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Carlos Biggemann Age, Job, Down For Love, Still With Aelinor?

Get to know Carlos Biggemann, one of the hopeful single who appeared on Down For Love. Here is what we know about his age, job, and his journey in the show.

Read all about Carlos in this article below.

Carlos Biggemann On Netflix’s Down For Love

Netflix’s Down For Love has a lineup of cast members who have Down syndrome. The show centers around a few hopeful singles as they look for love in New Zealand. This is the first reality TV program on Netflix to ever focus on the relationships of individuals with disabilities.

The program was created by Attitude Pictures, a company that specializes in producing media that promotes understanding of mental illness and disabilities. Filming started in March of 2022, but Covid-19-related delays prevented the show from airing until August 2023. (

One of the cast members we meet is Carlos Biggemann. He is accompanied by his fellow cast members Libby Hunsdale, Lily Harper, John Halliday, Leisel Shepherd, and Josh Bradley.

Are Carlos Biggemann And Aelinor From Down For Love Still Together?

Both Carlos Antonio Biggemann and Aelinor don’t appear to be very active on social media and haven’t said much about how their relationship is progressing. The former is still working as a photographer and making progress in the industry. However, the fact that his Instagram account cannot be seen by the general public suggests that the reality TV star would rather keep the specifics of his private life private.

Hopefully, Carlos and Aelinor are still together given their obvious love and devotion for one another. Unquestionably honest with one another about their sentiments, they appeared to value each other’s creative tendencies.

Carlos Antonio Bigemann was looking for a woman he could fall in love with quickly. Consequently, he was delighted to meet Aelinor (who has been diagnosed with developmental dyspraxia), who stood out from the crowd due to her interest in medical history and culture. They went on a date to Larnach Castle in Dunedin, New Zealand, which was unquestionably an excellent idea given the latter’s interest in historical periods. In fact, Carlos made the most of it by guiding Aelinor around the castle and even taking photos of her.

Throughout their date, Carlos frequently complimented Aelinor on her beauty, and the woman in question appeared to have fallen for her date’s romantic side. In order to be properly prepared for their upcoming date, Carlos made the decision to seek advice from relationship expert Dave Hicks. Dave suggested that the photographer embrace his romantic side and woo Aelinor with a poem and other thoughtful gestures.

As a result, when Carlos flew to Auckland to meet Aelinor, he gave her a lovely bouquet in her favorite hues of green and purple. The two gained cooking skills and afterward ate the food they had prepared. Aelinor could not help but smile when Carlos read a poem he had written for her and said that she had inspired him to create poetry. Carlos read another lovely piece of poetry while the couple watched the sunset at the beach later that day.

The fact that Carlos and Aelinor resided at opposite sides of the country did cause some issues, despite their love for one another. However, Carlos was more than ready to employ his photographic abilities and send his spouse some artistically appealing images himself to correct the situation. He also used his mother’s assistance to prepare alfajores using his family’s traditional recipe.

Aelinor chose to hold a medical-themed feast for their next get-together, and Tatiana, Carlos’ sister, and her friend Rafiqah joined her. Carlos gave Aelinor the homemade alfajores later when they were alone, and they talked about how they may get married at Larnach Castle.

Carlos Biggemann Age

In 2023, Carlos Biggemann was 32 years old.

Carlos Biggemann Job

Carlos Biggemann is an established photographer. He studied photography at the Aoraki Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand. He earned a certificate in digital photography in 2012. His coursework for his digital photography certificate covered topics like photographic business, composition, printing, special techniques, and Photoshop.

Carlos put a great deal of effort into learning each of these courses, without any help from anyone. Since receiving his degree, Carlos has devoted most of his time to taking pictures of the magnificent “Carnaval de Oruro,” dramatic skies, travel photography, and the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. Carlos has since held 5 exhibitions. Carlos aims to improve the world and make it more HUMAN through his art and lens.

The Hon. Sir Jerry Mateparae, the General Governor of New Zealand, presented Carlos with the “2013 National Down Syndrome Achievement Award” on March 21st in honor of his accomplishments. When Carlos debuted his exhibit titled “New Zealand Magic,” Bolivian communications media paid close attention to his passion for photography. On the opening night, 26 of his 50 images were sold. He was interviewed that evening by the Univisión television network, numerous local television newscasters, newspapers, and the Bolivian CNN International correspondent.

Carlos was one of the authorized photographers for the renowned Carnaval de Oruro in Bolivia in February 2015. Carlos was a reporter for the Oruro Daily “La Patria” during the “Carnaval” celebrations, and the Daily used several of his photos on its front pages. In July 2015, he was tasked with photographing the models for the book detailing the artist’s biography that will be published this year.

Moreover, in 2014, he served as the official photographer for a fashion show using hats designed by renowned New Zealand fashion designer Lindsay Kenneth.

You can check out Carlos’s portfolio here.

Besides photography, Carlos was also a swimmer who trained to compete in Special Olympics.

Is Carlos Biggemann On Instagram?

Not only Instagram, but you can find Carlos Biggemann on various social media platforms. He has two pages on Facebook (@carlos.biggemann & @carlosbiggemannpbotography) and two different pages on Instagram (@biggemanncarlos & @cbiggemann1).

Carlos Biggemann Family

Sergio Biggemann and Alicia Meriles are the parents of Carlos Beiggemann. His dad attended Anglo American School Oruro Bolivia and Macquarie University (Doctor of Business Administration). He also studied Mining engineering at Universidad Técnica de Oruro in 1986.

Sergio worked as an Associate Professor Of Marketing for the University of Otago School of Business in 2022. Sergio comes from working more than 20 years in the mining and related industries. He has co-founded a few companies including mining, service and maintenance, silverware, and paint manufacturing.

Alicia went to Anglo Americano School in Oruro, Bolivia. She also appears to be associated with a company named Gunn Kro Consulting Limited.

Furthermore, Alicia has a sister named Tatiana Biggemann. Tatiana went to Columba College and the University of Otago. She is multilingual and spoke Spanish, learned English in Australia, and studied German in college. She also won the Alliance Francaise de Dunedin French-speaking competition in 2011.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Carlos Biggemann Birthday?

Carlos Biggemann’s birthday is not available.

  • Where Is Carlos Biggemann From?

Carlos Biggemann was born in Bolivia and moved to New Zealand. He is now residing in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

  • How Tall Is Carlos Biggemann?

Carlos Biggemann stands tall above 5’1”.

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