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Christina Najjar Mom: Who Is Carmine Bollella? Her Age, Job

TikTok star Tinx or Christina Najjar is the daughter of Carmine Bollella Najjar. Read about her age, job, and social media reach in this article.

Keep scrolling down to learn more about Christina Najjar’s mom.

Meet Carmine Bollella, Christina Najjar Mom

Carmine Bollella is the mother of TikTok star Christina Najjar. The internet personality has gushed about her mom on several of her social media posts. The most recent post of the mother and daughter was from December 2022. Carmine captioned the post, “Last walk of the year with my girl! 🥾 💕.”

On Tinx’s birthday in September 2022, she wished her daughter, “Health and joy to my bold, brilliant and rather beautiful daughter. 🎉🎂🥳💕 Love you.”

Christina was born to her parents on September 19, 1990, but she lived a decent amount of time in the UK, her mom’s motherland. Because her dad and her mom respected discipline and as a result and sent to a very strict all-girls British school.

Unfortunately, Tinx began to experience anxiety and sadness when she was a high school student (around the age of 13). Fortunately, her parents caught it right away, took her to therapy, and pushed her to be honest about her difficulties. She had a severe case of OCD at the time as well.

Christina’s parents, though, were “patient” with her. Her family then relocated to San Francisco when she was in her early 20s so she could attend Stanford, and later to New York so she could attend Parsons Graduate School of Journalism. Tinx’s anxiousness rose at that time as well since she felt abandoned after leaving all of her pals behind.

Carmine also has a son named John Najjar. John is 27 years old born in October 1995. More about John, he is a head teacher at Success Academy Charter Schools. He attended Duke University to Columbia University.

Is Carmine Bollella Still Married To Christina Najjar Dad?

There is a tell-tale sign that Christina Najjar’s parents Carmine Bollella and Mitri Najjar are no longer married. But, the rumor around Reddit is that Mitri and Carmine are divorced.

Christina’s fans have noticed that Carmine is no longer wearing her wedding ring. The Redditor added, “All she loosely says is they’re midwestern and they moved to London when she was like 5. I’ve occasionally tried asking her to talk about the challenges of living so far from her family, but she’s never discusses it.”

Talking about Carmine’s husband, Mitri is currently working as a partner at Gibson Dunn. Both Washington, D.C. and New York have admitted him. In numerous international transactions over the course of 30 years, he has represented a broad range of clients. Mr. Najjar has lived and worked as a lawyer in London, Dubai, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Riyadh. He spends a lot of time working on domestic acquisitions and securities matters as well as foreign banking and commercial matters.

For both UAE: Corporate/M&A and UAE: Corporate/Commercial, Chambers Global 2016 ranked Mr. Najjar as a “foreign expert,” while Chambers UK 2017 recognized him as a Corporate/M&A “expert” in advising on inbound and outbound Middle Eastern projects.

Reportedly based in New York, he is currently 66 years old.

Carmine Bollella Age

Carmine Bollella is 65 years old. 1957 is her birth year and June is her birth month.

Carmine Bollella Job

Carmine Bollella attended Dearborn High School and graduated in 1975. On Mother’s Day Christina shared that Carmine was the first in her family to go to college.

Christina added, “She moved to London knowing not a soul with a new baby because she wanted to give me opportunities that she didn’t have. She gave up her job – that she loved & that was a huge sense of pride – to take care of me. She drove me to rehearsals and helped me with my homework and said “No, just apply to Stanford you never know”!”

The TikTok star concluded the post by adding, “She knew immediately when a boyfriend was bad news but didn’t judge me when I wasn’t ready to break up. She supported me through chaotic cross-country moves and random job changes. She held me up while I went through the darkest times of my life. She made choices and sacrifices to give me a better shot. Mom, you are great. I love you. I am who I am because of you.”

Carmine appears retired and appears to be spending time doing fun time activities. Besides hanging out with Christina for mother-daughter time, she also enjoys participating in marathons.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Carmine Bollella From?

Carmine Bollella is in New York. She is likely from Dearborn, Michigan.

  • When Is Carmine Bollella Birthday?

Every year Carmine Bollella celebrates her birthday on 8 June.

  • Is Carmine Bollella On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Carmine Bollella is on Instagram (@itsmetinxsmom).

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