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Choi Seo Hyeon Bio, Dating, Age, Nineteen to Twenty

Choi Seo Hyeon appeared on Nineteen to Twenty which premiered on 11 July 2023. Viewers who watched the first three episodes are already intrigued by her charm and style and wish to learn more about her.

Here is what we currently know about Seo Hyeon and the show. So, keep scrolling down to learn more.

Choi Seo Hyeon On Netflix’s Nineteen to Twenty

Nineteen to Twenty the Netflix show featured Choi Seo Hyeon as one of the cast members. She says, when she reaches 20, she wants to have a boyfriend in college and play drinking games with her pals. Her classmates refer to her as Sammyung High’s beauty queen, and boys would line up in front of her class to view her, even though she never says so herself.

Her ideal career is as an architect. She once saw a lovely house while visiting her father’s studio, and ever since, she’s wanted to be an architect so she may create lovely homes like the one she saw.

Viewers admired Seo-Hyeon for her looks as she reminded them of their favorite actress. One fan wrote, “Yup she got that plainer look (she reminds me so much of some of my favorite actresses and Youtube people, it’s the hair bangs and her fashion style as well) but sometimes that’s preferable as it usually means she’s got a more natural face too.”

A week from they started filming, nineteen-year-old characters in the television series Nineteen to Twenty will become twenty. They receive life lessons in the final week of December while they are still 19 years old, broadening their horizons.

Moreover, they will study topics including food, economics, and interpersonal interactions at School 19. They spend their last week as teenagers at this location.

There is just one restriction: dating is not permitted. They all become adults on January 1 because South Korea is the only country that does so regardless of one’s birthday; as a result, they spend their first week as adults in House 20 without any constraints. The best times of these young people’s lives will be shared by them.

Lim has appeared on the show with his fellow cast members Moon Se Yeon, Jeong Seo Yeong, Choi Seo Hyeon, Ph Sang Won, Noh Hee Ji, Lee Ji Min, Choi Ye Rin, Jeong Ji Woo, and Kim Pyeong Seok.

The participants are required to attend lessons at a unique “19 School” during their final years of adolescence, where they have the opportunity to make new friends. When they turn 20, they’ll relocate to the “20 House.” How precisely the South Korean age system functions may be one of the more intriguing aspects of this particular show for viewers from other countries. It turns out that everyone in this Asian nation is regarded as having reached adulthood at birth. Their official age grows by one every year, which causes South Korea to celebrate January 1 quite a bit.

The entirety of Nineteen to Twenty was shot in South Korea, particularly in and around Seoul. It seems natural that the reality series’ production crew shoots the episodes there because the program is about young Korean adults attempting to enter adulthood.

The production crew primarily pitches their tents at and around Choong Ang High School, which is located at 164 Changdeokgung-gil in Seoul’s Jongno-gu district. At the university, both inside and outside, several significant scenes are captured as the young adults interact and share special moments.

According to The Cinemaholic, “several other landmarks and attractions might feature in the Netflix series. Some are the 63 Building, the Lotte World Tower, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the N Seoul Tower, Lotte World, Trade Tower, COEX, IFC Seoul, and the Parc1.”

The four hosts of the Netflix program are another important consideration. Throughout the show, Cho Kyu-hyun, Kim Ji-Eun, Lee Su-hyun, and Jung Se-Woon can be seen responding to the events taking place at the “19 School” and the “20 House.” Their position as audience members surely fosters a sense of community among viewers as they can join them in gushing over the advancements occurring among the participants.

Choi Seo Hyeon Age

Choi Seo Hyeon is currently 20 years old.

Where Is Choi Seo Hyeon From?

Choi Seo Hyeon is likely from Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

Is Choi Seo Hyeon Dating Anyone?

Choi Seo-Hyeon made her first connection with Moon Se Yeon in episode two of the drama. Later in episode three, Seo-Hyeon shares food with Lee Ji Min, a taekwondo athlete who wants to be a sports instructor.

One Redditor states about their interaction, “I actually sorta ship Seo-hyeon and Ji-min as I’m a sucker for people that meet first or initially spend the most time together in these dating/etc. shows. But it’s probably never gonna happen as Ji-min has a different type and ya Seo-hyeon will probably continue those secret glances and interactions with Sang-won.”

Seo Hyeon’s current dating status is unclear.

Choi Seo Hyeon Height

Choi Seo Hyeon stands tall under the height of under 5 feet 5 inches.

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  • When Is Choi Seo Hyeon Birthday?

As of this article, Choi Seo Hyeon’s birthday is not available.

  • Is Choi Seo Hyeon On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Choi Seo Hyeon is on Instagram (@_shyxxn) but her IG account is private too. However, she doesn’t seem to be on Facebook.

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