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Bronte Schofield Bio, Age, Job, Parents, Height, MAFS

Bronte Schofield has been described as “Outspoken, fiery, and confident” and she loves to love. ‘Bronte is an amazing chick. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of confrontation,’ one friend told Daily Mail Australia back in 2022. While another friend said: ‘It’s going to be drama filled with her involved that’s for sure!” Sources on set have described Bronte as ‘the next Coco Stedman’.

She never problem getting attention from men but in the end, she was the one left with a broken heart. Bronte struggled with trust since she was hurt and betrayed too frequently. She admits to letting guys take advantage of her generosity and walk all over her, something her family is constantly on the alert to guard her against.

Bronte hoped that by putting her trust in the MAFS professionals, she will once more be able to open her heart. Bronte prefers conversationalist men and is drawn to the alpha male. She has plenty of love and affection to shower on her man. Bronte, who is eternally upbeat, thinks there must be someone out there for her.

Find out more about her age, job, and family as you scroll down this article.

MAFS Australia: Are Bronte Schofield And Harrison Boon Still Together?

MAFS Australia premiered in 2023, and the drama surrounding the cast members of the hit show has already started making headlines. A screenshot was recently leaked which showed that before signing up on MAFS, Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon were previously matched on Hinge.

The wedding of Bronte Schofield went horribly wrong when a guest named Jessica Tomlinson arrived and revealed to the online beauty instructor that she knew Harrison Boon, the bride’s husband and that they had dated just days before their wedding. The wedding of Bronte went horribly wrong when Jessica revealed to Bronte that she knew Harrison Boon, the bride’s husband, and that her friend had dated just days before their wedding.

‘I need to tell you something,’ she told Bronte after pulling her aside from the wedding guests. ‘I have a friend that is from Sydney,’ Jessica explained. ‘She told me about this guy that’s going to go on MAFS and that she has been dating for the last month and a half… It’s him, it’s Harrison.’

Jessica then explained that Harrison told her friend that he wanted to be with her once he finished the experiment – and he was planning on spending each weekend with her. ‘No, no, you’re f**king lying,’ a speechless Bronte then replied.

‘I have a picture on my phone… That’s him,’ Jessica adds. “Yesterday, the day before the wedding, she sent me a picture saying he’s packing his bags. And he is about to go get married to someone on MAFS,” she explains.

Jessica then took out her phone to show Bronte a string of communications Harrison had with her buddy to demonstrate their relationship. Bronte, shocked, replied to her best friend, “You’re lying. If that’s true, that’s my worst nightmare.”

Another insider claimed that Bronte was already informed of her groom’s other relationship before the wedding by her friend Jessica Tomlinson, the same person who revealed on Monday’s episode that Harrison was dating a 21-year-old lady off the show. If all of this is accurate, Bronte put on a show for the cameras that were Logie-worthy because she kept her identity a secret when she spotted Harrison waiting for her at the altar.

She also exhibited a real look of horror when Jess revealed the identity of Harrison’s covert lover as if it were brand-new info.

In a telling clue about the fate of their ‘marriage’, Bronte is yet to accept Harrison’s friend request on Facebook.

After initially playing down Jessica’s claims, Harrison then admitted that he had been talking to several different girls.

“I was seeing a number of girls before I came into this,” Harrison began. “I’m a single guy in Sydney and I didn’t know if [the show] was gonna last a week, a month, the entire experiment…”

“But I’m not in a relationship with anyone. They’re just people that I was seeing,” he added. “I told her that I was giving this a hundred percent and it wouldn’t be right for us to continue.”

The screenshots indicate that the two had a Hinge match four months before the start of filming last year, but Bronte was not interested in pursuing Harrison at the time and even expressed frustration to a friend that Harrison “couldn’t take a hint.” This in a way confirmed that the couple matched on the show are not “strangers”.

‘Bronte sent her sister a screenshot of Harrison’s profile and messages alongside the words, “I hate guys that can’t take the hint,” a source told Daily Mail Australia. ‘They were laughing because Harrison was just talking to himself.” An on-set source said Bronte brought up the fact they’d previously matched on Hinge on their wedding day, but Harrison told her ‘not to feel special’ because he’d sent messages to ‘hundreds’ of other women.

After all that drama, we couldn’t say for sure about their current standing, their marital status is unclear. In her recent IG post, Bronte wrote, “You say you want to be a team?! Well, buckle up, because I’m looking for the Bonnie to my Clyde. I hope we can make it through this honeymoon in one piece! #MAFS.”

Bronte Schofield Age

At the time of the filming of MAFS in 2022, Bronte Schofield was 28 years old.

Who Are Bronte Schofield Parents?

Bronte Schofield is the daughter of Brian and Sue Schofield. The couple has been married for 27 years. On their 25th anniversary, Sue posted on her FB, “Silver wedding anniversary today .. 25 years married. So many memories laugh and tears in this time. We’re still as happy now as when we first meet. love you xxx.”

Her parents hailed from Perth, Western Australia and they are still happily married to each other. Proud mother Sue announced in June 2021, “So super proud Bronte Schofield has worked hard on her own to achieve her dream car. Hard work and persistence pay off. A lot of tears and doubt over the last 12 months but positive vibes and family support have paid off. You got this B xx.”

Bronte has at least one sibling, her sister named Kirra Schofield. They have appeared on a few TikToks together and appear very close to each other. In July 2022, Kirra celebrated her 25 years old.

Kirra is currently single. Find her on TikTok, FB, and IG.

Bronte Schofield Job

Bronte Schofield is an online beauty educator. She is also a micro-influencer with 15.5k followers. According to Seek.Au, beauty educator makes an average salary of $90,000 to $100,000.

Bronte Schofield Height

Bronte Schofield stands tall above the height of 5’3”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Bronte Schofield Reside?

Bronte Schofield is currently based in Perth, Australia.

  • When Is Bronte Schofield Birthday?

Bronte Schofield’s birthday is not clear yet.

  • Is Bronte Schofield On Instagram?

Yes, Bronte Schofield is on Instagram (@_bronteschofield), Facebook (@bronte.schofield.1), and TikTok (@bronte.schofield.1).

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