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Cole Wilks Bio, Wife, Age, Job, Height, N*ked And Afraid

Cole Wilks is the star of N*ked and Afraid and he is ready to take on the challenges that 21 days in South Africa is going to bring. He is partnered with Michelle Armogida to survive on this quest. Learn what is not shown on the TV in this short bio here.

Below, you’ll read about his age, wife & children, and his job.

Cole Wilks On N*ked And Afraid

In the Naked and Afraid season opener Cole Wilks a hunter from Bertram, Texas, and Michelle Armogida a farmer from Mims, Florida, are battling it out to live 21 days in South Africa. Cole and Michelle are put to the ultimate test of human fortitude as the sun hammers down on the untamed landscapes of South Africa.

A crocodile is Cole’s aim as he performs a risky act of hand-fishing in a sneak peek that has viewers on the edge of their seats. This bold attempt sheds light on the complex dance between man and nature as well as the extraordinary extent to which these survivalists are willing to go in search of food.

Cole and Michelle take on the Naked and Afraid challenge, where they are deprived of all luxuries and left to fend for themselves in the bush. In addition to putting their physical endurance and survival skills to the test, the series explores the depths of psychological fortitude needed to survive for 21 days in a setting where most would give up.

Their voyage is a monument to the human spirit’s ability to persevere in the face of adversity, from obtaining food to negotiating the difficult moral terrain of survival.

Cole is heard saying in a season 17 film that it’s “freezing cold” around seven in the morning and that “sleeping is actually the suckiest part.” Shell acknowledges that the days are growing “colder and colder” by day nine of the challenge. Cole went on to say, “It’s like sandpaper to your a**, it doesn’t matter what you lay down on.”

Speaking to the camera, Michelle says, “Yesterday was rough.” I’m probably going to relax today,” she says just before she trips and falls.

Cole Wilks Wife

Cole Wilks is happily married to his wife Kaycee Wilks Holman. They have been happily married for 9 years and together for almost 19 years as of February 2024.

In June 2022, on Kaycee’s birthday, Cole wished his better half, “Having a blast in Northern California with My girl. Happy Birthday babe. @mygoodnesskaycee.”

Kaycee turned 37 in June 2023.

Commenting about his passion for outdoor activities aligning with his strong marriage with Kaycee, in another IG post he boasted, “As long as I have snacks and fires my girl will follow me anywhere. 😂👊 @mygoodnesskaycee.”

Kaycee is also proud of her husband’s many endeavors. A head of the premiere, Kaycee took to her own IG and wrote, “New season of Naked & Afraid starts on February 18th! Tune in to see how my badass husband and his equally badass partner @shell_sonrisa take on South Africa! So proud of both of them! 💪🏻💪🏻 Look how sick this picture is 😍.”

Cole also has a daughter named Maddie whom he has featured on his IG. Both father and daughter share a passion for hunting. “Like father like daughter. So proud of this girl. Executed a perfect shot on this nice 9 point. Great Thanksgiving morning. We are thankful for the lives of these wild animals we get to pursue and harvest that will feed us for this next year. TAKE YOUR KIDS HUNTING #happythanksgiving #whitetailbuck #ruthunt #rut,” Cole proudly shared about his baby girl.

In August 2023, Maddie reached 16 years of age.

They also have a son named Caleb.

Cole Wilks Age

Born in March 1984, Cole Wilks is 39 years old as of this writing in Feb 2023.

Cole Wilks Job

Cole Wilks AKA “Flatlander” is the founder of Flatlander Productions. He is also a fellow public land hunter who is highly successful and has a wealth of outdoor knowledge. He has turned his passion for hunting into content creation on YouTube where he has 5.33K subscribers.

On the channel’s bio, he wrote, “This channel is for educational purposes. It’s my mission to help as many people as I can learn the skills to go out into the wild and harvest clean free range animals for your friends and family to consume and be healthy together. I want to reach out to all the brand new hunters that are just now beginning your lifelong journey of pursuing wildlife for clean eating.”

“Not only Do I go over tactics for pursuing mature big game animals but also tactics for filling the freezer in time of need. Hunting is a ancient tradition that every single person in this world has derived from. This is a lifestyle that many have forgot that they too came from. Come back to the wild side. Learn, Hunt, Harvest. ”

Cole Wilks Height

Cole Wilks’s height is above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Is Cole Wilks On Instagram?

Yes, Cole Wilks is available on Instagram (@colewilkshunter) and Facebook (@cole.wilks).

  • When Is Cole Wilks Birthday?

Cole Wilks celebrates his birthday in March.

  • Where Is Cole Wilks From?

Cole Wilks hailed from Bertram, Texas.

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