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Chris Collette Bio, Age, Job, Height, MAFS, Alyssa Ellman

Meet MAFS contestant Chris Collette who was matched with Alyssa Ellman. Learn about his job, age, height, and appearance on MAFS.

This Chris Collette Bio covers it all, so delve in starting with,

Are MAFS Stars Alyssa Ellman And Chris Collette Still Together?

‘Married At First Sight’ introduced Chris Collette AKA self-proclaimed ‘Real Estate Professor’. He was matched with fellow star and now-wife Alyssa Ellman. Not much is necessary to say about the show because fans are familiar with Netflix’s hit show.

Talking about Chris, he was in long-term relationships ever since he was in high school. Now, that’s a good sign because he too looks unafraid of making commitments. But, he has learned one thing that is the spark between him and his partner fades away after the honeymoon phase ends.

So, Chris turned to Netflix’s experts to help him find a woman who will keep his interest long-term. Furthermore, to prove that he isn’t playing around, he quit using dating apps.

To talk about his wife, Alyssa Ellman was in a relationship but it ended in heartbreak. After the end of the relationship, she realized how unhappy she was dating her ex. So, she has now resorted to the match-making capacity of the experts of Netflix’s MAFS. And, has been matched with Chris Collete, who she meets at the altar for the first time in her life.

Upon her arrival, we learned that Alyssa has no time for dating because she is constantly working for rescuing animals (dogs in particular).

But, the question remains, are Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette still together?

Neither of the “married” couples left any hint on the public domain. Chris had an IG account but he has deactivated it to save us the spoilers. So, we might have to go through the show to see how the relationship pans out at the end and what are the updates related to their relationship.

But what’s does the Twitter world thinks of Alyssa and Chris’s matching? One user wrote, “Chris and Alyssa could work #MAFS”. But, a lot of users are skeptical about their relationship.

One user wrote, “Mark my words, Alyssa is not going to find Chris attractive. And she’s likely going to miss out on someone that would treat her like a queen. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #MAFSBoston“. Similarly, another wrote, “Alyssa and Chris from this season remind me of David and Ashley from season 3. She didn’t give him the time of day and I foresee the same thing happening this season. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS“.

Likewise, another user wrote, “Chris and Alyssa will not work out! She leaves him on the wedding night. Plus I see her as superficial. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #MAFSBoston“.

But, one user had a different point of view, “The experts matched Chris and Alyssa because they have siblings 15 years older than them. #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight“.

Chris Collette Age

At the time of this writing in Jan 2022, Chris Collette is 36 years old.

Chris Collette Job

Chris Collette started his career as client service at Putnam Investments where he worked for five months from 2006-2007. Then, he started serving as a financial agent at MassMutual Financial Group where he worked for six months. Then, he served as General Manager for Precision Time.

From 2008 to 2010, Chris worked as the owner of Mass Promotion.

From 2005-2013, Chris served as the head coach of Racquetball at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In June 2010, Chris started working for Kaplan Test Prep. He held different positions such as Faculty Manager, Business Development Market Manager, and Graduate Programs Market Manager.

Starting from 2017, Chris worked at Flying Dreams Brewing Co. where he worked as Director of Sales & Marketing until 2018.

In April 2018, Chris joined Jacob Realty as Managing Agent & Finance Manager.

From 2019 to 2021, Chris worked as a Licensed Real Estate Professional at Chinatti Realty Group. And from May 2021, he has been working at Compass as a licensed realtor.

Besides his professional career, Chris has also been a professional player of Disc Golf. In an interview with Boston Voyager, he revealed that he started playing disc golf after playing ultimate Frisbee in college. He traveled around New England, living in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island while playing, practicing, and eventually entering the pro disc golf divisions in tournaments.

Furthermore, Chris shared that like everyone with a hobby, he tried to turn his hobby into a career. Talking about the financial aspect of the game, he shared, “There isn’t enough money in winning tournaments to pay the bills, but I reached out to multiple companies and considered moving to many places across the country to take entry-level jobs at disc golf manufacturers.”

He also talked about success and revealed, “Success is 90% enjoying your life every day, and 10% paying the bills.”

Chris has been the owner of Hawk’s Nest Disc Golf since August of 2016. He was also a sponsored professional athlete for Prodigy Disc.

According to PDGA, he participated in 85 events and won 5 times in his professional Disc Golf career. His total earning was $4,124.50.

Fun Facts: Chris is also on YouTube and has a business website.

Is Chris Collette On Instagram?

Yes, Chris Collete is on Instagram (@chris__collette). He also had a second IG (@colletterealty). His Facebook account is (@ccolletteinc) and his Facebook page is (@ColletteRealty). His Twitter handle is (@chris__collette).

Chris Collette Height

As for his height, Chris Collette stood tall at 5 feet 11 inches.

Chris Collette Family

Chris Collete has only shared one family member on his socials, his mother Florine Collette.

Florine Collette is on Instagram (@colletteflorine) and Facebook (@florine.collette.7). He wrote on his IG: “My mom watched me get Married at First Sight this summer. The show airs on December 29th on Lifetime!”

Chirs is also related to Andre Collette and Norman Collette.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Chris Collette Birthday?

Chris Collette hasn’t revealed his birthday as of this moment.

  • Where Is Chris Collette From?

Chris Collette hailed from Lowell, Massachusetts. He then moved to Quincy, Massachusetts. But, he is currently based in Holden, Massachusetts.

  • How Much Is Chris Collette Net Worth?

Chris Collette has a net worth of nearly $1.5 million.

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