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Charlene Jeffs Bio, Today, Age, Job, Kids, Lyle Jeffs Ex-Wife

Charlene Jeffs was the most senior and the first wife of Lyle Jeffs, brother of Warren Jeffs of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). Netflix released a four-part series titled Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey so Charlene also appeared on the show to give a glimpse into the life inside FLDS church.

Charlene hadn’t met her husband Lyle Jeffs until they married in August 1983 at the age of 18. Once Charlene Wall married him, they had, she testified Wednesday, “a wonderful life together.”

Lyle went on to marry eight more. The couple had 10 children and everything was going well until she was banished for “complaining” in 2013. In court, Charlene Jeffs said she was kicked out of a sacred group within the church called the United Order in 2012.

Charlene told ABCNews, “I didn’t know what I had complained about, but I was told that I had complained”. She was banished to a garage, and then a trailer. She was ordered to leave the church on Sept. 27, 2014, for being “unrighteous.”

So, Charlene left the church but fought for the custody of her two youngest children, 13-year-old daughter Suzie and 17-year-old son Amin (in 2015). Charlene said, “I have two children right now that are underage that I really want to get out of. I want to get them all out of that because I don’t believe what they’re teaching anymore”.

Nine days after fighting the custody, Lyle signed and gave up the custody.

Meet Charlene Jeffs, Lyle Jeff’s Ex-Wife On Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

Since Warren Jeffs was arrested for “se*ual assault” and “aggravated se*ual assault” and sent to prison for 20 years, Lyle took over the FLDS as second-in-command. Charlene recalled when Lyle was named Bishop of Short Creek, he was suddenly flush with cash. “And our eating just exploded into something far beyond what I felt was humble,” she added. Suddenly there were feasts of shrimp and lobster and other “gourmet food we weren’t used to eating”.

Charlene told ABCNews that she still loved him. She would go back to church if things returned to the way they were when Lyle Jeffs’ father Rulon Jeffs, who led the FLDS before his son Warren Jeffs took over, was alive.

Charlene shared a few details which gave a glimpse into the FLDS church. According to court documents, Charlene claimed that “a seed bearer is an elect man of a worthy bloodline chosen by the Priesthood to impregnate the FLDS women”. “FLDS men are no longer permitted to have children with their multiple wives. That privilege belongs to the seed bearer alone,” the doctrine allegedly goes.

She also revealed that the husbands were required to be in the room while the act of pro-creations with a “seed bearer” occurs. The “seed bearer” is a group of about 15 men, hand-picked by the prophet.

After filing for divorce, they discussed living costs where Lyle was to pay $1,000 a month in child support. It declines to $600 when the boy turns 18. Lyle was responsible to pay for the kid’s health and education. He also had to pay $2000 for his wife.

Charlene Jeffs filed for divorce in a separate proceeding in state court in Tooele. The divorce proceedings were completed before January 2016.

Where Is Charlene Jeffs Today?

“I just know that we’re taught that loyalty is life,” Charlene Jeffs told CNN in 2016. “Loyalty to God and the prophet is the first and foremost thing in your life. Anything else is just of the world and material and doesn’t matter. … Loyalty is life, and that is so drilled into you that even my brain is whack because of it.”

Charlene recalled when her ex-husband was named the Bishop. She said items often were set aside for the bishop’s family, and other witnesses recalled seeing carts and pallets loaded with meat, fish, and turkeys not available to other FLDS families. “And the waste that goes on with the bishop’s family is absolutely horrendous,” Charlene Jeffs said. “And it is sick. It should be stopped.” She spoke about the weekly ritual of cleaning out the family’s huge, walk-in refrigerator. “And three five-gallon buckets of food that had gone bad was taken out to the animals.”

The bishop’s animals were eating better than some FLDS families. Eventually, her husband along with their brother Seth was arrested for 12 million fraud.

Charlene Jeffs Age

In 2022, Charlene Jeffs is 57 years old.

Charlene Jeffs Job Now

Besides frequent interviews after her divorce, Charlene Jeffs is off-grid since 2016. Her current life and her job situation, everything remains under wrap with no further disclosure. And because she is not available on social, we don’t have much on our hands to share about her professional life.

Is Charlene Jeffs On Facebook?

No, Charlene Jeffs is not on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Does Charlene Jeffs Have Kids?

Yes, Charlene Jeffs had 10 kids with her ex-husband. She fought for custody of the youngest two children.

  • Where Does Charlene Jeffs Live?

Records online suggest that Charlene Jeffs is currently living in Eagle Mountain, UT.

  • Who Were Charlene Jeffs Parents?

She was associated with FLDS after her parents joined the church when she was only 2 years old. “It was really good, growing up,” she said of the FLDS. “It was all about family, about love.”

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