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Candace Zamperini Bio, Husband, Job, Net Worth, Age

Meet Candace Zamperini, sister of Kathleen Peterson. There were many similarities between Candace Zamperini and her sister Kathleen Peterson. Candace often described herself as “the younger and blonder version of Kathleen”. Plus, they were both left-handed.

Candace Zamperini is one of the three siblings of Kathleen Peterson. When Candace took the stand in the court in 2003, she shared a lot about her sister. She shared that Kathleen was older than her by four and a half years. At the time, she lived in Virginia. Plus, she had a younger sister who is four and a half years younger named Lori Campell.

They had a brother named Steven Hunt who lived in Puerto Rico at the time.

In this bio, you’ll learn about her age, job, husband, and net worth.

Meet Candace Zamperini, Kathleen Peterson Sister

Talking about their relationship, Candace explained that she was not close growing up because of their age difference. However, they became very close when Kathleen was in Columbia, Maryland after her first marriage to Fred Atwater. At the time she was very involved in her life because she was helping out.

She recalled that her sister had a very hard time getting pregnant and she was single at that time. She lived about an hour away and spent a lot of time with Kathleen.

When Kathleen moved to Durham North Carolina, Candace didn’t see her sister as much but talked a lot on the phone. At the time, she didn’t know Kathleen was dating Michael but had heard about him.

Kathleen talked very highly of Michael’s first wife Patty Peterson at the time with her. According to Candace, Patty was helpful to their mother when she visited Durham for the first time. It was the first time she heard about the Peterson family. Candace heard about Kathleen’s relationship with her mother around 1988-1989.

Candace first met Michael in 1993 at the family event organized by Kathleen and Michael. He was very excited to meet her and get to know her. However, the two sisters didn’t speak for almost a year because she wasn’t supportive of something Kathleen chose to live with Michael because the children were involved.

However, they reconciled their relationship and became close again after that in 1992-1993. Candace was the one who gave blow poke which dramatically went missing two years before the accident.

Candace Zamperini Today

But, seeing her on The Staircase, a lot of people hated her for many unclear reasons. Some Redditors pointed out that it had to do with societal prejudice against women who express anger or rage (particularly middle-aged women). In recent years, she was also compared to Tiger King’s Carole Baskin.

Candace lacked Michael’s sardonic wit and David Rudolf’s relaxed thoughtfulness. Her body is tense, her lips are a straight line, and her hair has been cruelly sprayed into form. It would be remiss of me not to remark that her attitude toward Peterson’s sexuality, which contributes to her complete certainty that he is guilty, is plainly homophobic. However, the film consistently maintains that Candace’s worst flaw is her wrath. Candace is an easy foil to the intricacies of the guys in the film as an angry, older lady.

Michael’s final 2017 Alford plea to a reduced charge of manslaughter provided her with the much-needed closure she’d been seeking since December 9, 2001. “The words Alford plea, they’re meaningless. Alford, Schmalford, means nothing. It means guilty,” Kathleen’s sister openly stated during her victim impact statement, visibly shaking in an attempt to control her anger.

She kept staring at Michael and told, “You are pleading to voluntary manslaughter. You will be treated as guilty for murdering my sister… and you will be a convicted felon forever. This hearing today is as close to justice as anything that I think can be found. Not perfect justice, but justice.” She even said, “You brutally took the life of a woman that provided for you, and guided your children, loved your children. She loved you… She opened her heart and home with joy. Kathleen was the best person you ever had in your life”.

She is currently residing in Fairfax, VA and other reports show that she is living in Alexandria, Virginia.

Candace Zamperini Job

Candace Zamperini worked in the world of finances. She earned securities licenses for the sales of life insurance products. She also assessed her husband’s planning business.

Candace had also done some teaching in the past. Because she was fluent in sign language, she worked at her daughter’s school teaching sign language. Candace revealed that she was working since 15 years old. She held several jobs in finance, annuities, investments, and also management recruiting for two large corporations,

However, her strength lies in running an office and training than direct sales.

How Much Is Candace Zamperini Net Worth

Per reports, Candace Zamperini’s net worth should be above $1.5 million.

Candace Zamperini Age

Candace Zamperini was born in August 1957. She is currently 64 years old.

Candace Zamperini Husband

Candace Zamperini was married to her husband Mark Zamperini for 15 years (in 2003). So, they have been married for 33 years. They shared two daughters; Ashley (born September 1989, age 32) and Hadley Zamperini (August 1992, age 29) as of 2022.

Ashley is currently working as Director of Certification Products in the Casualty Actuarial Society. She earned her BA from the University of Virginia in 2007.

Moreover, born in 1951, Mark is 70 years old as of 2022.

Mark is the son of Olga and Andrew Zamperini. His parents were married for 67 years until his mother died on 14 November 2010 at the age of 88. He has two brothers: Michael (Clay) and Steven (Gail). Sadly, Steven died on 24 February 2019. He had a daughter named Laura Zamperini.

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Actor Rosemarie DeWitt plays Candace Zamperini on HBO Max’s The Staircase.

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No, Candace Zamperini is not on Instagram.

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