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Casey McManus Bio, Net Worth, Family, Age, Deadliest Catch

Meet Casey McManus from Deadliest Catch. Below you’ll learn about his wife & kids, net worth, family, and age. Moreover, we also talk about the relationship between Casey and Josh. So, keep reading.

Casey McManus On Deadliest Catch

Alaskan Crab fishing is not an easy task and Discovery’s Deadliest Catch is a well-documented proof of that. But, somebody has to do it. In Deadliest Catch we see brave men ride vessels on the sea to meet a fish quota every week.

Casey McManus has been in the fishing business for more than 20 years. He took over as a captain of F/V Cornelia Marie in 2013. Previously, Josh also recruited his estranged half-brother Shane after their father Captain Phil died a decade before.

Casey has spent the last four years at the helm of the Cornelia Marie fishing for King, Opilio, and Bairdi Crab. During the summers, he also captains the Cornelia Marie tendering Wild Alaska Salmon. He is also heavily involved in all aspects of keeping the vessel afloat and fishing year-round.

According to IMDB, Casey has appeared on 16 episodes of Deadliest Catch: Bloodline and 67 episodes of Deadliest Catch. He also served as a consultant for many Deadliest Catch TV movies and documentaries.

Josh Harris And Casey McManus Relationship

Casey McManus joined Josh Harris as a part-owner in 2014. Fans were always eager to learn how they met each other in the first place. One Redditor commented that Josh and Casey met at Jake Anderson’s wedding. According to him, they were both at the bar and Josh mentioned bought the CM and needed a co-captain.

Whereas, another Redditor claimed that in the Deadliest Catch: Bloodline while in Hawaii, Casey stated that their dads knew each other when they were kids and met each other well before the show.

In a podcast with Roland’s Food Court, the host of the podcast asked if they were best friends. Josh stated that they spend so much time together for him Casey is like his other half. Casey interjected that they wouldn’t call themselves best friends but a married couple and were together for 12 years.

Casey shared that now they are at that point of their relationship where they look at each other and growl. They also talked joked about “sex”. He added that they ran out of jokes and now they say numbers and laugh about it.

They have been co-captaining the ship ever since then. Josh and Casey, along with their business partner Jeff Silva, ran their off-season fishing operation to meet a 3000-pound fish quota every week.

Josh has also enlisted the help of his half-brother Shane. We met Shane and Josh in Hawaii, where they run a warm-water fishing company, but the demand for seafood is great, and so is the competition. Shane holds a deeper knowledge of their father’s fishing habits in the 1980s, something they deem useful to helping Josh’s operation.

F/V Corelia Marie, which Casey co-owns with Josh, is the vessel built by Josh’s father Captain Phil in Louisiana.

Casey McManus Net Worth

According to Blurred-Reality, Casey McManus has a net worth above $750 thousand.

Casey is a third-generation fisherman who started gillnetting with his father at just 5 years old. By the age of 15, he was fishing commercially. He earned his engineer’s license at 21 years old. It was around the time he started running commercial fishing vessels. At the age of 29, Casey secured his Master’s License.

According to LinkedIn, Casey has had a long-standing career with Trident Seafoods and has worked aboard several of their catcher’s vessels. He joined Trident Seafoods in June 1996 and worked until October 2013.

Is Casey McManus Still Married?

Casey McManus is married to his wife Sarah McManus. The couple tied the knots in 2007.

Casey and Sarah have been happily married for 15 years on 12 May 2022. On their 13th anniversary, Casey posted on her Facebook, “13 years of marriage with this guy! I love our crazy story and cannot wait to see what the future holds”.

Sarah is currently working as Administrative Office Assistant at Lifeplus Health Centers in Lynnwood, Washington.

Their marriage blessed them with one daughter named Kaia, and one son named Charlie. On Mother’s Day 2019, Sarah posted about her children writing, “These two changed my life for the better. So glad God chose me to be their mother. Also, thank you to my mom, mother-in-law, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and friends who continue to love and support my family always”.

Born in February 2011, Charlie turned 11 years old in February 2022. His younger sister Kaia is 9 years old in 2022.

Casey McManus Age

Casey McManus celebrates his birthday on 27 January. He turned 39 years old in 2022.

Casey McManus Family

The only family member Casey introduced on her social is his mother Lynn McManus. His father is likely Patrick McManus although he never shared details regarding his father. In Father’s Day post, he wrote, “Happy Fathers Day to all the best Dads in the world out there, especially mine!!!! I have been blessed with a father that smart enough to lead me to success and is kind enough to let me fall on my face when I need it. (Even if he has to trip me!) Love you Dad!”.

In 2018, Casey opened up about his father and said, “Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! My dad was instrumental in my success in life on all levels, both fishing and teaching me to raise a family of my own. I love you, Dad!”.

Is Casey McManus On Instagram?

Casey McManus is on Instagram (@capt_casey) and Facebook (@Corneliamariecaptain).

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Casey McManus Live?

Casey McManus and his family is living in Edmonds, Washington when he is not in the sea in Alaska.

  • How Tall Is Casey McManus?

Casey McManus stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

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