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Bridget E Kelly Bio, Age, Job, Rahne Jones Wife

We’ve seen Rahne Jones offering her advice and acting as a mediator when the partners confront one another on Help! I’m In a Secret Relationship. But what’s her married life like? And who’s her wife Bridget E Kelly?

Keep reading this “Bridget E Kelly Bio” to learn all about it.

Meet Rahne Jones Wife, Bridget E Kelly

Bridget E Kelly first met Rahne Jones back in 2016 at a piano bar in the West Village, NYC. Quickly falling for each other, the two then went on to date for over 4 years before finally deciding to marry on October 10, 2020. However, their initial wedding date was thrown off by the pandemic.

The lovebirds then decided on another wedding date in 2021. Which yet again was postponed as they continued to have tough conversations regarding leading lives as an interracial couple. “Being in an interracial relationship is one of those things where you have to have communication and you have to have tough conversations. Or else, what are you doing? You can’t live in the land of rainbows and sunshine thinking everything is hunky-dory because your lived experiences are different,” Bridget explained.

So, sorting out all their “matters”, the couple then finally went on to hold their wedding on Oct 30, 2021, in Central Park. NYC. Having experienced three different wedding dates over the 2 years of their engagement, it really was a momentous feat for the couple.

Bridget E Kelly Age

Bridget E Kelly was 31 years of age when Help! I’m In a Secret Relationship premiered in 2022.

She is three years youngest than Rahne.

Bridget E Kelly Job

Bridget E Kelly mentioned having a job in the “music business” at Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Tonight Show.

On the other hand, her partner Rahne Jones is an actress who’s appeared as “Leisa” in the TV series Pose (2021), and as “Skye Leighton” in The Politician (2020).

Her character, Skye in The Politician is an advisor/campaign staffer for Payton Hobart.

But most of all, Rahne was recognized for hosting Help! I’m In a Secret Relationship alongside Travis Mills. Over the docuseries, Rahne and Travis uncovered the heartbreaking stories of people who have been emotionally manipulated into keeping their relationships a secret.

However, though Rahne often confronted the partners to untangle the web of lies the couples have created within their relationship, she claimed that she was no “relationship expert.”

According to the star, they are not psychologists. Rather, as a host, they’re just helping to facilitate a healthy conversation and give advice, where they see fit. “We’ve definitely had people storm off and not want to participate, and shut down. And we do give them their time to stay separate because it’s just not going to go anywhere when tensions are high,” she remarked.

Furthermore, Rahne confessed that during filing they ever “got cussed out” and “blamed for everything.”

But then again, this was exactly what the viewers signed up for. Not everyone likes a happy ending!

Coming back to Bridget, she’s proud to have a “relationship expert” as her spouse. Being an interracial, gay, married couple in NYC, she wants them to set an example to the world. However, the main change she desires comes “politically.”

“Like right now everything in our lives especially all of ours is decided by who was elected in November or who is picked for the supreme court,” she explained.

Is Bridget E Kelly On Instagram?

Yes, as of April 2022, find Bridget on Instagram @heybridgetk with 355 followers.

Also, here’s her Twitter @heybridgetk.

Bridget E Kelly Family

Bridget didn’t talk much about her family. The only time we saw her mother was at Bridget’s wedding in Oct 2021. In fact, she was the one who created chocolate-covered Oreos in the shape of ghosts, with “Til Death Do Us Part” written ribbon attached to them.

Also, the stunning ring Bridget flaunted on the wedding day was given to her by her mother. This very ring was initially gifted to Bridget’s mother by Bridget’s father on her 30th birthday.

Likewise,  Rahne also had “Something Old, Something New” for the wedding — her mother’s watch.

Bridget E Kelly Height

Bridget stands tall at a height under 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bridget E Kelly Birthday?

Bridget receives her birthday wishes on September 13, making her of the Virgo zodiac.

On Bridget’s 31st birthday, Rahne took it to her IG to write, “I hope you know that 9/13 will always be my favorite day because it’s when the world was blessed with you. You’re a selfless friend, a wonderful daughter, brilliant, funny, absolutely beautiful, and the best fiancé a girl could ever dream of. I love you today and forever.”

  • Where Is Bridget E Kelly From?

Bridget hails from New York, NY.

As for Rahne, she is from Silver Spring, MD, Maryland.

  • How Much Is Bridget E Kelly Net Worth?

By 2022, Bridget garnered a net worth of under $100 thousand.

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