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Chris Medlin Wikipedia, Wife, Parents, Net Worth, Height

Chris Medlin landed his breakout role as “Isaac Downey” in Sweet Magnolias, and now as the Netflix hit series returns for its third installment, the actor is once more bathing in the spotlight.

Keep reading this Chris Medlin Wikipedia to learn more about him. 

Chris Medlin Plays Isaac Downey On Sweet Magnolias

Chris Medlin starred as “Isaac Downey” in Sweet Magnolias right in its inaugural season. His character, a good-looking, biracial stranger, Isaac, came to town in search of his birth mother, who was supposedly from Serenity. The three main women characters all rallied to his support, and the next season, he was able to find his birth mom, with one other surprise!

According to Chris, he loves several aspects of the show. He appreciates that it caters to a wide audience, offering something for everyone, making it a great show for families to watch together. He enjoys the mix of romance, drama, high stakes, and various age groups of characters that keep viewers engaged. The actor even felt a special connection to the show because it’s something he can share with his grandmother, who finds it thrilling and dramatic.

Recalling his preparation for the role, Chris said that he faced the challenge of developing the character from scratch as Isaac doesn’t exist in the original book series. He created Isaac’s backstory and motivations, making him a relatable character with a common and compelling story. Isaac’s caring nature, loyalty to his workplace, and ability to show grace to others were qualities Chris loved about the character.

“I think Isaac’s story is unfortunately a very common and relatable story. Not the specifics of it but there are so many variations of his story as a lot of people come from non-traditional homes and families,” he added.

Chris also enjoyed the plethora of Southern sayings in the show. While there are many memorable quotes, one of his favorites was, “Do the storms ever stop? No, but neither do the rainbows.” He believed this quote encapsulates the essence of the show’s theme about accepting and understanding people’s struggles.

How Much Is Chris Medlin Net Worth?

Chris Medlin garnered a net worth of under $250 thousand by 2023.

Growing up in the small southern town of East Tennessee, Chris didn’t have many artistic outlets. But he found ways to express himself through singing, dancing, and imaginative play. Eventually, his passion for performing led him to audition for the choir in the third grade, showcasing his drive and commitment to the arts from a young age.

After graduating high school, Chris then moved to New York City to pursue acting professionally. Soon, he made his Broadway debut in the original cast of Tina Fey’s Mean Girls the Musical and later appeared in the original Broadway cast of Diana the Musical, which was filmed for Netflix during the COVID-19 pandemic and released in 2021. However, it wasn’t until 2020, that he gained widespread recognition for his breakout role as Isaac Downey in the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias.

The actor’s talent has also been showcased on regional stages across the country in various productions, including The Prom Musical world premieres. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to work in film, appearing in Pass the Light (2015) and serving as the film’s choreographer.

Beyond his acting accomplishments, Chris has displayed his dance skills on popular TV shows like Vampire Diaries and has even performed alongside well-known artists such as Missy Elliott, Pharrell, and Daft Punk.

In 2023, he was managed by Justin Picca from Lakey Wolff & Company.

How Old Is Chris Medlin?

Chris Medlin was 33 years of age in 2023.

Who Are Chris Medlin Parents?

Like his on-screen character (Isaac who grew up without parents), Chris Medlin’s father was absent from his life. That’s why, each passing Father’s Day was difficult for the actor. “Father’s Day just gets harder as I get older,” he said.

However, his mother was always there by his side. Chris shared that his mother was the “coolest, weird, and hardass rebel” he had ever known.

Besides his mom, Chris was close to his uncle Randy Medlin (born: May 1970), a radio presenter, and his grandmother Judy Medlin (born: Jun 1959).

Sadly, Judy’s sister Yvonne “Sissy” Fain passed away on September 1, 2020.

Trivia: Chris’ mother had surgery in August 2010.

What Is Chris Medlin Ethnicity?

Chris flaunts mixed ethnicity.

His grandmother, Judy said, “He is mixed race and I love him no matter what. I know that as a white person, I will never truly understand the hardships he faces daily.”

Chris Medlin Height

Chris Medlin stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

His distinct features include — a beautiful smile and tattoos on his chest and hands.

Chris Medlin Wife

Chris Medlin doesn’t have a wife and perhaps never will. He’s gay! The actor often attended pride festivals and hung out with his gay friends.

Sadly, Chris had a hard time growing up as a Black, mixed-race, and gay in East Tennessee. He had no one to talk to. Infact, he only had his “first real heart-to-heart with grandma about relationships” in his 30s. “Queer kids are robbed of those special conversations all the time, but I can’t wait til we have a world that that’s not an issue,” he wished.

As for his dating life, Chris found it to be “weird.”

“Okay okay. I’m not mad at that. I’ll take a younger boyfriend and some eccentric, granola cabin in the Pacific Northwest,” he once tweeted.

For those of you wondering if Chris’s character on Sweet Magnolias is gay, Chris said, “I don’t know, and I get the question a lot. In Isaac’s case, he had a massive challenge in front of him of locating his birth parents, and he did that in season 2. So I imagine in season 3 that the writers will delve into the more personal aspects of Isaac.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chris Medlin From?

Chris hails from Georgia.

But in 2023, he resided in New York, NY.

  • When Is Chris Medlin Birthday?

Chris celebrates his birthday on December 14 and is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

  • Is Chris Medlin On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Chris on Instagram @mrmedlin and Facebook @MrMedlin.

Also, here’s his Twitter @MrMedlin.

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