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Colin Englert Bio, Age, Job, Jane Campion Partner, Who Is He?

Meet Colin Englert, husband of Jane Campion who was recently criticized for telling Williams sisters that they don’t have to compete against men in tennis. She later apologized for the thoughtless comments that she made and claimed she didn’t mean it that way.

However, Jane has been addressing the hardship of being a female director time and time again. “It’s harder being a woman director because on the whole women don’t have husbands or boyfriends who are willing to be wives, ” she told the National Times in 1985.

Jane Englert is a mother of one daughter who is pursuing a career path in the entertainment industry. So, who is her former husband Colin Englert? Where is he? Is he married? We address it all in this article below.

Meet Colin Englert, Jane Campion Partner

Colin Englert is the former partner of The Power of the Dog director Jane Champion. They were married in 1992. According to the Guardian, they met each other while working on The Piano where Colin worked as the second unit director. The Piano made her an international sensation and she was two a month away from winning Palme d’Or.

However, tragedy struck when Jane gave birth to her son Jasper Englert who died 12 days old in 1993. At the time, Colin and Jane were living in a Sydney apartment. “In the grief, I suffered when Jasper died, it was my spirit that brought me back through, “she says. “But if you haven’t got your spirit to bring you through it, you know, I don’t know what you do. You just wait until things change, you know.”

“It was the direst chapter of my life,” Jane told The Christian Science Monitor. “The success of ‘The Piano’ escaped me completely.”

A year later on 15 June 1994, they welcomed their daughter Alice Englert.

In 1997, after the release of her movie The Portrait of a Lady, Jane took “a big holiday” in New Zealand, her native nation with Colin and their then-two-year-old daughter Alice. Colin and Jane were building a hut on a remote sheep station in the alpine region of New Zealand’s South Island.

They had bought “the most beautiful house in Sydney” on a tranquil Mediterranean-like bay. For most of the time, Colin stayed away from public eyes. But, during an interview, Jane once said that she practiced with her now ex-husband Colin to talk in an unbossy way to gain co-operation and also the best of their ideas.

Jane’s daughter Alice has established herself as an actress. They have even worked on a few of the projects together like in the 2006 short film The Water Diary. “We have a kind of friendship as well as a mother and daughter-ship, and we like working with each other,” Alice said. “I’ve watched her work for so long and I always loved it because she has this energy and direction and oh … such a discerning eye.”

Alice is also a writer and musician and can be seen on YouTube performing her self-penned songs, Necessary Pains and Needle and Thread. Moreover, she has written and directed short films, Family Happiness — which will screen at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival — and The Boyfriend Game.

Jane Campion was born in Wellington, New Zealand. Her parents, Richard and Edith Campion are the founders of New Zealand’s first touring theater company in the ’50s.

When Did Jane Campion And Partner Colin Englert Divorce?

Jane Campion and Colin Englert divorced in 2001. Colin reportedly has a son from his next relationship named Gabriel. However, he kept his personal life private.

Meanwhile, Colin had previously dated her former boyfriend, Gerard Lee. They wrote the script of her hit movie Sweetie. “Gerard and I had a screaming match in a car park once – a humorous one,” she told Sandra Hall in 1993. “He said, “You’ve ruined the movie. It’s a mess.”

Furthermore, Sweetie was co-produced by her other boyfriend William MacKinnon.

Colin Englert Age

As of 2022, Colin Englert is above the age of 50.

Colin Englert Job

Colin Englert worked as a film and TV director. According to his IMDB, he worked as a second unit director for movies and series such as The Portrait of a Lady, The Piano, and Palace of Dreams. His directorial works include The Last Resort and Relative Merits.

He worked as a producer in the short film Everything Goes.

Is Colin Englert On Instagram?

No, Colin Englert is not on Instagram. He has a Facebook account (@colin.englert.3) which is private at the moment.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Colin Englert’s Nationality?

Colin Englert is of Australian nationality.

  • How Tall Is Colin Englert?

Colin Englert stood tall above the height of 5 feet 11 inches.

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