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Charlotte Henson Bio, Wife Of Adam Henson, Age, Job

Meet Charlotte Henson, wife of Countryfile star Adam Henson. Through all the ups and downs of life, Adam had his wife Charlotte for nearly four decades. They started a beautiful family together but got married only somewhere between (2020-2021) if they were ever wedded.

Learn more about Adam’s wife/partner with this Charlotte Henson Bio.

Meet Charlotte Henson, Wife Of Adam Henson

Charlotte Henson or Charli Gilbert is the wife of Adam Henson (allegedly they got married somewhere between 2020-2021). But, they stayed unmarried for a long time but had a husband-wife-type relationship with each other. They reportedly met each other as a teenager, Adam was only 16 at the time. Later, they started living with each other.

He told in an interview with Express, “My best friend is… my partner Charlie. We’re not married but we’ve known each other since school. She’s the mother of my two children.”

The couple shared a daughter named Ella (23) and a son named Alfie (18). The family resides in Bemborough Farm, Gloucestershire, where Adam was born. They live in Cotswold Farm Park rare breeds farm where they have rare cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses.

In previous interviews, Adam had shared that Charlotte is vegetarian. Speaking with The Mirror in May 2019, Adam opened up that he’ very much all for living off the land and eats the meat bred on his farm when he can. He also grows veggies because his partner and his daughter are vegetarian.

Speaking about his kids, Adam shared, “My childhood was so healthy and free. My mum made all our food and cut our hair. It was like The Waltons. But getting back to nature was always important and my kids have grown up on the farm too. Even though one is going to work at an events company and my son wants to go into finance, they could both lamb a ewe. They’re very capable.”

Adam’s daughter Ella has appeared on Countryfile in May 2020 episode where she lent her famous dad a helping hand. Ella graduated from sixth form college in 2016. She studied English Literature, Drama, and Psychology and then went on to obtain a degree from the University of Birmingham.

Moreover, Ella received a BA in English Literature and Drama and graduated in 2019. As for her job, she currently works as a sales coordinator and operations exec for SME London Ltd.

Charlotte Henson Age

Considering both Adam Henson and Charlotte Henson were around the same age, Charlotte has to be no more than 55 years old as of 2021.

Charlotte Henson Job

Charlotte Henson played a huge role to land the job for Countryfile. Adam shared, “Countryfile did a presenter search, and although I wasn’t bothered, my partner nagged me about it, as she thought I’d be really good.” After a lot of auditions, he eventually ended up getting the job.

Both Adam and Charlotte poured everything they had into the farm they owned. But, they came close to losing their home, their farm, and their livelihood during the disastrous foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. During the epidemic, millions of animals were killed.

Speaking to Telegraph, Adam told, “The worst time was in 2001 – we’d invested heavily in Cotswold Farm Park, then foot-and-mouth hit just before we opened. The bank closed in and wanted their money. We probably owed £250,000 with all the borrowed money on machines and what we’d invested in the farm park.”

The “small payout” from their insurance policy helped them survive. Plus, Adam landing the job in Countryfile helped a lot for the folks to stand their ground.

The Cotswold Farm Park is a working farm but is also open to the public. People can visit the rare breeds, see milking and shearing demonstrations and go on nature walks and picnics.

Is Charlotte Henson On Instagram?

No, Charlotte is not on Instagram or any other social media platforms for that matter. But she is on Twitter and her handle is @CharGilb. The platform gathered 171 followers.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Charlotte Henson From?

Charlotte Henson allegedly came from Bemborough Farm, Gloucestershire.

  • What Is Charlotte Henson Maiden Name?

Charlotte Henson’s maiden name is Gilbert.

  • How Tall Is Charlotte Henson?

Charlotte Henson is at least 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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