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Carole Hoff Bio, Age, Now, John Wayne Gacy Second Wife

Meet Carole Hoff, the second wife of John Wayne Gacy. Learn about her age, her current whereabouts, and their relationship details.

Keep reading to learn more about them.

Meet Carole Hoff, John Wayne Gacy Second Wife

Carole Hoff was the second wife of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. They reportedly got married in 1972 and Carole was overjoyed and thought that John was a catch. At the time, John was moving with a group of businessmen who liked wife-swapping, drugs, and the exchange of pornography.

He would recruit adolescent boys to help him with chores just to ra** them, earning him an oral sodomy conviction, a 10-year term, and his first divorce in December 1968.

In less than two years, he’d be freed on good conduct, only to reunite with Carole Hoff.

As per several reports, they knew each other since their younger days. They went on one date when he was 16 years old but moved separate ways. When they reignited the romantic flairs, she had two children from her previous marriage. Gacy was a homeowner who ran a successful business while Carole Hoff was a financially destitute single mom.

“He swept me off my feet,” said Carole. In June 1972, Carole enthusiastically decided to marry her old family acquaintance, who was now a self-employed homeowner of 8213 West Summerdale Avenue. Meanwhile, Gacy had already brought his first victim to that property a few months before, stabbing and burying 16-year-old Timothy McCoy in the crawl space.

At the time, Carole had no idea about the murder and stuffed body in their crawl space. For nearly four years of their marriage, Carole ignored the “awful stench” of rot below.

While her two daughters seemed unconcerned about the foul odor, Hoff’s mother frequently remarked that it smelled “like dead rats.” Carole believed John when he stated rats or a leaking sewer pipe were most likely to blame. Gacy grew enraged when she asked her husband about a hoard of boy’s wallets she discovered.

“He would throw furniture,” said Carole. “He broke a lot of my furniture. I think now, if there were murders, some must have taken place when I was in that house.”

Gacy had been convicted of ra**, but she believed he regretted it and had served his sentence honorably. John, on the other hand, was just getting started, abducting homeless youths or luring young men to his home under the pretense of paid labor, only to sodomize, torture, and strangle them.

John claims that he was ‘up front’ and ‘honest’ with Carole before their wedding. ‘She knew that I had been incarcerated but I wanted to explain that I was a bisexual and that I had engaged in different things. But that I wasn’t – you know – gay or anything like that.’

Hoff believed Gacy’s claims of being bisexual but was concerned when he “started bringing home a lot of naked males” just before they split up. She only left Gacy in 1975 after his behavior became too unstable and he became physical during a checkbook disagreement.

In 1973, when Gacy began spending most evenings out patrolling the gay red light district for more victims, his marriage quickly deteriorated. He told Carole that he was going to look at construction sites for PDM Contractors and that he was going to bid on them. Carole noticed her husband inviting teenage lads into his garage at all hours of the night as they were making less and less love.

Carole and I were fighting over s*x. It’s just that I was tired, working seven days a week. You just don’t want to do it.’

She had been well aware of his proclivities from the beginning, but toward the end of their relationship she said, ‘He could not function with a woman.’

‘We hardly had any s*x,’ she explained. ‘He found it very difficult to have anything to do with me.’

Around this time, Carole discovered men’s wallets and gay p*rn magazines hidden beneath the kitchen sink, one of the photos was of a young man who appeared to have blood on his body.

In February 1976, Carole moved out of Summerdale home with her two daughters.

On 2 March 1976, Carole divorced her husband “on the grounds that he was seeing other women”. With Carole gone, John had complete control of the mansion and was free to indulge his bloodlust. It’s impossible to say whether John saved her own life by fleeing, but once she did, Gacy went on to kill dozens more people.

‘But I didn’t feel that he particularly loved Carole. I never saw an affection from him,’ explained Marty Zielinski, a former employee of Gacy. ‘I never saw any affection towards anyone. He could either be nice, or he could be a total jerk, he could turn on a dime. My impression was that John only cared about John.’

Where Is Carole Hoff Now?

Carole Hoff later said in a television interview that John was sexually dysfunctional with women. Regarding the slayings, she added, “He would throw furniture. He broke a lot of my furniture. I think now if there were murders, some must have taken place when I was in that house.”

Carole has, obviously, avoided public scrutiny since then. Little is known about her current activities, and her last known location is Chicago.

Carole Hoff Age

If Carole Hoff is still alive she should be about 78 years old as of 2022.

Carole Hoff Job

Besides, taking care of her husband and kids, Carole Hoff’s job was unclear.

Is Carole Hoff On Instagram, Facebook?

No, Carole Hoff is not on any of the social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

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  • Where Does Carole Hoff Reside Today?

Carole Hoff’s current residence is unknown.

  • Does Carole Hoff Appear On Netflix’s Conversations With a Killer?

No, Carole Hoff hasn’t appeared on Netflix’s Conversations With A Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes.

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