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Caroline Polachek Parents: James Polachek And Elizabeth Allan

Meet James Polachek and Elizabeth Allan, the parents of singer and artist Caroline Polachek. Where are they now? Are they still married? What do they do for a living?

The answer unfolds as you scroll down this article here.

Who Are Caroline Polachek Parents?

Singer Caroline Polachek is the daughter of James Polachek and Elizabeth Allan. Her parents married on 18 June 1981 in the formal garden of the Faculty Club, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

Although Caroline was born in Manhattan, she spent her early years in Tokyo while her parents, who were both former professors, oversaw financial portfolios. Her preferred television program, “Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel,” featured a young woman who became a pop star after receiving alien powers. She resisted taking music lessons but was able to perform by ear on the piano. Her father, a classical pianist, and violinist gave her a Yamaha piano for her room so that her audio experiments wouldn’t disturb others.

After her family relocated to Greenwich, Connecticut, when she was seven years old, Caroline — who had been a loner until her late adolescence — became a horse girl. To the dismay of her instructor, she would mentally separate the beats of her horse’s movement and beatbox along while she was in the saddle. She attributes riding to teaching her about rhythm and how to map space.

Meet James Polachek, Caroline Polachek Father

James Polachek, the father of Caroline Polachek, was born to his parents Monroe M. Polachek and Ada Shils. His dad was born in Slovakia, to Jewish parents Arthur Polachek and Barbara Baura Aneis. Whereas, his mom Ada was the daughter of Benjamin Shils and Dina Berkowitz and were Jewish Russian.

James struggled with health issues for a very long time. “Even when I was a kid, there were years that would go by without me talking to him,” Caroline told New Yorker. However, when she was an adult, they repaired their relationship. When he fell ill, she called him to discuss his symptoms and tried to cheer him up by sharing the news of her recovery.

By late April 2020, it was clear that James wasn’t going to make it.

“Saying goodbye to him over FaceTime was one of the most painful experiences of my life,” Caroline told the outlet. “And I just really didn’t want to leave the house for a long time after that.”

A couple of months after her father’s death, Caroline wrote a tribute to him on Instagram, describing him as “a lightning wit, and a better musician than I can ever hope to be.” Her father, who had been a scholar of the Qing dynasty and taught at Princeton and Columbia, had “hated pop music and never once came to see me perform,” she wrote, “but his belief in the arts as a secret language for transcendent beauty, radical politics, and syncretic spirituality bolstered my faith in making music.”

  • Is James Polachek Still Alive?

No, James Polachek passed away in April 2020 from COVID-19. But, before that, he struggled with bipolar disorder and depression, and he distanced himself from the family.

  • James Polachek Age At The Time Of His Death

At the time of his death, James Polachek was 75 years old. He was born on 4 September 1944.

  • James Polachek Job

James Polachek attended the Horace Mann School in New York, earned his BA at Harvard, and completed his Ph.D. under Frederic Wakeman, Jr., at the University of California, Berkeley. He was well known for his quick wit, linguistic mastery, and prodigious writing and research skills.

James’s earlier work was on the history of the Qing dynasty and the political and cultural shifts among the literati that were a forerunner to China’s tremendous challenges during and after the Opium War. His book The Inner Opium War, which was released in 1992 by the Council for Asian Studies and Harvard University Press, has remained a crucial tool for researchers studying Qing and contemporary Chinese history. At Princeton University and Columbia University, Jim held academic jobs.

Moreover, James worked in finance in Japan and as an international markets analyst at Baring Securities after leaving academics to work in the business sector. In the 2000s, James went back to school and focused on his academic interests while studying music in Chinese movies and the 2008 Chinese Olympics, which combined music and pageantry. Jim was a skilled violinist and had a passion for learning.

Meet Elizabeth Allan, Caroline Polachek Mother

Caroline Polachek’s mother is named Elizabeth Allan. Elizabeth is the daughter of Walter Allan and Daphne Pierce. Her dad graduated with a B.S.C.M.E. from Tufts University in 1940 and served two years in the United States Army. He then became Manager of the Waterbury Fabricated Metals Division of the Anaconda Copper Company in Waterbury, Connecticut. Walter died on 27 May 2009.

After Elizabeth’s parents married, they moved to Woodbury, Connecticut. They had three daughters. Elizabeth has two sisters Patience Allan-Glick and Piper Allan Severns.

  • Is Elizabeth Allan Still Alive?

Yes, Elizabeth Allan is still alive as of Feb 2023.

  • Elizabeth Allan Age

Elizabeth Allan is currently 69 years old.

  • Elizabeth Allan Job

According to Elizabeth Allan’s LinkedIn, she attended

Related FAQs

  • Where Were Caroline Polachek Parents From?

Caroline Polachek’s mom was born in Woodbury, Connecticut. Her father was from Riverdale, New York.

  • How Long Were Caroline Polachek Parents Married?

Caroline Polachek’s parents were married from 1981 to 1994. Her mom is currently married to Herve Van Caloen. They wedded on 7 July 2001.

  • How Many Kids Did Caroline Polachek Parents Have?

Caroline Polachek’s parents had two children. She has a sister named Jennifer Monroe Polachek.

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