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Chris Derrico Bio, Cause Of Death, Wife, Deon Derrico Brother

Chris Derrico is the late brother of Deon Derrico. Very little is known about Chris. Most importantly, his cause of death was aloof for a larger audience. Here are a few details about his age, cause of death, and his wife & children.

So, keep reading to learn more about Chris Derrico.

Meet Chris Derrico, Deon Derrico Brother

Deon Derrico is best known as the star of Doubling Down With the Derricos. He had one brother named Christopher Shonnald Turner better known as Chris Derrico. He recently made the decision to pay tribute to his late brother via an IG post.

Chris wrote in his IG post, “Doubling Down With #TheDERRICOs would like to thank everyone for your prayers and well wishes for the passing of my brother Mr. Christopher Shonnald Turner, gone but never forgotten!! The first picture from left to right is myself age 18 years old, and on the right my brother Chris 23 years old picture taken in 1988 the other 3 photos in the slide were all taken in 2019 a year before his passing! He died the day afterward #DEONDERRICO  #MarianDerrico  #ChristopherTurner  #Brothers4Life  #Family  #Detroit  #MotorCity #Motown #DEONDetroit.”

In case you were unaware, Deon’s brother Chris Derrico passed away in 2020. Right after Chris’s death, Deon announced his passing via an IG post. He wrote, “My eldest brother Christopher (Chris) Turner, passed away suddenly today gone but never forgotten 01.31.1966 – 01.27.2020.”

While a few sources have shared that he worked in real estate, Chris posted on his Facebook that he was self-employed since April 2018.

Chris Derrico Cause Of Death

From the Facebook page of Derrico Derrico, Chris Derrico (cause of death) died after suffering a stroke a week before. He was found dead in his Detroit home.

How Old Was Chris Derrico At The Time Of His Death?

Deon Derrico on the tribute page read 01.31.1966 – 01.27.2020. He was three days away from reaching age 54 so he was 53 at the time of his passing.

Chris and Deon’s mother Marian also gushed about losing their son. In April 2020, Marian wrote, “I am lying here in bed thinking about my firstborn Son, Christopher Turner. I remember being so afraid all his life, of the possibility of him getting harmed or hurt in some way. But never really thinking or believing he could actually be taken away from me…wow, how naive I was. I have been so numb since he’s been gone, the numbness is wearing off and the pain I feel is unreal. The loss that has engulfed my body is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’d like to scream but the horsiness in my throat won’t allow it.”

Two years later, in 2022, Marian again spoke of her son saying, “It’s 2 years ago today my firstborn child left this world to enter his heavenly home. I’m thanking GOD for receiving him into his heavenly kingdom and providing his very own mansion. I thank GOD for giving us the peace to get to this point without you. You rest on my Son until we meet again. We still miss you Chris, and will always forever love you. Your Mom and lil brother.”

Chris Derrico Wife

At the time of his death, Chris Derrico was single or he has stated being single on Facebook at least. Was he ever married? There is no evidence of it ever happening.

Chris Derrico Son

According to a sneak peek video on TLC’s Twitter page, Deon Derrico got a voicemail from someone named Amani who claimed to be his late brother Christopher’s child. In the video, Deon admitted to missing a call to his wife Karen Derrico, and expressed amazement at hearing Amani’s voicemail and his claims.

Deon’s wife Karen tried to console him as he broke down over the prospect of a family member he had never met. In Ep. 3, We Didn’t Start the Fire, viewers heard, “My name is Amani,” Amani said in the voicemail. “Your brother Chris could possibly be my dad.”

“I don’t know what to think – it’s a lot to take in,” Deon told the cameras. “Christopher was my older brother and I really looked up to him growing up.” “Chris’s passing was a total surprise to us,” he continued. Deon said that he had a “mix of emotions” over the possibility that his late brother could have a son he’d never known.

Chris, who passed away abruptly on January 27, 2020, probably had no idea Amani had a son and had never met him either. Deon has subsequently verified Amani is Derrico and Chris’s son, however, viewers won’t learn the results until a later show.

“Flanked by my beautiful mother GG and my handsome nephew Amani with a picture of his father, my brother Chris, on the wall behind us,” Deon captioned the photo from December 2022. However, the post has been removed since.

Amani could be a member of GG and Deon’s family, but GG admits that they required the DNA test to prove it first. GG requested her potential grandchild undergo a DNA test to ensure he is Chris’s child during their webcam conversation with Amani during the season. Amani acknowledged that she “failed” her late kid, but GG insisted that being a Derrico could alter her life for the better.

After her lung cancer resurfaced at the end of Season 3, viewers have seen GG go through chemotherapy treatments throughout the season. In Season 4, GG claimed that discovering she might have another grandchild she was unaware of had given her life a new, worthwhile “purpose.”

Deon was worried that GG would be “devastated” if Amani wasn’t their biological relative because of the newfound happiness. The family has, thankfully, learned the truth, which will probably have an impact on upcoming episodes of The Derricos.

One of Deon’s most recent was about Amani’s father Chris. He wrote about his brother: “Doubling Down With #TheDERRICOs would like to thank everyone for your prayers and well wishes for the passing of my brother Mr. Christopher Shonnald Turner, gone but never forgotten.”

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  • Is There An Obituary For Chris Derrico?

Yes, there is an obituary for Chris Derrico.

  • Where Was Chris Derrico Born?

Chris Derrico was born in Detroit, Michigan.

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