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Cicero Pinto Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Darcey & Stacey

Cicero Pinto drives a yellow Lamborgini, and Darcey & Stacey star, Darcey has once been in his passenger seat. Sadly, Darcey was stood up by this Lambo owner when they were supposed to head out on a double date with Stacey and Florian.

This Cicero Pinto Bio explores everything you need to know about this mystery man.

Cicero Pinto On Darcey & Stacey

Darcey & Stacey star, Darcey has been looking for love forever. And now, with her twin sister, Stacey, married to Florian Sukaj, the desperation has opted for her to get a matchmaker involved in her love life. So, in Darcey & Stacey season 4, Darcey’s venturing out into the world of dating once again, and Cicero Pinto is one of the love prospects her dating coach and matchmaker introduced to her.

Tall, dark, and handsome, Cicero clearly swayed away Darcey’s heart on their first encounter. Plus, he rode a Lambo — a type of car Darcey has never been in before. “A real man would drive this car,” she said.

Unfortunately, when the time came for the pair to accompany Stacey, and Florian on a double date, Cicero was unreachable. Darcey can be seen trying to call him but gets no answer. In disappointment, Darcey then says his “breath smelled!”

But though the Lambo man canceled the date, things might have ended well for the duo as he’s still following the Silva twins’ fashion brand page on social media, House of Eleven. Also, he recently promoted his appearance on the show, with a video clip, captioned, “Make it rain Monday on TLC US and CANADA 7pm CT 8pm ET.”

Prior to getting back to the dating game, Darcey was married to Frank Bollok for over a decade. The two just grew apart with time, meaning, they separated on good terms. “My relationship with my daughters’ father is good and respectful. I’m grateful for my daughters Aniko and Aspen and always will be. We are blessed to have them,” she explained.

Darcey and Frank share two kids named Aniko Bollok and Aspen Bollok.

Cicero Pinto Job

Cicero Pinto is the CEO of CA International LLC, a company that supplies motor vehicles and new parts. His company was founded in Feb 2019 in Florida under the company type “Florida Limited Liability.”

Besides cars, Cicero might also be involved with real estate as his IG bio said, “The Best time to invest in Real Estate is always last year.”

Overall, it’s clear that Cicero has a fulfilling job and he makes a good salary. So, for anyone looking up to him, he asks them not to rush into making big decisions based on emotions. “Take your time, think it through, and consult a few friends and God, sleep on it before you rush into it,” he added.

As for his education, Cicero got his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (International Business) from the University of Miami in 2010.

How Much Is Cicero Pinto Net Worth?

Cicero Pinto once claimed that he was a billionaire. But his actual net worth had yet to be revealed.

On the other hand, it’s clear that Darcey’s a millionaire. She garnered herself over $2 million by 2023 — thanks to he time as a reality star and a boutique clothing line owner.

Cicero Pinto Age

Cicero Pinto was born before 1970. That made him at least 52 years of age in 2023.

Also, that would make him at least four years older than Darcey Silva.

Cicero Pinto Family

Cicero Pinto always puts his family first, and it includes his two daughters and his loving mother.

His oldest daughter, Catarina turned 16 on March 19, 2022. On her birthday, he took to his IG to write, “I have to admit that being a single dad of two girls since you both were born, and even now teenagers it hasn’t been an easy task, but it’s been worth it. Thank you girls to choose me as your father.”

Find Catarina on IG @catapinto77.

As for the younger one, her name is Sofia Matos Pinto. Here’s her IG.

Overall, Cicero loves his two girls to the moon. He confessed that he always wanted to have girls and god blessed him with two! His little kids share his taste, they are his car wash companion, his horseback riding buddy, and his co-cooks.

Now, talking about the mother of his kids, her name is Ariane Heilen. They were married at least until late 2017. Now, she lives in the Saco dos Limões neighborhood in Brazil.

How Tall Is Cicero Pinto?

Cicero Pinto stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Cicero has long face, brown eyes, and a fit body. Many have also noticed that he has a slightly hunched posture.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Cicero Pinto Birthday?

Cicero receives his birthday wishes on October 30 and is of the Scorpio zodiac.

On his birthday in 2016, his family was there to greet him with balloons and cakes as he arrived home. “And the arrival in Houston Texas was like this..!!! Family is the greatest asset we have in life after God…!!! God Blesss,” she even shared the moment on his IG.

  • Where Is Cicero Pinto From?

Cicero hails from Brazil. But he made his fortune in Miami, FL.

  • Is Cicero Pinto On Instagram And Facebook?

In March 2023, Cicero featured 738K followers on Instagram @mr.cpc_. Most of his posts then featured his lavish lifestyle and cars.

Sadly, we couldn’t find him on Facebook.

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