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Calah Jackson Bio, Age, Height, Family, Joe Millionaire

Joe Millionaire, that OG of all other dating reality shows is returning this year with new leads, new contestants, and a slightly modified premise from the original series. Calah Jackson is one of the contestants in the show trying to win the hearts of one of the two CEO leads of the show.

Read the article below to know more about Calah and Joe Millionaire and how far does she go in the show. Also find out some interesting wikis about Calah like her age, height, information about her family, and so on.

Calah Jackson On Joe Millionaire

The original Joe Millionaire had a lead who was presented as a millionaire but was not rich. And if the final contestant decides to be with the lead even after knowing that he was not a millionaire, then the couple would win a huge cash prize.

This new rebooted season has a slightly different premise. This time there are two leads, Kurt F. Sowers and Steven McBee. But only one of them is a millionaire. At the end of the season, each lead will pick up a girl. And the contestant will have the choice to decide if she wants to remain in the relationship even if her guy is not a millionaire.

Apart from Calah, there were seventeen other contestants: Amanda Pace, Amber, Andreea Natalia, Annie Jorgensen, Breanna Hagen, Brookell, Caroline Campbell, Carolyn Moore, Doris Josie Cano, Jennie Alexandra, Katy Johnson, Monica Aksamit, Rachel Vinson, Sara Rose, Suzan, Suzette James, and Whitney Young.

According to our sources, the frontrunner for Kurt is Carolyn Moore. It seems the two of them are getting along and Carolyn appears to be into Kurt even if he does not turn out to be a millionaire.

The case with Steven seems a little different and perhaps a little more complicated. It appears that Steven is a real ladies’ man. Only three episodes of the show have aired and he already seems to be doing well with two of the ladies Annie Jorgensen and Rachel Vinson.

Calah already seems to be lagging in the race to win either of the leads’ hearts. If she will exceed her competitors in the coming episodes is yet to be seen.

Whether or not Calah wins the heart of the guys, she seems to have found a friend from the show. She grew quite close to her co-contestant, Whitney Young. Whitney and Calah have collaborated on a few Tiktok videos (here and here). They even reunited for a physical get-together in early January 2022.

You can find Calah’s girlfriend application for the show on her Tiktok.

Calah Jackson Age

As of January 2022, Calah is 28 years of age. She has not revealed when she celebrates her birthday.

Calah Jackson Height

Coming to her physical features, Calah Jackson is not more than 5 ft 4 inches tall.

Calah Jackson Family

As of now, Calah has not revealed much about her parents. But we stumbled across some information about Calah’s Godmother. Her godmother’s name is Anna Ash. And Anna lives in Sachse, Texas. Anna is originally from New Albany, Indiana, and went to New Albany High School.

Later, Anna went to Dallas College Richland Campus. Anna is married but we do not know the name of her husband.

Apart from Anna, we also stumbled across some of her relatives. However, we could not confirm their relationship with Calah. The names of those relatives were Mallory Jackson, Alek Jackson, Lindsay Jackson. Alek and Lindsay were married to each other.

While we are on the topic of the family, Calah has a dog, who often calls her “son” on her social media.

What Does Calah Jackson Do For A Living?

Calah Jackson is a project manager based in Dallas. A typical project manager job description is that they are in charge of any project from its beginning to its completion. That might include scheduling, planning the process, creating a budget, communicating with the clients, and supervising the team.

According to some financial sources, an average project manager working in Dallas, Texas earns an annual salary of about $76 thousand. Calah’s annual income must also be around that mark.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Calah Jackson From?

Calah is originally from Chicago, Illinois. However, she currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

  • Is Calah Jackson On Instagram?

Yes, Calah is on Instagram and her handle is @calah_mach. Calah is all over social media. She is on Twitter as @calah_mack as well, and on Tiktok as calah_mack_. She also had a regular Facebook profile under her name.

Calah seems to enjoy being around water. If you look at her Instagram, it is full of her vacation photos in different beaches, or pools, or lakes, and often in bikini swimsuits.

Also, Calah’s favorite color is a kind of muted seaweed (greenish-brown) color.


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