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Charlie Vickers Bio, Age, Height, Married, Rings Of Power

Here’s a ‘Charlie Vickers Bio’ to tell you all that you need to know about Charlie Vickers, the actor playing Halbrand in Prime Video’s newly released (1 September 2022) The Lord Of Rings: Rings Of Power.

A Royal Central School of Speech and Drama alum, Charlie has appeared in various film and television productions such as Medici: Masters of Florence and Palm Beach.

Keeping reading to find out more about his Rings Of Power character, his height, age, married life, and more.

Meet Charlie Vickers, The Actor Playing Halbrand In The Lord Of Rings: Rings Of Power

Halbrand is a mortal/a human running from his past whose destiny is entwined with Galadriel’s. He is one of the series’ more mysterious figures. He accompanies Galadriel (actor Morfydd Clark), a fan-favorite Elven warrior, as they travel from the Sundering Seas to the island of Númenor.

Charlie’s Halbrand is not one of Tolkien’s characters. This one was made especially for this show. For now, Halbrand looked like he will evolve into a close ally to Galadriel. Because Rings of Power retells the story of Sauron’s rise to power and the creation of the titular rings, there is a chance that fate will bring Halbrand and Galadriel together to fight a new Dark Lord and protect Middle-Earth against the forces of evil.

With Halbrand being introduced on the show, some fans also wondered if he could be more devious than he makes out. Some also assume that he could be the “maker of the one ring” himself, Sauron. (But of course, it is not evident already.)

Other theories suggested that Halbrand could be Southland royalty, who betrayed his people and then went on the run. Whoever Halbrand may be, it is obvious that he is going to be an important figure in the story moving forward.

Speaking of his since long existing Tolkien characters, he said he always loved Aragorn. Even when he was a kid he would play as Aragorn in the game.

Charlie Vickers Movies And TV Shows

In 2018, Charlie Vickers starred in the recurring role of Guglielmo Pazzi in Season 2 of Medici, a historical drama television series.

Then, he played Dan in Palm Beach, a movie, next year.

And when The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power dropped in 2022, he was also eagerly waiting for The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart to release. The latter is a series based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Australian author Holly Ringland.

His theatre credit includes Romeo in the ROMEO AND JULIET by Dir. Geoff Colman in the Globe Theatre.

Is Charlie Vickers Married?

Charlie Vickers’s relationship status was not known at the time of this writing. Yet, it looked to us that he had not been married as of 2022.

Charlie Vickers Age

According to, Charlie Vickers was born in 1992. In case this is true, he should have turned 30 years old in 2022.

Charlie Vickers Height

Charlie Vickers stands below 5’11” in height. Other than good looks he with a gracious manner, delightful conversation, and a personal philosophy rooted in a disarming level of self-awareness.

Is Charlie Vickers On Instagram And Facebook?

Charlie Vickers was completely absent from Instagram and Facebook as of 2022. However, he said that this absence is not accompanied by insecurity or jadedness. Instead, it is his genuine satisfaction with privacy and a belief that the work he makes will ultimately speak for itself.

Charlie Vickers Family

“Lord of the Rings is obviously rooted in fantasy, but what would it look like if you could create your own fantasy world?” when asked this during an interview lately, he gave this picture of his fantasy world that also included his family. He said it would be a fantasy for him to live somewhere in the countryside with not many people around, yet lots of his friends and family all living within a five-minute walk in a tiny little secluded village.

The other time he also mentioned his family when he was asked “What would your perfect Sunday consist of?”.
He said the day consisted of waking up very well rested and reasonably early, having a little snack then doing some kind of exercise, a little bit of surfing, and then coming back and spending time with family and friends.

Of all his friends and family, Charlie seemed to be the closest to his mum because it was only she who knew Charlie had been to the auditions of Rings Of Power.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Charlie Vickers’s Birthday? also reported that Charlie’s birthday is on February 10th.

  • Where Is Charlie Vickers From?

Charlie Vickers is labeled British by GQ and Australian by However, from the look of things, he seemed to have been born and bred more likely in Great Britain.

When he was giving auditions for Ring of Power for his biggest role to date, he was based in Melbourne. Melbourne, maybe because he went to university in the city instead of going to acting school. Lately, he revealed that he did not have the courage to try to get into drama school at that point.

  • How Much Is Charlie Vickers Net Worth?

Charlie Vickers reportedly had around USD 1 million net worth as of 2022. Around this time, he was represented by Independent Talent Agency.

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