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Chelsea Griffin Parents: Olen Bosma And Charlie Griffin

After Love Is Blind‘s Chelsea Griffin’s father appeared on the show, viewers wished to learn more about her parents. This article is about Olen Bosma and Charlie Griffin, Chelsea’s parents.

Find answers related to her age, job, and current residence in this article below. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about the folks here.

Love Is Blind: Who Are Chelsea Griffin Parents?

Chelsea Griffin was born to her parents Olen Bosma and Charlie Griffin.

In 2022, Chelsea turned 31 years old. In Renton, Washington, Chelsea works as a professional pediatric speech-language pathologist (SPL). She claims that becoming one was a lifelong goal. Since June 2021, she has been listed as that in the National Provider Identifier database. She made herself and her family members proud in May 2012 when she was accepted into UW’s Early Childhood and Family Development program.

She came into Love Is Blind looking for commitment. Her ideal type, she told the cameras on show, is a charismatic, charming momma’s boy.

As part of the process, Chelsea found a connection with fellow contestant Kwame Appiah. But, as the show progressed, things more complicated for them. Kwame while very interested in Chelsea, also went on dates with Micah Lussier. But when Micah exclusively started dating Paul Peden, Chelsea looked relieved. And eventually, the connection between Chelsea and Kwame also seemed to be strengthening.

Kwame even proposed to her. However, even then things were not all smooth as Kwame still was not done thinking about the time that he spent with Micah in the pods. And eventually, he and Micah do end up talking to each other for a long time, something that Chelsea could not help but become frustrated with. She and Kwame end up having a huge argument over it. Following this, they seemed to be trying to revitalize their connection to each other, when the time gets up and they are to go back to the real world.

Meet Charlie Griffin, Chelsea Griffin Father

Charles “Charlie” Griffin is the father of Chelsea Griffin. He recently appeared on Love Is Blind to meet Chelsea and his fiance Kwame over a dinner. “I’m so happy for you, honey,” he says as he hugs his daughter. The patriarch does seem genuinely delighted by the information, and when Kwame approaches him directly, he permits them to wed. Overall, the meeting went well.

“I’m shocked,” Chelsea says in an aside, adding, “but I’m super hopeful the rest of my family will accept Kwame and will understand our connection and relationship.”

  • Charlie Griffin Age

Charlie Griffin’s birth year is 1957. He is currently 65 years old.

  • Charlie Griffin Job

Sadly we couldn’t discover any information related to Charlie Griffin’s job.

  • Is Charlie Griffin On Instagram?

No, Charlie Griffin is not on Instagram.

Meet Olen Bosma, Chelsea Griffin Mother

Olen Bosma is the mother of Chelsea Griffin. On her mom’s birthday in 2022, Chelsea wished Olen, “HBD to the green queen 👑 aka my adorable Mother!!! 🍀🍀🍀 @olenpics.”

  • Olen Bosma Age

Olen Bosma turned 64 years old in 2023. She was born in March 1959.

  • Olen Bosma Job

Olen Bosma, per her Facebook, is working at Trident Seafoods. She also worked at Corks and Canvas Events.

According to LinkedIn, Olen served as an executive design assistant at Live A Little/Manning Trading Company starting in 2006.

  • Is Olen Bosma On Instagram?

Find Olen Bosma on Instagram and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Chelsea Griffin Parents Still Married?

No, Chelsea Griffin’s parents are no longer married. The couple is divorced and that was the reason why she didn’t appear on the show. Her mother is currently married to her husband John Bosma. John is an industrial Account Manager at Trident Seafoods.

  • Where Do Chelsea Griffin Parents Reside?

Chelsea Griffin’s parents are still residing in Seattle, Washington.

  • How Many Kids Do Chelsea Griffin Parents Have?

Chelsea Griffin has a brother named Chandler Griffin.

Chandler was 34 years old and is currently based in Durango, Colorado. He is currently married to Katherine Griffin since June 2019. Kat studied Sociology at Colorado College. She was a teacher at Denver Green School and a former school teacher at Eagleton Elementary School.

Katherine and Chandler welcomed a child together in 2022. She discovered that she was going to be an aunt on Valentine’s Day 2022. She announced it via a post, “Live footage of me finding out I’m going to be an auntie!!! Beyond thrilled for my brother and sister-in-law. Can’t wait for my Lil Bestie 😭🥰😍❤️.”

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