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Connor Wood Fibula Parents: Pete Masich And Toni Masich

Connor Wood is one of the famous social media stars who has been on the rise lately. He is best recognized for his “Fibula” TikTok account where he posts comedy videos and thus far entertained over 752.8K followers. He also enjoyed another 197K followers on his Instagram @fibula. Now, in this writing, we thought we would try telling you all about his parents also.

Who Are Connor Wood Fibula’s Parents?

Connor Wood aka Fibula often mentions his parents on his social media. One time, in a video clip, Connor’s mom light-heartedly talked about her holding a grudge against him. It looked like it was not anything serious.

Meet Pete Masich, Connor Wood Fibula’s Father

Connor Wood’s father’s full name is Maurice Peter Masich. Though, they mostly refer to him just as Pete.

He was born to dad Maurice P. Masich and mom Patee and grew up alongside siblings Maricette Kearney, Kevin Masich, Marquette, Stephen Masich, and Janice Dortman, Davisson.

Maurice, Pete’s dad, died at the age of 81 on 23 July 2003. He was a veteran of WWII having served in the army as a paratrooper. There, for his contribution, he received the Silver and Bronze Battle Star ribbons and the Purple Heart.

Unfortunately, Pete’s brother Stephen of Newberry, also lost his life untimely in an automobile accident on 16 August 2014.

  • Pete Masich Age

Because Pete Masich was born in July 1958, he reached the age of 65 in 2023.

  • Pete Masich Job

Pete, on his Facebook, mentions being a pilot at Continental Airlines, Inc. in Houston, Texas since 1990. Formerly, he also cited, that he went to fly planes at USMC in El Toro, California from 1992 through 2000. Even prior, he went to the University of Olivet in the Class of 1982 and Newberry High School in the Class of 1977.

  • Is Pete Masich On Facebook?

Yes. Pete Masich was on Facebook as of September 2023. His last post here is from May 2019 and it is about him donating to Cathy Webb Chamberlain’s birthday fundraiser for USO. Besides this, one could also give Pete a follow on IG @petemasich, where at this point there were 3 posts and 118 followers.

He has been also often featured on Pete’s socials. Just lately, Pete mentioned his dad in a TikTok video saying “My dad just called to say he really liked the new @Brooke & Connor Make a Podcast YouTube video 👨‍🍳.” Before this, Connor was seen making fun of his dad for not taking good pictures of him.

Meet Toni Masich, Connor Wood Fibula’s Mother

Connor’s mom Toni is not the only child born to her parents back in the day. She has a bunch of siblings. Pati Moore Stewart who studied Health Science/Nutrition at California State University, Fresno in the Class of 2009 is one of them. As of now, he has been residing in Boise, Idaho while also being in a relationship with David Bernal. Also, there is Teri Moore Springer of Huntington Beach, California. She turned 63 in December 2022 and at this point, she continued being married to Steve Springer.

Toni’s other family members known are Gayle Moore who turned 80 in July 2023 and Phyllis Konopka Moore who reached the age of 72 in February 2023.

  • Toni Masich Age

Toni Marie Masich was born in August 1963. So, she reached the age of 60 in 2023.

  • Toni Masich Job

It is not understood what kind of a job/career Toni Masich has had over the years. She only briefly mentioned being a former student at Boise State University.

  • Is Toni Masich On Facebook?

Yes. Toni Masich was on ‘Toni Masich’ Facebook as of the time of this writing. One could find her on Instagram (@tonimasich) as well. This IG account, with 53 posts and 108 followers, was however kept private.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Connor Wood Fibula Parents Reside?

As of 2023, both of Connor Wood Fibula’s parents were most likely residing in Montgomery, Texas.

  • How Many Kids Do Connor Wood Fibula Parents Have?

Connor’s family is a family of four. Meaning there is one more child in the family. It is Machenzi Masich, Connor’s dear sister.

Connor Wood Fibula’s parents as seen in March 2016 (PIC: Facebook)

Mackenzi can be found on Instagram @macmasich and also on ‘Mackenzi Masich’ Facebook. At the time of this writing, she had been calling Montgomery, Texas her home.

Moreover, according to LinkedIn, she has been working as a first officer at NetJets since February 2023. Before this, for a year she did the same kind of job at Superior Air Charter Inc. and for two years prior worked as a certified flight instructor at Texas Flight Aviation LLC. Before this, between 2019 and 2022, following in her father’s footsteps went to study Bachelor’s degree, in Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology at Texas A&M University–Central Texas.

For Connor though, his career path was not as smooth as his sister’s. After getting sacked from his two jobs after graduation, he was at a crossroads with his career for a while. He started drinking heavily before TikTok happened.

  • Are Connor Wood Fibula’s Parents Still Married?

Yes. Connor Wood Fibula’s parents had been still married to each other at the time of this writing. Connor’s dad himself said so on his Facebook. Yet, it is not known how long they have been together or how they crossed each other’s paths in the first place.

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