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Brooke Reyna Bio, Age, Job, Height, Jacob Batalon

Meet Brooke Reyna, mystery girlfriend of Spider-Man franchise actor Jacob Batalon who played Ned Leeds, best friend of Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland. Jacob had mentioned his girlfriend in several places. He also introduced her to his fans on IG. But no one knew much about them.

But if you check Instagram there are at least 4 fan pages dedicated to her who post edited pictures of her. So, everyone must be curious, who is Brooke, how did they meet? Scroll down this Brooke Reyna Bio because we address it all here.

Meet Brooke Reyna, Jacob Batalon Girlfriend

Brooke Reyna, the girlfriend of Jacob Batalon, was introduced by the actor for the first time in early March 2021. They appeared on a post together in Jacob’s IG in a shot clip. He wrote, “Alexa play Lucky by Britney Spears” in his caption. The post has 1.68 million views as of this moment. (Tramadol)

But, the fans had mixed feeling about the relationships. One wrote, “Alexa Play “Gold Digger” By Kanye West”. Another put the same sentiment about her, “She came after the money came lol”. However other fans defended her and wrote, “These comments are so backhanded. why can’t yall just be happy for him tf”

Another wrote, “Love is a beautiful thing and so are the both of you!!”.

According to the interview on WIRED, one fan asked “who is Jacob’s girlfriend?” Jacob replied: “The amazing Brooke Reyna. She’s my [censored]. I love her to death. We met on a night out, really random. I feel like I wasn’t looking for anyone. And she kinda just popped into my life. And now we’re together.”

The couple was having quality time together. They went to Disneyland together he wrote, “So nice had to post twice”. On the other hand, Brooke Reyna hasn’t spoken anything related to their relationship.

During the interview with 1883Magazine, Jacob revealed that his girlfriend was vegan. Not only that, but she also inspired him to take on the vegan dishes. He and his girlfriend are trying a Filipino chef from San Francisco that makes vegan Filipino food.

Brooke Reyna Age

Although the real age of Brooke Reyna hasn’t been revealed yet, she appears to be over the age of 24. In addition, her birthday is also not known at this moment. On the other hand, Jacob celebrates his birthday on 9 October. He turned 25 years old in 2021.

Brooke Reyna Job

Like her personal information, her professional information also remains in a shadow. Because she is an extremely private person, she has yet to open up about a whole lot of details in her life. That also includes her job and academic qualifications.

Speaking of Jacob, he started his acting career appearing in North Woods in 2016 as Cooper. Then, he landed the biggest break in his career, “Spider-man: Homecoming.” Besides movies, he has also started landing roles on TV shows such as Reginald the Vampire, Zaya, 50 States of Fright, and a few more.

During 1883Magazine interview, Jaccob also discussed ‘Fat Vampire’ a book by author Johnny B. Truant. He revealed that he and his girlfriend read the book and they discussed a bit about him being on the show. He shared that ‘Fat Vampire’ was a relatable story —being an outcast in a society where your worth and talent are solely based on the way you look.

Is Brooke Reyna On IG, Facebook?

Brooke Reyna is on Instagram. Her IG account is @b_lareina with 48.7k followers. Her IG only contains 44 posts in total.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Brooke Reyna Ethnicity?

Brooke is Amerian but not the typical “White-American.” She appears to be of mixed ethnicity because she looks like Middle-eastern heritage.

  • Where Is Brooke Reyna From?

It is highly likely, Brooke is American. But, the place she hailed from is a mystery. Along with that, her upbringing and her family everyone remains away from social media. She also frequents Canada, so chances are she could also be Canadian.

In one post from August 2021, Brooke spent a day with her nieces, sister, and her brother. That’s all we know about her family right now.

  • How Tall Is Brooke Reyna?

Brooke stands tall to the height of 5 feet 8.5 inches.

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