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Cassie Camille Bio, Age, Job, Married, The Circle S6

Cassie Camille is one of the contestants of The Circle S6 on Netflix. The show is set to premiere on 17 April 2024. While you’re at it, learn all that we know about her in this article below.

In this piece, we cover details about her age, job, marriage, and more.

Cassie Camille On The Circle S6

Season 6 of Netflix’s The Circle is set to launch on 17 April 2024. Four new episodes drop every Wednesday before the season finale on May 8, 2024. The show is back with competitors vying to emerge as the top influencer in the ultimate social media challenge.

The popular game is back, with hosts Michelle Buteau (comedian and star of Survival of the Thickest) guiding the participants as they plot, scheme, and hashtag their way to the top of the leaderboard in hopes of winning a $100,000 cash prize. Oh, and there’s one revolutionary twist that need to be mentioned: An AI bot is joining the fray as the ultimate catfish for the first time ever.

Like hashtags and emojis, catfishing and The Circle go hand in hand. From the start of the social experiment, players have employed false personas to plot their path to the top. With Max, an open-source artificial intelligence chatbot participating this season as a seemingly very-from-human player, it’s time to step up the game.

To be the most well-liked player in the game, Max has researched prior seasons and drawn inspiration from past winners to craft the ideal persona. Max is essentially the social media candy for the other gamers, who are first unaware that there is an AI bot among them.

Max is a Midwest-born 26-year-old veterinary intern. Why? The bot goes on to say that the main consideration in selecting his age was his ability to “leverage life experience and maturity, while still playing youthful.” He “highlights his caring and nurturing side” in his line of work to make himself seem “more likable to players.” The bot’s plan also includes him holding a puppy in his profile picture, since images of dogs “receive 38% more likes on social media.”

One of the contestants this season is Cassie. According to her bio: “This Southern belle has a history with catfishing, as she caught her ex-husband cheating after making a fake profile. “A fake can point out another fake,” she says. But Cassie is putting the past behind her by joining the game as herself: a newly engaged mother of two who’s ready to expose the competition.”

In April 2024, Cassie announced, “ALERT @netflix @thecirclenetflix SEASON 6 airs APRIL 17th come watch your fav dumb blonde do some dumb blonde stuff 😂 #netflix  #netflixthecircle  #thecircle  #fyp  #realitytv  #dumbblonde  #blonde  #kentucky  #smalltown  #realitycompetition.”

Cassie Camille Age

In late April 2023, Cassie Camille turned 29 years old. In 2024, she will be 30.

Who Are Cassie Camille Parents?

Cassie Camille is the daughter of Tammy Marcum Smith and Douglas. Her father passed away in October 2020 to which she wrote on Facebook.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to each and every person that has called or msged me today, I’m sorry that I’ve not replied yet I’ve just been very overwhelmed. Today was a hard day that I never wanted to experience. My girls lost the person who loved them the most and I post the person who I loved the most. Please pray for me and the girls. And to my clients that had appointments this week I will message you to reschedule,” Cassie wrote.

Her mom Tammy is an APRN at AdventHealth Manchester. She studied Family Nurse Practitioner at Lincoln Memorial University.

Tammy is currently married to her husband Brandon Smith.

In her family, Cassie has a sister named Allison Irene.

Cassie Camille Job

Cassie Camille works at Signature Salon. She has been employed there since 2020.

Is Cassie Camille Married?

According to her bio, Cassie Camille is currently engaged to her fiance Nathan Teague. Nathan likely proposed to Cassie in May 2023 hence they have almost engaged for a year as of this writing. Whereas, they have been dating each other for more than 4 years as of 2024.

On their first dating anniversary in November 2020, Nathan wished Cassie, “Happy 1 year Anniversary baby girl!! I’m sooo thankful to be able to call you mine. I can’t wait to see what our future holds. I love you!.”

On Nathan’s birthday in July 2020, Cassie posted, “Happy birthday Nathan Teague! Keep smiling… Have a great day with Cassie Saylor and the kiddos!.”

Nathan is the owner and CEO at Teague Family Trucking LLC. Before that, he was a Truck Driver at Midwest Logistics Systems. For his college education, he studied at Somerset Community College.

Together Nathan and Cassie are parents to five children; four daughters and one son.

Cassie was married once before. According to one post, she was married at least until 2015.

Is Cassie Camille On Instagram?

Indeed, Cassie Camille is available on Instagram (@cassiecsaylor).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Cassie Camille From?

Cassie hailed from Manchester, Kentucky. The place is her current residence and her hometown.

  • When Is Cassie Camille Birthday?

Cassie celebrates her birthday on 28 April.

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