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Brooke Rachman Bio, Age, Family, Job, Are You The One?

It’s exciting news for the fans: Are You The One (AYTO)? has returned from its four-year hiatus. The first two episodes of the Season 9 of Are You The One? dropped on Paramount+ on 18 January 2023 with a bunch of hot new cast, and Kamie Crawford as its host. So, as the TV’s once first-ever international dating show makes a huge return with 22 contestants from around the world, let us introduce to you Brooke Rachman, AKA Tini, one of its contestants.

Brooke Rachman On Are You The One?

Early in 2023, Brooke Rachman took to her social media to finally reveal why she had disappeared for a month a year before. She spilled that it was to live in a villa in Gran Canaria in Spain with 21 strangers to film the first-ever global season of Are You The One?. As to “why?” she said dating in Los Angeles had failed her miserably and she thought it was time for a drastic change.

That is why, she said, she decided to go on this dating show where she not just had a chance to find love but also win a million dollars. Saying this, she invited her people to follow her journey as she meet some pretty amazing singles from all over the world.

So, once the episodes were out, the season kickstarted with its first love triangle and it also involved Brooke. S09 E01 saw Brooke answer who she was attracted to out of the men. She points at Leo Svete because of his height, but she also tells that she liked Will Gagnon. The first episode further sees Brooke chat with Will and some deep chat with Leo. They relate to similar experiences with strict exes and their dad’s ICU stays. Brooke revealed her dad went to the ICU two weeks ago and Leo said that his dad too once almost died in the ICU.

As for Will, she ends up calling him “intense”. The next episode sees the two get into some arguments. Brooke says Will would be her number one if he was not mean. Will then promises he is not mean and even claims there is no one in the house that he is attracted to besides her. Brooke starts crying finding the gesture “really sweet.” They hug it out leaving room for maybe a romance in the future. But one could also not notice when the episode ended with Brooke sitting next to Leo in the first match-up ceremony.

Brooke Rachman Dating Status

Brooke Rachman’s relationship status was unclear at the time of this writing. Last year at least, she was single and looking for love on Are You The One?.

How Old Is Brooke Rachman?

Beautiful Brooke Rachman turned 31 years old in 2022.

Brooke Rachman Family

Brooke Rachman’s father is Mark Rachman and he turned 60 on 11 February 2022. It appears the patriarch has been working full-time as a senior V.P. of supply chain manufacturing at Hybrid Apparel since 2021. While her mother Jennifer Rachman has had 20 years of career as a community college faculty counselor and instructor and 2 years as a transfer center counselor. She turned 63 years old in January 2023.

The two seemed still together and married and residing in Huntington Beach, California.

As for siblings, Brooke has a sister named Darrah Rachman, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and three brothers, Jake, Mark, Dillon, and Cole Rachman.

Among them, Dillon is the one who is into investment financing and real estate. He has a beautiful wife named Jessica Rachman who he married on 22 May 2021. The couple also welcomed a beautiful baby on October 2022 and named her Taylor Rachman.

What Job Does Brooke Rachman Do For A Living?

While Brooke Rachman’s LinkedIn was not available there are still a few things that are known about her job/career.

The internet at this point tells us that Brooke has been a social media manager at Lancer Skincare, a digital account manager at White Oak Communications, and social media and influencer marketing manager at Dainty Hooligan LLC. The latter is also known as Dainty Hooligan Boutique.

It appears, she also previously worked as a production/marketing intern at Manhattan Beachwear.

Brooke Rachman Height

Brooke Rachman stands above 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brooke Rachman Birthday?

Brooke Rachman’s birthday is on September 19th and that makes her a Virgo. A Virgo born on this day is believed to be an idealist and someone on their personal chase for truths.

  • Is Brooke Rachman On Instagram?

Brooke Rachman could be found on Instagram @brooke.tini with 42 posts and 2,892 followers as of 20 January 2023. Besides, she also showed glimpses of her life on Twitter @brooke_rachman and on TikTok @brooke.tini.

Brooke, on behalf of her brother and sister Bernedoodles, Duke, and Dutchess, also handled their IG account @berneduo.dukeandduchess.

On social media, Brooke shares pictures/videos of her spending time outdoors. Also, one can tell from here that she is into meal-prepping and working out.

At the time of this writing, she was referring to this era of her life as “Tini Takes On Reality TV”.

  • Where Is Brooke Rachman From?

Brooke Rachman was born and brought up in Mission Viejo, California. As of January 2023 though, she called Los Angeles, California her home.

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