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CaRena Vonchae Bio, JayDaYoungan Girlfriend, Age, Job

CaRena Vonchae is in pain after losing her boyfriend JayDaYoungan during a shooting in his hometown of Bogalusa, Louisiana. His real name is Javorius Scott, he was 24 years old at the time of his death. The Bogalousa Police Department reported that when they reacted to a gunshot late on Wednesday afternoon, they discovered two casualties. Scott was one of the victims, according to the authorities; he passed away from his wounds.

The rapper’s close relative Kenyatta Scott Sr. was the other victim; according to police, he was hospitalized in stable condition. To discover the shooter, police are looking into leads and interviewing people.

Now, fans are praying for CaRena Vonchae. Who is she? What does she do? Is she on Instagram? We got all the answers below. So, keep on scrolling down this article.

Meet CaRena Vonchae, JayDaYoungan Girlfriend

CaRena Voncahe is the girlfriend of late rapper JayDaYoungan. In early 2021, CaRena was interviewed by DJ Smallz, and at the time, she revealed that she was single. So, it has been less than two years since they started dating each other.

At the time, CaRena shared that she hadn’t thought about the time limit for staying single. But, if there is then, that is if she meets someone who makes her want to change that. So, it was likely JayDaYoungan who came into her life and changed it.

After the rapper’s death, CaRena posted a lengthy post on her Instagram. She wrote, “thank God, my last words to you were I love you, I hope you know how much tho…. I’m so hurt bae, how could you leave me like that đź’” I would’ve never left you …. EVER, one thing we could do is make each other smile, such a kind-hearted sweet soul… the thing I admired about you most is you forgave, always… and that’s all that really matters baby. That’s what God wants the most out of everyone so I know you made him proud… first mazi now you ion know how I can keep going… I’m sooooo hurt…”

She added, “my best friend, my headache, my husband, my everything, my baby, you didn’t deserve this… I still can’t believe it …. Watch over mazi for me my love! I’ll never forget you or what we had.. fell in love with you the first day I met you… and haven’t been a day without talking since… this gonna be so hard for me …. but I know you would want me to be strong… I’ll try but ion knows bae”.

On her Twitter, CaRena wrote, “watch mazi for me up there baby, I love you forever”.

There were rumors in May 2022 that JayDaYoungan moved around claiming that he was single. In response, CaRena posted on her Twitter, “jay ain’t single don’t listen to shit that man say stupid ho* yk he be lying”. A Twitter user commented, “He single lmfaoaoaoaooaoaoaoaooa he playing both of y’all from jail wtf don’t y’all see that ?”.

Was CaRena Vonchae JayDaYoungan’s Baby Mama? Did They Have Kids?

Yes, CaRena Vonchae was the baby mama of JayDaYoungan. CaRena and JayDaYoungan welcomed a boy together. On 6 April 2022, CaRena revealed that she was pregnant via an IG post. On 18 June 2022, she revealed via another Instagram post that she welcomed Amazi Breeze Scott. But the post took a heartbreaking turn. It stated that on 10 June 2022, the baby passed away.

She wrote, “Amazi Breeze Scott❤️ June 10, 2022 … it hurt me so bad to say goodbye to such a beautiful soul but you fought so long for mommy… I question why you left me but I would’ve been selfish to ask you to stay….”

CaRena added, “When I saw you I automatically fell in love, never felt love so strong… my heart is broken and I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same…. you taught me so much and you’ll forever be with mommy! my guardian angel. I miss you so much, your little kicks, seeing you every week, rubbing you, kissing you…..having to leave you at the hospital killed me, I prayed every day for you baby and thanked God for every day he blessed me you with!”.

She remembered her son via a Twitter post. CaRena wrote in June 2022, “always thinking bout mazi”. A week before the rapper’s death she also tweeted, “yo body change so much after having a kid, I do not recommend”.

JayDaYoungan also had one son from his previous relationship.

CaRena Vonchae Age

CaRena Vonchae reveals on Twitter that she celebrates her birthday on 5 September. She is currently 19 years old as of July 2022.

CaRena Vonchae Job

CaRena Vonchae studied cosmetology in high school. She revealed in her interview with DJ Smallz Eyes that the last time she attended class was in March 2020 then they gave her a passing grade and she graduated. She also added that she learned Spanish for two years but with very little enthusiasm.

Talking about her job, CaRena is currently working as an entrepreneur. She has a business named CaRena Does Hair. CaRena is running her business as a hairstylist with a salon in Richmond, Virginia, and Atlanta, Georgia. Moreover, she is also opening a clothing line going by the name Vonchae Collection (@vonchaecollection).

With an aim to be an influencer, CaRena is also working hard to grow her followers. She has already started collaborating with brands such as Jurllyshe, SoleBoy, John Geiger, and others. She has 298K followers on her Instagram and over 9000 followers on Twitter.

Is CaRena Vonchae On Instagram?

Yes, CaRena Vonchae is on Instagram (@carenavonchae). She is also on Facebook (@kimora.james.56679), Twitter (@carenavonche), TikTok (@carenavonchaee), and YouTube.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is CaRena Vonchae From?

CaRena Vonchae was born and bred in Richmond, Virginia.

  • How Tall Is CaRena Vonchae?

CaRena Vonchae stands tall below the height of 5 feet 4 inches. She has a lot of tattoos which are among her distinct features.

  • What Is CaRena Vonchae Real Name?

The real name of CaRena Vonchae is likely Kimora James. By ethnicity, CaRena Vonchae is mixed (Black, White, Cherokee). She is Cherokee from her mother’s side and White from her father. She stated during an interview with DJ Smallz that both of her parents are Black.

CaRena also has an older sister named CeRaia Vanchai (@iamraevanchai) who is 22 years old as of July 2022. She is a mother of a 3-year-old daughter named Aaliyah.

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