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Brooke Rogers Age, Job, Ben Kissel Wife Or Girlfriend?

Ben Kissel was dating Brooke Rogers. Are they still married or is she his girlfriend? Along with the details, find out more in this article below.

Brooke’s age, job and additional details are available here.

Is Brooke Rogers Ben Kissel’s Wife Or Girlfriend?

Brooke Rogers and Ben Kissel were in a long-term relationship but they are definitely not married to each other. They have known each other for more than 6 years now. Brooke hasn’t featured her man on her socials but their mutual friends have done the honors for her.

In May 2018, comedian Eddie Larson posted a pic of the two and captioned it, “That is the face of true unbridled bliss.  #italyschmitaly #Cosmeena.” Bliss in the sense that they are in love. So, Brooke and Ben were together for more than 2 years.

However, the relationship has reportedly come to an end. One Redditor who followed The Last Podcast on the Left (LPOTL) has shared on Reddit that they are no longer together. One started a thread writing, “When I listen to Round Table, or old LPOTL he’s hilarious and whitty. Now he just sounds slow and forced. I suspect that the death of Kevin Barnett has really affected him. At this point I’m wondering if we’ll ever get that old Kissel back. I hope Ben is okay.”

Another replied, “Probably that and the drinking, recent breakup, and being single when your two closest friends are now happily married. We all have our dark days but He’s still great to me.”

Another Redditor added, “He was dating a younger reporter gal, Brooke Rogers. Brooke is very good friends with Carolina, Marcus’s wife. They broke up some time ago (I think it’s been a few months or more now) but it ended on good terms because they still commented on each other on social media. But Ben took it really hard because he seems ready to settle down and can’t really land another relationship.”

So, we have to say, that Brooke and Ben are no longer together.

As for the most recent event, Ben has been absent from the popular show that he hosted alongside Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski. Marcus and Henry talked about Ben’s absence from the program and revealed that he was now receiving treatment and would be taking a vacation from hosting duties during a piece on LPOTL (Side Stories: Bullet in the Backseat).

“Ben is going into treatment but he will be back,” the hosts shared, adding that he is “looking after his mental health and his physical health.” They emphasized the importance of seeking treatment, and said they had been concerned about Ben’s health for “a minute.”

“Sometimes we get wrapped up in it and we forget to take care of ourselves,” they said. The show will continue as usual during Ben’s absence, and Marcus and Henry said that they have a lineup of friends and family who will be filling in while he’s out. “Mental health is not your fault but it is your responsibility,” the co-hosts added.

In addition to the revelation that Ben would be taking time off for his physical and emotional health, one of Ben’s ex-girlfriends, who goes by the online handle @booboobirdie, has made accusations regarding their relationship. She hasn’t specifically referred to him, but she has labeled this “podcaster” an alcoholic who mistreated her, saying “You’ll never get to drunkenly pin me to the bed and call me a pathetic f–king loser or stupid f–king b—h ever again.”

@booboobirdie responded to the accusations in a video that was published on TikTok in September 2023, but she once more refrained from naming anyone. She describes how Ben’s supporters caused her to be suspended from Instagram in her TikTok video. The fan base that surrounds Ben has obviously decided to be antagonistic toward her, and it’s very likely that these accusations are a contributing factor in the fact that Ben isn’t currently on the show.

Brooke Rogers Age

Born in November 1995, Brooke Rogers is 27 years old as of September 2023.

Brooke Rogers Job

Brooke Rogers began her career as a Managing Editor at Wingspan College Newspaper in 2013. A year later, she landed a job as a Co-Editor at Wingspan Student Newspaper.

In 2023, Brooke quit her job as an Editorial Page Assistant at The New York Post. She had the job for 6 years quitting in April 2023.

As of 2023, Brooke has been a legal assistant at Lighthouse Law Firm since September 2014. She is also working as a Jr Marketing and Events Manager at National Review. She joined the news outlet as an Agostinelli Research Fellow Intern and worked as an assistant to The Publisher.

Starting from April 2023, she also holds the job title of Assistant Editor at the New York Post.

Moreover, Brooke has appeared on Hail Yourself, America! in 2019, according to her IMDB.

Brooke graduated from Laramie County Community College in 2014.

How Tall Is Brooke Rogers?

Brooke Rogers’s height measures 5 feet 8 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Brooke Rogers From?

Brooke Rogers hailed from Astoria, New York.

  • When Is Brooke Rogers Birthday?

Brooke Rogers’s birthday is on 26 November.

  • Is Brooke Rogers On Instagram?

Yes, Brooke Rogers is available on Instagram (@brookeangeline) and Twitter (@bkerogers).

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