’s Day every single day for me.”

Though their relationship surfaced late on the show, Brice and Elizabeth started dating ever since April 2019.

Getting to know Brice over time, Elizabeth’s family also more than approved of her new boyfriend. Over an ep, Carol and Daisy shared how happy they were for Elizabeth, and that Brice was with her for the long run.

Before Brice, Elizabeth dated her boyfriend James, who dumped her in season 6 of the reality show. “I guess you can say I am angry but I have to put on the mask and show that I am okay,” she opined at the time.

Brice Bolden Age

Brice Bolden was 21 years of age when he appeared on 7 Little Johnston season 10 in 2021.

He is four months older than Elizabeth who was born on December 7, 2001.

Brice Bolden Height

For those of you who haven’t seen Brice Bolden, he is an average-sized lad. He stood tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Brice has a square face, wavy brown hair, and he rarely missed wearing a cap.

Does Brice Bolden Have A Twin?

Yes, Brice Bolden has a twin brother named Brandon who f.y.i. doesn’t look like him at all. His twin once appeared on 7 Little Johnston in 2020 to keep Jonah company.

Besides Brandon, Brice has a 13-year-older brother named Trey Bolden who is a Gordon State College graduate. As of 2021, he lived in Hampton, Georgia with his wife Kristen Sarver Bolden.

As for Brice’s parents, they are named Chuck and Jennifer Bolden. The duo even had a joint Facebook account @chuck.bolden.98.

Where Does Brice Bolden Go To College?

Brice Bolden graduated from Mary Persons High School in May 2019 and was deciding on the career he’d embark upon.

On the other hand, Elizabeth had already decided on joining a nursing school and becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner. Her parents revealed that it was her own decision and non of them had any influence on the matter.

Also, Brice’s grandmother Suzanne Smith Zellner is a Mary Persons High School graduate as well. Before 2021, she lived in her hometown Forsyth, Georgia with her husband Ricky Zellner.

If Brice were to follow in his grandmother’s footsteps, he would later attend Macon State College.

Brice Bolden Job

As of 2021, Brice had yet to start his career. However, in light of him being cast on TLC’s 7 Little Johnston, it might be safe to say that he now is a reality star.

But Brice’s IMDB profile had yet to be created then.

A fishing and hunting enthusiast, Brice probably might take a job related to his passion in the future.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Brice Bolden Celebrate His Birthday?

Brice celebrates his birthday on August 17 and is of the Leo zodiac.

  • Is Brice Bolden On Facebook?

No, Brice wasn’t on Facebook before 2021.

But find him over Instagram @brice_bolden_ (main), and brice__bolden with 59K and 4.3K followers respectively.

Also, here’s his Twitter @brice_bolden.

  • How Many Episodes Of  7 Little Johnstons Features Brice Bolden?

Since Brice just started a permanent cast of 7 Little Johnston in 2021, the track of his appearances had yet to be kept.

So, it’s not clear how many episodes Brice has graced.

As for Elizabeth, she had been the star of 7 Little Johnston ever since the show premiered in March 2015.

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