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Chau Kieu Bio, Age, Job, Ethnicity, Jade Cline Best Friend

MTV’s Teen Mom is back on television with a new spinoff series Teen Mom: The Next Chapter featuring fan favorites like Jade Cline, Amber Portwood, Ashley Jones, and Cheyenne Floyd.

Speaking of Jade precisely, she made her television debut in 2018 on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Just as a 17-year-old she gave birth to her daughter Kloie. Fans since then have been aware of not only Jade’s relationship with her drug addict baby daddy Sean but also her best friend Chau Kieu. So, in this writing, we bring to Jade’s fans a tell-all about her best friend.

Teen Mom: Meet Chau Kieu, Jade Cline’s Best Friend

On the 9 April 2023 episode of Teen Mom, Jade Cline got a surprise visit from her best friend, Chau Kieu.

Chau surprised her friend at work making for a sweet reunion. Sean had coordinated the surprise and upon knowing about this, Jade had been in tears. Upon this meeting, Jade after having called Chau her “soulmate” had explained to Sean that the two of them have a “different type of love.”

Chau, who has been friends with Jade for years, was also seen during Teen Mom: Family Reunion, where she was asked to be Kloie’s godmother. Offering Jade’s offer back then Chau had promised to care for Kloie in the event Jade and Sean are not able to.

Yet, at this time, it was not understood when exactly Jade and Chau met and formed a friendship. They are believed to have first met when they were in the foster care system.

These two have been inseparable to the point that viewers could not believe their eyes when back in a February 2023 episode Chau was absent to help Jade pick her wedding dress.

Often on social media, these two can be seen making reels together and writing captions like “Everyone needs a best friend like you.”

Chau Kieu Boyfriend

Chau Kieu on her Facebook has mentioned her relationship status as ‘single’. Often on her TokTok videos too, Chau has been proudly telling everyone that she is in a relationship with herself.

Chau Kieu Age

Chau Kieu turned 25 years old in 2023.

What Is Chau Kieu’s Ethnicity?

Chau Kieu is mixed with Black and Vietnamese ethnicity.

Long ago, on Facebook, Chau admitted to not liking her father. This happened back in 2010. Chau on a FB post wrote, “Ewww my dad is back from Vietnam….. don’t like him.”

Chau clearly loves Vietnam though. One of the reasons she misses the place is for its “soooo fckn good” street food.

Chau Kieu Family

Not much is known about Chau’s father and her mother is also no more.

On 24 August 2011, Chau took to her FB to write “Happy Birthday Momma . Gon Buut Never Forgotten ! 08/23”, implying that her mom was long gone. That same year on March 1st, Chau also talked about having just found that she had an older sister. At this point, Chau did not know her name but was aware of her being like 20-something. Chau also talked about wanting to meet her.

Fast forward to November 2022, Chau also lost her grandma who in her words was her favorite person in the entire world. Talking about her grief of losing her, Chau said on social media that this woman was the one who raised her and the one she is constantly trying to make proud. Chau thanked the elderly to have taught her so many life lessons and promised that she will always carry them in her heart always.

Other family members of Chau are her aunt Amy Carter, cousins Angelo Tharpe, Huy Kieu, Brian Moreno, Trinny Tran, and Mia Tharpe. Meanwhile, the above talked about grandmother was most likely named Dotty Goodpaster.

Chau Kieu Job

On social media, Chau Kieu can be seen talking about her entrepreneurship journey at great length. Back in February 2020, she told people that it is not as glamorous and easy as it may seem on social media. She hinted that in this journey, she also had times when she was broke, depressed, and ready to quit. Nevertheless, she kind of implied that she kept going and hustling. Yet, we don’t know the details of what Chau has been up to lately.

In the past though, she also worked at her friend Jade’s hair salon, Mane & Marble Hair Studios. The beauty boutique, if you need to know, is even today located in downtown Indianapolis. They are known to offer an array of haircare services, waxing, facials, and other self-care needs.

While between 2011 and 2012, Chau used to go to George Washington Community High School.

Chau Kieu Height

Chau Kieu stands below 5’3” in height. Clearly, Chau finds herself really pretty and she especially loves her tattoos. She has several of them inked on her.

Related FAQs

  • Is Chau Kieu On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Chau Kieu can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 18 August, her IG @bankrollchau included 76 posts and 21.2K followers.

Chau can be seen showing glimpses of her life also on ‘Chau Kieu’ Facebook and TikTok @bankrollchau.

  • When Is Chau Kieu’s Birthday?

Chau Kieu’s birthday is on May 17th and that makes her a Taurus.

  • Where Is Chau Kieu From?

It is from Indianapolis, Indiana Chau originally hails from. From there, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and stayed there for some time before returning back to Indianapolis, her hometown.

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