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Caroline Ducrocq Bio, Age, Job, Howard Hesseman Wife

Caroline Ducrocq stood by her husband Howard Hesseman when he died in late January 2021. Two of them were in a committed relationship and stayed married until the actor’s death. So, fans are wondering now, did they have any kids? How did they meet?

We cover it all in this Caroline Ducrocq Bio. This article also brings information on her age and her job.

Meet Caroline Ducrocq, Howard Hesseman Wife

In 1981, after two marriages ended in divorce, late actor Howard Hesseman met his Caroline Ducrocq. She was an actress from France who was visiting Los Angeles. Caroline’s friend asked her if she wanted to swim at an actor’s pool and she said yes. “I had no idea who he was,” Ms. Ducrocq recounted.

Speaking with Orlando Sentinel, Howard revealed he found his wife in his backyard. The outlet reported, “A mutual friend brought her for a swim one hot afternoon. She was petite, full of life and feisty as only the French can be.”

Then Caroline revealed staying at Howard’s place for dinner. They stayed when he brought out a bottle of Champagne, which, she later learned, he had never drunk in his life.

Caroline and Howard reportedly tied the knots at a private ceremony on 22 July 1989. Online sources claimed that before marriage, they reportedly dated each other for six months. Whereas Hollywood Reporter reported, Caroline and Howard lived together for seven years before getting married.

Howard revealed to Orlando Sentinel in 1993, that they split time between Hollywood and Paris that is when they’re not in New York City or on location.

The legendary actor died on 29 January 2022. He was reportedly hospitalized on January 5 due to colon surgery complications. According to his wife Caroline, Hesseman underwent colon surgery last summer but recently he started experiencing complications from the same. He was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in LA where he was kept in the ICU after having breathing difficulties.

At the time of his death, Caroline reportedly stood by his side and held his hands, while they were surrounded by other family members.

Before Carolien, Howard previously married Catherine Maison from 1965 to 1974. He was married three times but his first wife remains anonymous who he reportedly married in 1961.

How Many Kids Did Howard Hesseman And Caroline Ducrocq Have?

Even after their 33 years of marriage, they didn’t have any kids. Instead, they have three godchildren Grace, Hamish, and Chet. Caroline shared Howard loved seeing his godchildren and listening to Jazz with them.

Caroline Ducrocq Age

About the age, Caroline Ducrocq is 76 years old as of Jan 2022. She reportedly celebrates her birthday on 9 January.

Caroline Ducrocq Job

Reportedly, Caroline Ducrocq has a Baccalaureate degree in Philosophy, Latin, and Greek. She won the Henry Rollan Prize for Acting and decided to further her acting education in New York. She enrolled at the NYU School of the Arts in 1971 after completing her studies at the H.B. Studios and graduated with a BFA from the Theatre Program.

Caroline was a founding member of the Working Theatre company in New York City in 1974, alongside artistic directors Kristin Linklater, Joe Chaikin, and Peter Kass. This acting-teaching group was dedicated to the theater of great texts, from Shakespeare to Beckett, and was funded by CBS, the Mellon Foundation, and other American foundations.

The actor’s voice, body, emotion, and intellect all underwent extensive training to meet the demands of the playwright’s universe and period (versus a more intellectual interpretation). Ms. Ducrocq, who was trained to teach this creative process, held seminars in New York and across the United States in addition to performing.

Caroline was the first French-born faculty member at NYU School of the Arts, where she taught acting full-time from 1978 to 1981. She also worked as an actress in Manhattan’s avant-garde theater scene during this time, under the direction of some of the city’s most interesting directors, including Leo Shapiro, Wallace Shawn, Grotowski, Andre Gregory, Henry Smith, and Richard Schechner.

She also indulged in bilingual poetry recital which was born from a desire of Caroline to enable English-speakers to hear French Poetry in its native language, immediately followed by her English translation of the poetic images, versus a more traditional translation concerned with rhyme, scansion, and other structural elements often associated with “poetry.”

Furthermore, Caroline was also into art and shared a lot of pictures of sculptures and paintings on her Facebook.

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Some of her notable works to date are The Facts of Life Goes to Paris, Focus on Fishko, George Burns Comedy Week, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, and Sweet Lies.

How Much Is Caroline Ducrocq Net Worth?

Caroline Ducrocq’s net worth should be over $2 million.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Caroline Ducrocq From?

Caroline Ducrocq was born in Paris, France. But, she lived in Los Angeles, California.

  • How Tall Is Caroline Ducrocq?

According to IMDB, Caroline stands tall at 5 feet 1 inch.

  • Is Caroline Ducrocq On Instagram?

Caroline Ducrocq doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. But, she has a Facebook.

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