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Clare Kerr Bio, Age, Job, Parents, Instagram, MAFS Denver

Clare Kerr is one of the singletons appearing on Married At First Sight MAFS Denver. Who are her parents? How old is she now? What job does she have?

Read all about her in this article.

Clare Kerr On Married At First Sight Season 17

Married At First Sight season 17 premiered and one of the ladies in the show is Clare Kerr. She values her family but is very autonomous. Her ideal spouse will respect her alone time as much as she does. Clare values discipline and fitness, and she hopes to work side by side with her future husband.

Clare is now looking for a man who can be a dependable shoulder for her. She has turned to the experts on the show for assistance in her search for the right family man. Clare likewise wishes to marry someone who possesses the same level of emotional intelligence as she does.

In the show, she is linked to Cameron. The other cast members this season are Becca and Austin, Emily and Brennan, Lauren and Orion, and Michael and his mystery woman.

In “Married at First Sight,” Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer explore the possibilities of a genuine connection while navigating the highs and lows of relationships. The Denver-based people get hitched in holy matrimony minutes after meeting one other in the seventeenth season of the reality TV show. Clare and Cameron both possess the capacity to make an impression due to their distinctive personalities and driven aims. Fans have naturally been intrigued by them and want to learn more about them due to their good values.

MAFS Denver: Are Clare Kerr And Cameron Frazer Still Together?

Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer, it is unclear, if they are still together. Neither of the married couple has shared any updates regarding their current standing.

The New Zealander’s lucrative profession keeps him busy, but he now hopes to meet the woman of his dreams. He has been looking for a partner with whom he can build a family and who will have his back. Despite having diverse interests and occupations, Clare and Cameron get along well because they both appreciate the need to provide a safe environment for potential partners.

Their first meeting revealed a significant commitment to the work, which is consistent with their character of openness and honesty. We naturally wish them the best of luck in all of their future undertakings.

A Reddit user revealed that Clare has gone on around 200 dates but failed to find her ideal man.

Likewise, a Reddit user claimed, “Can I please, please have my flair be “calls all of his exes crazy 🚩”? – sincerely, one of Cameron’s ‘crazy’ exes.” However, Cameron is yet to reveal his previous relationships.

Clare Kerr Age

Born in 1995, Clare Kerr reached the age of 28 in 2023.

Who Are Clare Kerr Parents?

Clare Kerr came from a big family and interestingly, she is one of four quadruplets. Her parents are named Brian Kerr and Julie Kerr. Brian turned 64 in May 2023. Julie reached 64 in November 2022.

The parents made headlines in The Denver Post back in 2013 in an article where they discussed struggling to fund the cost of college education. The youngest of eight children, Brian recalled his college days, when his father paid all of his sisters’ bills but only part of his, adding, “I found out later he would have paid more if I had put my best foot forward.”

Although it was “pretty mandatory” for him to attend college growing up, he is unsure if the same will be true for his children.

“I don’t know if they really totally grasp the full burden,” said Brian, who also has two older daughters who are college graduates.

“We swore that we wouldn’t burden them with loans, that we would help as much as possible,” he said. “But we also told them that when we do, that for any other big expense or investment — like a wedding — they’re on their own.”

Furthermore, Brian is a senior finance manager at CenturyLink. Julie’s job details are not available on her socials.

Back to the quadruplets, his other three siblings are Chrissy, John, and Catherine Kerr. Sadly, John passed away on 5 May 2018 after taking his own life.

John grew up in Littleton, where he attended Heritage High School and graduated in 2014. John was a natural baseball player at Heritage and loved playing basketball and golf. He had such grace in athleticism but was too humble to see it. John played baseball at Otero Junior College in La Junta, Colorado for 2 years.

John played soccer every week with the priests of St. Mary Parish and loved to join his passion for the Church and sports. He almost led the parish’s basketball team to a state title this past Spring.

Clare also has other two older sisters named Mary and Anne Kerr.

Clare Kerr Height

Based on photos, Clare Kerr’s height measures above 5 feet 6 inches. She opened up about her struggle with the disorder and her victory in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Clare offered a glimpse of her abs and shared insightful words, stating, “Eating disorders are scary. They’ll eat you alive if you let them, which is ironic considering they tell you you aren’t allowed to eat…they feed off of your starvation.”

Clare then said in her caption, “But I have made the choice to win that battle. Time and time again. Has it been easy? Absolutely…” She continued, “And here’s the thing… I haven’t won by killing the monster. I’ve won by changing my relationship with it.”

She further noted, “For those struggling with any mental disorder… there are really hard days. The monster can be way too powerful to battle some days.” She added, “But my biggest advice to you is to acknowledge that you do NOT have to battle the monster alone.”

Clare Kerr Job

Clare Kerr worked as an affordable counseling intern at People House Organization.

On her bio in the company, she said, “Hello! I’m Clare. Every individual deserves a safe space to explore their emotions and feel heard, understood, and accepted in the process. Being a human comes with many challenges that can be a lot to manage on our own. I am here to support, guide, and walk with you in those challenges. My passion in life is to help individuals overcome and navigate life’s difficulties. I approach therapy through a person-centered lens and believe that all humans have the ability to increase self-understanding, self-concept, and beliefs about who they are.  I hope to foster empowerment, wholeness, and growth to take with you in this journey of life.”

Clare uses a person-centered therapeutic approach because she thinks that everyone can improve their self-awareness, self-concept, and self-beliefs. Clare wants to encourage empowerment, wholeness, and progress for you to carry with you on your life’s path.

The University of Colorado Denver is where she is pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Clare has even created a mental health platform in the past for individuals who experience the same problems.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Clare Kerr From?

Clare Kerr grew up in Littleton, Colorado.

  • When Is Clare Kerr Birthday?

According to an Instagram post, Clare Kerr’s birthday is on 11 July.

  • Is Clare Kerr On Instagram?

Yes, Clare Kerr is available on IG and FB.

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