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Christine Chiu Parents: What Happened To Her Mother?

The real-life Crazy Rich Asian, Christine Chiu isn’t successful just because she was married to a plastic surgeon. She’s rich because of the work ethic that her parents instilled in her.

So, who are Christine’s parents? Get to know all about them as you scroll down. 

Christine Chiu Parents: What Happened To Her Mother?

Since childhood, Christine Chiu was asked by her parents to study harder, work harder, and become more successful. They even reinforced her to ignore the racists/haters and encouraged her to always be at the top so no one could make fun of her.

“You can’t make fun of me, one day I’ll be your boss,” Christine shared her childhood perspective.

Besides her work ethic, Christine’s parents also instilled in her the importance of giving back to the community and those she cared about. They were very philanthropic like she is now.

However, though Christine spoke of them highly, she confessed that she always felt like she was never good enough and had to work to earn the love of her parents. And this is also one thing she’d like to modernize and tweak and not pass on to her baby.

“I would love with Baby G to use positive reinforcement. Need to let him know that love and acceptance are given — you do not need to work for it, he doesn’t need to earn it. I will love him and accept him no matter what.” she shared.

Now, talking about what happened to her mother, the Bling Empire star lost her mom during the 2020 pandemic. No to COVID, but because she had breast cancer.

Her mother was her best friend and the closest person in her life. After she crossed that rainbow bridge, Christine realized all that she had — “bling, popularity or prestige” — none of it matter. “What’s really important to me now and forever is family and health,” she added.

The next year, while Christine participated in Dancing With The Stars, she even dedicated a performance to her late mother.

Recalling her favorite memory with her mother, Christine shared she loved praying with her. Whenever she’d have a problem, she would hold hands with her mom and lift her concerns to God.

Did you know: Christine looks a lot like her mother.

Christine Chiu Father

Christine Chiu is the 24th generation direct descendant of the Chinese Song dynasty. Sadly, her father cut her off for an unknown reason for 10 years. They only reconnected recently after her mother passed away.

Now, Christine and her father are treading “very carefully” on their reconciled relationship.

Trivia: Christine’s maiden name is Cheng.

Is Christine Chiu Still Married?

Yes, Christine Chiu is still married to her husband Gabriel Chiu as of 2022.

The duo was last spotted on their trip to Italy in August 2022. Recalling their adventure from then, Christine shared, “Everyone needs one of those memorable vacations where you say “where do I start?” when someone asks what were the highlights of the trip. I love that I got to spend it with my best friend and our son .”

Her husband, Gabriel is a Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He started his career at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. There, he was then promoted to the Chief Fellow of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Eventually, he returned to California, started his private practice, and met Christine.

According to Gabriel, Bling Empire was a Trojan horse to hook people with all of the shiny but deliver a stronger and more heartfelt message.

Christine Chiu Children

Christine Chiu has only one son named Gabriel Christian Chiu III, born on June 28, 2018.

When the Bling Empire star married Gabriel in 2006, there was pressure from their families to “reproduce right away.” Sadly, even after a year of trying, Christine couldn’t conceive. So, they tried everything —  Eastern, Chinese herbs, Persian orthodox techniques, and even sexual positions. But nothing worked!

Frustrated, the duo then prompted for an in vitro fertilization, and after six tries, they finally learned that male factor infertility was at play and the possibility of conception was slim.

Fortunately, Dr. Chiu underwent several procedures to get to a point where the couple could have viable sperm. And on the seventh IVF cycle,  Baby G was conceived.

Today, her son is over 4 years old and already a model.

Talking about parenting, Christine shared that it was filled with responsibility, but also it was such a privilege to be a mother. She remembers crying her heart out because she wanted to be a mom (and she couldn’t). It even was hard for her to see moms with their kids. And now that she does have a child of her own, she cherishes every second of it.

“I’ve had a lot of time to observe and reflect on what kind of mom I would want to be, edit what kinds of things I would like to pass on. I think that my favorite moment as a mom is being able to educate in a fun way because growing up, education was kind of a chore,” she explained.

Related FAQs

  • Where Were Christine Chiu Parents From?

Christine’s parents hailed from Taiwan.

  • Where Did Christine Chiu Parents Reside?

As of 2022, Christine’s parents allegedly resided in Beverly Hills, CA.

  • How Many Siblings Did Christine Chiu Have?

Christine has no siblings. She up as an only child. No wonder, the idea of having multiple kids and a big family was exciting to her.

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