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Ceylan Taneri Bio, Height, Age, Job, Dated & Related

Ceylan Taneri is the cast member of Netflix’s new show Dated & Related. Joining him in this journey are Corrina and Joey Roppo; Dyman and Deyon Miller; Daniel and Julia Perfetto; Kaz and Kieran Bishop; Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn; Mady and Lily Bajor; and Diana and Nina Parsijani.

This article is about his age, job, height, and family members. So, keep on scrolling to learn more about him.

Ceylan Taneri On Netflix’s Dated & Related

Ceylan is one of the 16 cast members of Netflix’s dating show Dated & Related. He is joining the cast alongside his sister Alara Taneri. Speaking of the siblings, they are all undoubtedly a blend of bravado and sass, but Ceylan and Alara Taneri, who are from Cyprus, stand out as the most intriguing.

Alara is incredibly honest and forthright about whatever she feels and does what she wants without any second thoughts, in contrast to Ceylan, who appears to be a certified playboy but is not. It’s true that since Alara joined the series, things have heated up as all the guys have become enamored with her personality and her all-encompassing combination of beauty and brains.

By profession, she is a fashion designer by profession. She is a fashion diva, as seen by the breathtaking photos of herself that she uploads to her Instagram posts and stories wearing the best ensembles of the day. She enjoys working out, just like Ceylan, and works out in the gym and in the skipping ring.

On 3 August 2022, Ceylan announced on his Instagram, “Woahh!!! This was crazy… after a whole year of waiting, we can FINALLY share what we have been so excited about!! Catch us on @netflix on the 2nd of September!!! see who has the best wing manning skills.”

Is Ceylan Taneri Dating Anyone?

No, Ceylan Taneri is likely single at this moment. He was anything but a player and recently recovered from a massive heartbreak. On his Facebook, he has also stated that he is single but it seems he hasn’t updated his Facebook for a very long time.

Ceylan Taneri is now in the UK, based on the highlights of his Instagram account. His posts and anecdotes all reference how much fun he is having right now. From his posts, it is clear that he has a good sense of humor. In one of his tales, he can be seen adding a clever caption to a photo of himself in a mirror. “Not me fake peeing so I can take a pic in this mirror,” his caption reads.

Ceylan is presently having fun in the UK as seen by his appearances at beaches, events, and nightclubs. He is a health-conscious individual, as evidenced by the fact that he recently posted a tale about going to the gym. As well, he was seen traveling to Ikea.

Ceylan Taneri Age

The date of birth of Ceylan Taneri is 4 August 1996. At the time of the premiere of the show, he is 26 years old.

Ceylan Taneri Job

Ceylan Taneri is a pro-soccer player. He is currently on the reserve team at Hollands and Blair FC. From 2016 to 2017 he played in 3 games, among which he started 1, and was a substitute in the other two games. He doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile so not much is known about his career and job.

At the time of the publishment of this article, he has a total net worth of under $200 thousand.

Who Are Ceylan And Alara Taneri Parents?

Ceylan and Alara Taneri are the children of Stacey Morgan and Kemal Taneri. Stacey is a native of Cardiff and she is currently engaged. He has also made TikTok related to his mother’s birthday in August 2022.

In June 2022, Ceylan shared on his Instagram that he is a fan of his mother’s work. Kemal is currently residing in Girne, Cyprus. He hailed originally from Kyrenia, Kyrenia, Cyprus. Kemal remarried his new wife Oksana Taneri on 4 April 2016.

Ceylan has two sisters; Alara Taneri and Miya Taneri. Not much is known about Miya except she is the youngest in the brood.

He is also close to his aunt Alex Aghili Kordmahale. In August 2022, he received a birthday message from her who wrote, “Wishing my legend of a nephew Ceylan Taneri a huge happy birthday I’m so very proud to be your Auntie. Hope you have a wicked day and get spoilt rotten.”

Alex is also very supportive of Ceylan and Alara joining the cast of the Netflix show. She announced on her Facebook, “DATED & RELATED” Netflix series we have all been waiting for featuring my gorgeous nephew and Niece Ceylan Taneri & Alara Taneri has finally confirmed the 1st episode screening date is Friday 2nd September…..check them out on Instagram @alarataneri….here’s a little taster to tickle those tastebuds….”

They also have a grandmother named Kay Morgan.

He and his family are of Cyprus-Turkish heritage. He is of KKTC (Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti) nationality.

Ceylan Taneri Height

Ceylan Taneri’s height measures under 5’10”. He has multiple tattoos on his body that includes a butterfly, a bird, a heart, and a lotus among others.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ceylan Taneri From?

Ceylan was born in Londra, England. He is from Cyprus in the UK. He is currently based in Hereford, Herefordshire.

  • When Is Ceylan Taneri Birthday?

Ceylan Taneri’s birthday is on 4 August.

  • Is Ceylan Taneri On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes, Ceylan Taneri is on Instagran (@ceylantaneri), TikTok (@ceylantaneri_), and Facebook (@CeylanTaneri10). He also has a profile on Depop and on YouTube.

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