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Brooks Marks Bio, Height, Dating, Job, Net Worth

Brooks Marks is the son of none other than Real Housewife of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks. Like mom like son, Brooks has often been in the news and has made himself available for discussions including what it is like having parents on TV, filming their shows with them, and dealing with the ups and downs of fame.

In this writing called ‘Brooks Marks Bio’ let us take you through his dating life, career, job, net worth, and more.

Meet Brooks Marks, RHOSLC Meredith Marks’s Son

Brooks is super close with his “fire mama” and RHOSLC star Meredith Marks who looks more like his sister and less like his mom.

Meredith makes a regular appearance on her son’s social media, where he can’t stop talking about her. He gushes about things like how he loves her more than words he can describe and how he is forever grateful for her. He even says that everyone needs to have Meredith Marks in their lives.

Even the outsiders can see that Meredith is always supporting and motivating her son to be his best self.

Brooks also is the son of Seth Marks, Meredith’s husband since 1996. Seth on his IG @sethstock, introduces himself as a dad, entrepreneur, and “Pride Ally & HouseHusband hanging by a thread to Bravo Housewife @meredithmarks”.

Speaking of siblings, Brooks has two of them. They are Reid and Chloe Marks. Chloe on Instagram @chloemarkss entertained 16.1K followers and Reid kept his (@reidmarks) private.

Brooks when first appeared on RHOSLC people were excited about him. But, since a year ago majority of fans seemed annoyed of him and did not feel like agreeing to calling him the show’s “new unintentional star”. They believed that with such high hopes for him, he was falling short with his entitlement and ingratitude. Fans took it to the internet to bash how he left school to use his mom’s status to promote his brand and get noticed as a social media influencer.

Is Brooks Marks Dating Anyone?

Brooks’s relationship staus was unclear at the time of this writing. He managed to keep his dating life completely private. So, not even his social media could tell us about his present or even past love affairs.

How Old Is Brooks Marks?

Brooks Marks was born on 28 July 1999. So, he turned 23 years old in 2022. And that also makes him a Leo.

Brooks Marks Height

Brooks Marks stands above 6’1” in height.

Brooks Marks Job

As per LinkedIn, Brooks has been a full-time CEO at Brooks Marks LLC since July 2019. Brooks Marks LLC is a clothing line, which one could look up on IG @shopbrooksmarks.

There are hoodies, sweatshorts, keychains, and other marches on Pricing, for instance, a PYE Hoodie in Jet Black and Pride sweatpants were each selling at $78.00 and Crew Socks were price tagged at $18.00.

How Much Is Brooks Marks’s Net Worth?

Brooks Marks reportedly had close to $1 million net worth as of January 2023.

In September 2022, Brooks also took to his IG to inform his people about his soon releasing show called Growing Up Reality With Brooks Marks. He said the show is premiering on In The Know by Yahoo and that it is going to be “major”. In this talk show, Brooks said, he would be hosting and chatting with fellow kids of The Real Housewives franchise and other hit reality shows.

And as promised, he did bring his sister Chloe in the premiere episode of the web series. Chloe has only made a few appearances on RHOSLC. So, Brooks “really” wanted to show more of her and their dynamic. “She has such a great personality, she’s so beautiful, she is so smart. I just wanted the world to be able to see that side of her more too”, he told OK! later.

Related FAQs

  • What College Did Brooks Marks Attend?

Brooks’s mom celebrated several memorable moments from his big day as he graduated from New York University back in June 2022. According to LinkedIn, Brooks went to the university for “Individualized Study” in 2017. Besides, here, he also mentioned attending the University of Southern California between 2020 – 2021.

  • Did Brooks Marks Come Out?

In a September 2021 episode of Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City, Meredith Marks was seen telling her husband Seth that despite Brooks not labeling himself as gay Jen Shah was busy labeling him that way, and she was not liking it. This is not the only time, Meredith guarded her son’s sexuality.

So, while this does not suggest Brooks Marks’s coming out already, the media outlet them, on the other hand, already had dubbed Brooks as the first openly gay son of a housewife on RHOSLC. They also wrote that Brooks for that reason is the main reason to tune into Bravo’s latest iteration, in their story in November 2020.

  • Is Brooks Marks On Instagram?

Indeed. Brooks could be found on Instagram and also on TikTok and YouTube. As of 17 January 2023, his IG account @brooksmarks included 147 posts and 59.5K followers. Plus, despite the channel having no content, his YouTube channel ‘Brooks Marks’ already included 55.1K subscribers. Also, on TikTok @brooksmarks there were 22.5K followers.

But, Brooks did not every time find himself enjoying on social media. It has also got him into troubles. For instance, last September 2022 only, he Broadway star Jessica Vosk slammed him for going live on Instagram during one of her concert.

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