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Chip Hailstone Family: Parents, Children, Spouse

Get to know the family of Chip Hailstone. Here we talk about her parents, children, and spouse as you scroll down this article here. We cover it all here as you scroll down this article.

Life Below Zero: Meet Chip Hailstone Family

Life Below Zero Chip Hailstone has been starring in Life Below Zero since 2013 and during his appearance in the 193 episodes, viewers met his spouse, children, and brother. Chip’s spouse is named Agnes Hailstone with whom he shares five daughters. As for his parents, his dad is named Daniel Franklin Hailstone.

Real name Edward V Hailstone, Chip was born on 5 March 1969 in Kalispell, Montana. Daniel, his father, taught him many survival skills at a very young age, including hunting, fishing, and simple crafts. After visiting Alaska in 1988, lured by the exhilarating experience of hunting, Chip decided to never return to Montana. The 19-year-old kid found his one true love, Agnes, an Alaskan native, and made the permanent relocation to Noovrik, beside the Kobuk River.

Viewers noticed that Chip was absent from one season of Life Below Zero if you ever decide to binge-watch all 11 of the seasons. This is because the native of Alaska received a 15-month prison sentence while being filmed.

Chip completed his term in Season 10 while his wife Agnes and their younger daughters assumed responsibility for hunting. Many fans are still perplexed as to why Chip (real name: Edward) was sent to prison in the first place, even though he was freed and is now back to steal the show on the Discovery Channel.

Chip was accused of two counts of perjury and providing false statements to police, and in July 2017, he was given a 15-month prison sentence. Chip stated that his daughter Tinmaiq, who was just 17 years old at the time, had been physically abused by an Alaskan state trooper a few years prior, in 2011.

In another incident, he said his stepson got into a fight with a Noorvik resident and the resident pointed a rifle at his daughter. Chip first received a three-year probationary term, but he later filed an appeal. He missed the crucial hunting season with his family because of his incarceration.

Chip Hailstone Spouse

Chip Hailstone is married to his wife and fellow show star Agnes Hailstone. Agnes was married before she met Chip and had two sons from her previous spouse. She was three years younger than him.

Agnes spent her early years living with her family in a secluded area of Noorvik, where she was exposed to their customs.

Moreover, Agnes is an Eskimo and a member of the Inupiaq tribe of Northern Alaska.  It is unlikely that she ever attended school in a formal setting. She learned how to hunt and tan animals during her early years so she could utilize their body fats for oil and the remaining parts for crafts and household supplies. She is well aware of several intriguing strategies for dealing with the challenges her hometown presents, such as using Ulu, an all-purpose knife.

Although the specifics of their initial encounter are still unknown, viewers have been informed that the two got married in 1992.

Chip Hailstone Children

Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan Hailstone are the five daughters Chip and Agnes have had throughout their 25-year marriage. In addition, Chip raises Douglas and Jon, the two sons Agnes had from a previous marriage, as his own. Even though the Hailstones have an unconventional life, they make sure their kids receive the right education. Tinmiaq and Iriqtaq, the oldest daughters, were first homeschooled before attending a nearby school in Noovrik.

The kids are active athletes and play basketball as well. Chip and Agnes, who were recently blessed with a grandchild from their oldest daughter, have enjoyed a happy life of friendship and mutual trust. For over seven years, the audience has been witness to their co-dependent equation.

You can find Iriqtaq on Instagram (@i_am_iriqtaq_), Tinmiaq (@tinmiaqhailstone07), Mary (@maryhailstone), Carolynn (@carolynnhailstone), and Qutan (@luvv_qutan). Tinmiaq turned 23 years old in March 2023.

Who Are Chip Hailstone Parents?

Chip Hailstone’s father is named Daniel Franklin Hailstone and Mary Lois Hailstone.

Born in 1949, Daniel is 74 years old. His birthday is on 7 March. Daniel attended Anaheim High School. Originally from Butte, Montana, he is now residing in Lewistown, Montana.

Daniel is on Facebook.

In May 2023, Mary turned 76 years old. Mary worked as a Retired Registered Nurse. She studied Associate Science at Rio Hondo Community College, Whittier, CA. She is now residing in Sitka, Alaska.

Mary is available on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Chip Hailstone Family Reside?

Chip Hailstone’s father lives in Lewistown, Montana and his mother lives in Sitka, Alaska. He and his wife and their children are residing in Noovrik, Alaska by the Kobuk River.

  • Are Chip Hailstone Family Members On Life Below Zero?

Chip’s wife and kids have appeared on Life Below Zero.

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