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Chanelle Bowen Bio, Boyfriend, Family, Age, Big Brother

Meet Chanelle Bowen from Big Brother UK 2023. A few of her cast members had a few things to say about her strategy in the game as she has been very low-key. Find out about her boyfriend, family, age, and job in this bio.

Tag along and read all that we know about Chanelle.

Chanelle Bowen On Big Brother UK 2023

Chanelle Bowen is one of the Big Brother UK 2023 housemate and she is reportedly not very thrilled with some of the tasks that was assigned to her. The roommate acknowledged that she hadn’t applied with sincerity.

“I only applied as a joke,” Chanelle added, “now that I’m going in, I’m doing it for myself, for the experience and to make friends for life. Something that was a joke has now materialized into real life!”

“Maybe Channing Tatum, Magic Mike,” Chanelle admitted about her dream housemate. “So I could just sit there and look at him.”

Chanelle’s fellow housemate, Zak had a few things to share about Chanelle, even though he was already eliminated.

There was a lot of discussion about Zak being a “gameplayer” in the family before he was removed from the show, and Hallie Clarke even accused him of being one. However, according to Zak, Chanelle is the rightful owner of that title because she has avoided becoming involved in any significant disputes.

Given that Chanelle has been rather “quiet” in the house thus far, Zak acknowledged that he believes she is “playing a bit of a game.”

“She’s just trying not to get involved in people’s business too much so her name doesn’t come up with anything. But at the same time, she was talking about me quite a lot,” the model said.

When the housemates participated in a challenge where they had to spend hours together in a large bed in the living room toward the beginning of BBUK 2023, Zak revealed that Chanelle and Jenkin Edwards turned to him and requested: “If you were offered £5,000 now, would you leave?”

“I was like, “No, £5,000 is not worth the experience,”” Zak recalled, while Chanelle and Jenkin both apparently said that they would leave straight away.

“And then they both looked at each other in a funny way and Chanelle came over to me, and she was like, ‘The only reason I think you’re a game player is because when we mentioned if you’d leave for £5,000, £10,000, and you said, “No” – that’s a lot of money, and when you said that, we just thought you’re only in here for the money,” Zak continued.

Speculating further about Chanelle’s possible approach, he said, “I feel I can kind of see what she’s doing. I feel like she’s trying to stay out of everyone’s way, so her name’s not being brought up too much, but then slowly and slowly, she’s whispering people’s names to other people’s ears, so they’ve got her back and they don’t go for her. I do feel like she’s playing a game and I’m catching on.”

Hallie who was also eliminated from the show revealed that Chanelle had been “planting seeds” in housemates’ ears and is often caught “stirring the pot”, while Noky is “playing it safe”.

Hallie told The Sun: “I think there’s a few people playing it safe and don’t want any arguments. I feel like Noky is quite reserved and she doesn’t seem like she likes arguments. She’s not very argumentative and not confrontational, she’s direct but not in a rude way. The way she speaks is amazing but I think she’s playing it safe. But I don’t think anyone is playing a game, I feel like everyone in there is true to themselves.”

Hallie had said she is now ready to see the back of Chanelle and would like to split the trio up, which includes Jenkin and Tom. She added, “So if I have to choose one person, it would be her because it would also be interesting to see the Tom, Jenkin, Chanelle trio, with one of them gone and interesting to see how their circle ends up.”

Chanelle Bowen Boyfriend

The relationship status of Chanelle Bowen is not clear. She is very private about her dating life.

Chanelle Bowen Age

Chanelle Bowen is 29 years old as of Nov 2023. Hence, her birth year is likely 1994.

Chanelle Bowen Family

The family details of Chanelle Bowen are not available at this moment.

Chanelle Bowen Job

Chanelle Bowen works a job as a dental therapist. She appears to be employed at Morgan Street Dental.

The company’s bio reads, “We take pride in the quality of our dentistry and want to make your visit a pleasant experience. Our aim is good dental health for you and your family through preventative dentistry. That means giving health advice and helping you to understand how to take care of your teeth yourself and to reduce the need for dental treatment.”

Also, one report by BBC suggests that it was likely Chanelle injected the vaccine into Wales’s health minister Vaughan Gething in 2021. Mr. Gething, who received the jab at a leisure center in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, described it as “really professional and really quick”.

Chanelle reportedly has a first-class honors degree. In the show, Chanelle revealed that this often shocks people “because I think often people will judge me by my blonde hair and are surprised. I’m quite book smart but I have no common sense so when I tell people I got first class honours, they’re like, ‘Did you pay someone for that?’.”

Chanelle likely attended Teesside University. On her profile on The Student Room, Chanelle shared that she was accepted to Dental Hygiene and Therapy at Teesside in September 2017.

Chanelle Bowen Height

Chanelle Bowne’s height measures under 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chanelle Bowen From?

Chanelle Bowen hailed from Llanelli in Wales.

  • When Is Chanelle Bowen Birthday?

No, Chanelle Bowen’s birthday is not available at this moment.

  • Is Chanelle Bowen On Instagram?

Yes, Chanelle Bowen is on Instagram (@chanellebowen) but the account is private.

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