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Brody Danger Bio, Age, Today, How to Build a S*x Room

Brody Danger is one of the clients of Melanie Rose in Netflix’s How to Build a S*x Room. In this article, you’ll learn about their age, job, social media reach, and current residence.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more about them.

Brody Danger On Netflix’s How to Build a S*x Room

Brody Danger appeared on Netflix’s How to Build a S*x Room as one of the clients of Melanie Rose, the s*x room designer with their partner Bettie Belladonna. They are looking for an intimate space to get ready, ready, as they are a part of the burlesque and draglesque communities.

Bettie and Brody welcome Melanie to their home. They have a space in their home downstairs that they are looking to upgrade with the help of Melanie. When Melanie asks, “So you want a s*x room. Would you like to tell me why?”

They say that they would love to have a space for anything, “Just a general baseline”. But they want a cool performer space where they can get ready together and have an intimate space to get into the right mindset of “turning into the stunning, amazing people we [they] are”.

Bettie leads the way and welcomed Melanie to the room with spacious room with her clothes and 75 pairs of shoes. Melanie thinks that the couple is living in a “past era, style-wise”. Melanie adds, “They are a little bit ’50s, mid-century modern, and a little bit of cutesy things”.

As for the room, Bettie and her partner want to have enough light, a bomb bathtub, and a dressing room.

Are Bettie Belladonna And Brody Danger Still Together?

Bettie Belladonna and Brody Danger met each other while working in drag in 2017. They became “friends with s*xual tension”. Brody had a secret crush on Bettie for a while, and the relationship started over a lot of whiskeys. They started dating after April 2020, the first time Brody debuted on Bettie’s IG.

Brody only ever dated women. They never identified with “gay or “lesbian”. They recognized themselves as “queer”. When they met Bettie, they were like “Oh, this is what love is”.

Before meeting Brody, Bettie only dated straight men but when she came to terms with her sexuality, two of them were in a fantastic relationship.

But Bettie felt that there was something missing and that was when she and Brody realized that there was much more than a friendship. It was the moment everything made sense for Bettie (her life and her existence).

Bettie added that they couldn’t be without each other and they were inseparable ever since.

At the start of the show, they say, “If we’re not matching, we’re not doing it right. Gotta step it up.” Brody later admits that he was wicked attracted to her performing. He believes that watching her perform in those ways is a turn-on for him.

For Bettie, putting on make-up, getting ready, talking to each other, and checking each other out, their behind-the-scenes for her are favorite parts of their relationship.

Bettie also added that Kink was a very large potion of her s*xual awakening. However, she hesitates to talk about kink because of the possible judgment.

As for the question, are they still together? Yes, they definitely are. A day before the show premiered they appeared on a post together. Bettie posted on her IG, “🔥#flammable 🔥🔥✨🔥✨🔥✨🔥✨🔥 Heading to the @coloradoburlesquefest Night One! Can’t wait to see all the hotties tonight for Fire + Ice! 🔥❤️ In the immortal words of @andyfrasco “Let’s Gooooooooo!”.

Before Brody, Bettie was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jack Steelman. They were together at least until October 2019.

What Is Brody Danger Today?

Brody Danger is currently based in Denver, Colorado. Brody is still very involved in the burlesque and drag scenes.

According to the website of The Colorado Burlesque Festival, Brody and Bettie are set to perform on 9 July at the show’s 10th anniversary. The couple’s bond is still strong, though, as Brody described Bettie as the “most glamorous in my eyes and the reason for all the shine in my life” in an April 2022 post.

Brody Danger Age

In April 2022, Brody celebrated their 31st birthday. They were born on 20 April 1991.

Brody Danger Job

Brody Danger is working as a manager at 7S Management. They had previously worked as a Shift Manager at Independent Records & Video from 2010 to 2012. They also interned at Kill Rock Stars. Whereas, served as a tour manager at DeVotchKa.

They completed high school at Boulder High School in 2009. They attended George Washington University and also studied Music Business at the University of Colorado Denver.

As for burlesque dancing, Brody is the “rock ‘n roll bad boy (accidental) heartbreaker your parents warned you about, with a healthy dose of glam-rock thrown in for good measure. They are comfortable topless, glittery state – he’s air guitar’d and knee-slid his way into the hearts of audiences across the nation – performing in CA, TX, NM, & MN”.

Brody has been a monthly cast of Drag Decades at The Clocktower Cabaret since 2016. Visit their shop for Tees.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Brody Danger From?

Brody Danger hailed from Louisville, Colorado. They are currently based in Denver, Colorado.

  • Is Brody Danger On Instagram?

Yes, Brody Danger is on Instagram (@brody.danger) and Facebook (@brodydanger17).

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