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Bubba Weiler Dating, Parents, Net Worth, Kaleidoscope

As a third-grader, Bubba Weiler lied about being a fan of the Harry Potter books to fit in with his friends. Never did he know that in the years to come, he will be making his Broadway debut as Scorpius Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Really nervous to make friends he had said “Yeah, I’ve totally read the books tons of times” when he had not. He did end up becoming hooked on this franchise though, much later after he picked the first book as a present to a Harry Potter-obsessed best friend. He winded up going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and even truly cried there. Enough of the actor’s obsession with Harry Potter. Now, let us tell you about his dating life, parents, net worth, and his recent Kaleidoscope journey in the rest of the writing.

Bubba Weiler On Netflix’s Kaleidoscope

After having joined Broadway production as part of the Year 2 cast replacing the original Broadway cast in March 2019 Bubbe Weiler found himself become the cast of Kaleidoscope much later. The new decades-spanning heist thriller dropped on Netflix on the very first day of 2023.

Kaleidoscope is an eight-part American heist drama television miniseries that centers around master thief Leo Pap (actor Giancarlo Esposito) and his crew attempting an epic heist worth $7 billion. The story traverses from twenty-four years before the heist to six months after the heist. And Bubba, in the series, appears in the recurring role of agent Samuel Toby, Nazan’s (actress Niousha Noor) FBI partner.

Special agent Samuel, as the synopsis puts it, is a boy scout in the FBI, the kind of guy who would take a strawberry milkshake over a vodka on the rocks. They say he has got a sharp mind and an immense admiration for fellow Agent Nazan Abbasi that of course over time grows from professional to personal. He gets attracted to her intelligence and skill in the field. So, he devotedly assists her as she attempts to track down the crew. But once Bubba’s character realizes Nazan is way too deep into her obsession, he will have to choose whether his priorities lie in being on the right side of his career, or the right side of justice.

How Much Is Bubba Weiler’s Net Worth?

Bubba Weiler reportedly had more than $400K as his net worth as of January 2023.

Repped by the Gray Talent Group of Chicago, Illinois, Bubba’s film credits also include Puzzle (2018) and The Ranger (2018). You should have also seen him on television on Pose (FX), Run The World (Starz), The Good Fight (CBS), Murphy Brown (CBS), Instinct (CBS), Blue Bloods (CBS), Elementary (CBS), The Slap (NBC).

Others would be Talking Pictures, The Actor, To Kill A Mockingbird (Steppenwolf), A Guide for the Perplexed, Sailed With Magellan, A Park in Our House (Victory Gardens), The Original Grease (American Theater Company), and Picnic (Writers Theatre). While these are his Chicago credits the New York ones would be Dead Poets Society (Classic Stage Company), The Burnt Part Boys (Vineyard Theatre), and Goldor and Mythyka (New Georges).

Is Bubba Weiler Dating Anyone?

Until the time of this writing, Bubba Weiler managed to keep his dating life completely private. So, not even his social media could tell us about his present or even past love affairs.

Bubba Weiler Age

Bubba Weiler was born in 1993. So, he turned 29 years old in 2022.

Who Are Bubba Weiler’s Parents?

Bubba Weiler’s father is Bernard K Weiler and he turned 69 years old on 31 July 2022. While his mother, Maureen J Weiler turned 69 years old that year. As of the time of this writing, these two seemed to be residing around Aurora, Illinois.

About his family, Bubba has said that he comes from a “giant loving family”. He shared in an interview that he has five older brothers and sisters and amazing parents. So, he said growing up it was really wonderful.

His brother Thomas Heneghan was born in 1989, Dan Weiler in 1987, and then James in 1993.

About his family, we also learned that his uncle Warren Weiler passed away on 22 January 2022. He was 71 at the time and was a proud graduate of Marmion Military Academy and an alumnus of Loyola University where he graduated with a degree in history.

Before that, in February 2004, the family also grieved the loss of Bubba’s grandfather, Bernard K. Weiler, who died at the age of 79.

Bubba Weiler Height

Bubba Weiler stands 5′ 8″ in height. Also, his reported weight was 145 lbs. Also naturally, he has brown hair and brown eyes.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bubba Weiler’s Birthday?

Bubba Weiler’s birthday is on May 19th and that makes him a Taurus.

  • Is Bubba Weiler On Instagram?

Bubba Weiler could be found on Instagram @bubbaweiler with 6 posts and 2,991 followers as of 12 January 2023. He did not seem to have activity at other places on the internet. Yet, there were a few fan accounts where his fans voluntarily attempted to update people on the talented performer’s career. There was an Instagram account @bubba_weilers and a Twitter account @BubbaWupdates, at the time of this writing.

  • Where Is Bubba Weiler From?

Bubba Weiler originally hails from Chicago, Illinois. One could not tell so far if he continued to reside there even today.

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