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Charlie Redd Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Dragon Pizza Owner

Charlie Redd, the owner of Dragon Pizza, had a fight with Barstool founder Dave Portnoy in 2023.

How old is Charlie? Does he have a wife? How much is his net worth? Learn all that we know about Charlie in this short bio here.

Meet Charlie Redd, Dragon Pizza Owner

A heated exchange between Charlie Redd, the proprietor of Dragon Pizza in Somerville, Massachusetts, and the founder of Barstool, Dave Portnoy, has gone viral online. Numerous people have also begun to wonder about the pizza shop’s owner and the nature of its Google and Yelp reviews. The Dragon Pizza shop in Somerville has gained national attention thanks to the proprietor of Barstool Sports’ review.

Online users are talking about the footage of Dave Portnoy and the proprietor of the pizza store having a very heated confrontation. On the store’s outskirts, the owner interrupted Dave as he was reviewing a pizza. The owner, who was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, yelled at Dave about how he shouldn’t be judging small businesses in just one bite. What followed is now being discussed by people all over X (formerly known as Twitter).

Dave was delivering his critique of the pizza place outside when the owner came out and stopped close to him. He continues by expressing his thoughts regarding Dave’s one-bite evaluation of the food served by small companies.

Dave gave the pizza a mere 6.4 out of 10 in his assessment. He said that the pie flopped and that the flavor was overly parmesan-forward. Following his evaluation, the proprietor of Dragon Pizza came over to confront Dave. The proprietor expressed his displeasure at Dave’s treatment of small businesses by criticizing them based on such a meager taste of pizza.

Then, after reading about Dave in The New York Times, he acknowledged that he was aware of who Dave was and that he didn’t much care for his notoriety. Dave then decided to respond to the circumstance with his customary maturity, making fun of the business owner for donning a little t-shirt and shooting back a couple of other insults.

“Enjoy your pizza as any customer but I don’t appreciate what you do, coming in and judging a business with one bite,” Charlie says.

Dave’s presence appears to have agitated the proprietor of Dragon Pizza, who enters again. He exits the building briefly before returning and telling Dave to “move on” and “don’t stand in front of my business.” The owner then threatens to contact the police, and Dave encourages him to do so as the two start yelling profanities at one another. Dave informs the owner that he has raised $50 million for small firms, and the owner responds, “You’re all talk.” Before Dave begins to leave the pizza shop, the two argue for a while longer.

Following the release of the first video, Dave Portnoy talked about the incident with Tucker Carlson on Twitter, igniting the fires of the debate. However, now that Dave has made a big deal out of it, Dragon Pizza is receiving a lot of criticism from his devoted following, who are posting critical remarks on their social media accounts and leaving bad reviews. Yelp has even published a warning about the fresh reviews on its website because of the excessive review bombing.

“This business recently received increased public attention, which often means people come to this page to post their views on the news. While we don’t take a stand one way or the other when it comes to this incident, we’ve temporarily disabled the posting of content to this page as we work to investigate,” Yelp’s alert reads.

According to one post by Lan Coakley from 2018, Charlie started Dragon Pizza that year along with his partner Keenan Langlois. Before starting Dragon Pizza he owned Redd’s in Rozzie.

Charlie made the announcement that he would close Redd’s in Rozzie, his seven-year-old Roslindale eatery, during the summer. He cited proposed modifications to the city’s liquor licenses as the cause, claiming that they would have erased his $350,000 investment in his own license. After the restaurant’s official closure in the middle of July, Charlie concentrated on relocating to the Elm Street location to launch Dragon Pizza.

Dragon Pizza’s most recent FB post read, “Thanks. To this team. To our community To LOVE over HATE in this unbelievably ugly situation of trolls attacking every aspect of us. We will persevere…I swear it so.”

In November 2022, Charlie posted above Dave on his IG and wrote, “I always knew David Portnoy of @barstoolsports was an a$$hat who judged pizza shops in one bite like his mouth was somehow 1000% better than the people who frequent that business. But I had NO idea he was this bad. Check out in @nytimes. Another case for investigative journalism #a$$hat #bendoverandletmeshowyouwhatICANDOwithABarSTOOL.”

How Much Is Charlie Redd Net Worth?

Charlie Redd’s net worth is above $600 thousand.

Charlie Redd Age

Born in 1975, Charlie Redd is 47 as of this writing in September 2023.

Charlie Redd Wife

Charlie Redd is married to his wife Kate Beal.

Born in 1970, Kate is 53 years old. There isn’t much about their marriage and it is unclear if they share any children together.

In March 2023, Charlie writes about his wife, “I got a good one.” On Mother’s Day 2021, Charlie wrote, “Got a good one in Kate. FINALLY a Mother’s Day without brunch, water heater replacement, slamming her head with the tailgate, or just completely refusing to honor the day. You’re the best Mama @katebeal, I don’t care what any other person thinks. Sorry other moms, except @pollyredd. Also number one, OBVI.”

Charlie wished his wife on Kate’s 50th birthday while writing, “This jewel of humanity and love of my life is 50 today. Don’t hate, congratulate. @katebeal.”

Kate is on Instagram (@katebeal).

They appear to have a daughter named Viola.

Is Charlie Redd On Instagram And Facebook?

Charlie Redd is on Instagram (@reddcharlie) and Facebook (@dragonpizzasomerville).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Charlie Redd From?

Charlie Redd hailed from Somerville, Massachusetts. He is the son of Polly Gurley Redd and James Redd.

Polly was born on 6 June 1948 and died on 22 April 2023. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and Huntsville, Alabama. Polly, along with her sisters Peggy and Libby, was the eldest child of the late Ed and Ann Gurley. Polly dedicated her life to serving her community via education.

Jim and Polly married on June 20, 1970, and they had four sons, Charlie, Andy, Paul, and Sandy. A graduate of Florida State University, Polly served as an elementary school teacher and principal in Mecklenburg County for many years until she retired from teaching in 2004. Since 2008, Polly has served as the Director of Formation and Communication at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Gastonia, NC.

Polly and Jim loved to travel the world together, from Antarctica to China, but none brought her as much joy as her annual trips to their summer home in Cranberry Lake, NY.

Polly is survived by her husband Jim of Denver, NC, and other children Andrew, Washington, DC; Paul, Charlotte, NC; and Alexander (Betsy), Sherborn, MA.

  • When Is Charlie Redd Birthday?

Charlie Redd’s birthday is in November.

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