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Corey Rathgeber Bio, Evelin Villegas, Dad, Job, Height

Corey Rathgeber gained prominence starring in TLC’s reality show 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. He and his wife Evelin shared on-and-off relationships ever since they met. So, after the 2021 edition, fans wonder are they still together?

We cover all the related news about him in this Corey Rathgeber Bio, so scroll down to learn more.

Corey Rathgeber And Evelin Villegas Relationship

TLC star Corey Rathgeber first met Evelin Villegas during his trip to her small fishing village. After four years of dating each other, Corey decided to take things to a next level. So, he had to move to the Equador since Evelin avoided living in the United States.

Corey was fully invested in the relationship. He also invested thousands of dollars in his now-wife and her family. Evelin, who kept quiet about their relationship, revealed to her sisters and fans of the show that she had already married Corey.

Although she never planned on getting married, she honored the wishes of Corey and got hitched in 2019 in secret. All of this happened when she went dress shopping with her sisters. Evelin later unfolded that she and Corey traveled to Guayaquil, Ecuador where they tied the knots.

But a source confirmed to Soap Dirt that their relationship was fabricated. The source further confirmed the two had gotten married in an intimate wedding with very few family and friends years ago and were only keeping up the facade for the sake of the show.

Moreover, the source claimed that Corey and Evelin’s marriage is a sham as they had already separated and were in no romantic relationship. Also, Soap Dirt’s report alleged that Evelin is currently on a 10-year immigration ban that would prevent her from receiving a spousal visa. This explains why Corey lived in Ecuador.

The source claimed that authorities detained her for overstaying her work visa upon arriving at the airport, where they searched her belongings and learned that she had been working illegally.

Are Corey Rathgeber And Evelin Villegas Still Together?

However, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star made it clear to her American husband that she doesn’t want to stay married. And all of this was because of Corey’s relationship with Jenny, his Peruvian girlfriend. She even ordered him to pack up his stuff and get out of her house after signing divorce papers.

“If you think I’m going to put up with you anymore, you’re crazy because there’s no more wedding, there’s no more nothing, and now I’m screwed because I told my mom. And my whole family is going to hate the idea of divorce.” Evelin told Corey.

The story was, Corey and Evelin were on a break, and during that time he ignited a relationship with Jenny. And, for both of them, it was more than a one-night-stand, but a relationship with a prospect as he claimed Jenny as his girlfriend. Corey clarified that what he and Jenny had was a four-day affair and he never had sex with her.

The relationship lasted for 2.5 months. The drama started when Evelin found Corey’s “shampoo” in his bag after his return to Ecuador. Unbeknownst to him, the “shampoo” was a feminine wash product that belonged to Jenny.

While Jenny gained fame as Peruvian, Evelin confirmed that she was Columbian and lived in Ecuador. She and Corey met each other through a mutual friend. Moreover, Jenny lived an hour away from Engabao and Corey met her in December 2019.

Evelin even threatened to call the police saying, “I don’t want this to be nasty. I don’t want to have the police involved. But I will do that if you don’t leave.” But Corey’s response was “If Evelin serves me with divorce papers right now, I’ll rip them up in her face.”

So the question remains are Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber still together? Based on the IG post, it seems so. They appeared together on 17 September 2021 in Evelin’s IG. But, Jenny’s appearance in episode 7 made the relationship even more complicated. Plus, what the source revealed to Soap Dirt made it look like they ended their relationship.

So it is quite tough to confirm how the relationship panned out.

How Old Is Corey Rathgeber?

On 18 September 2021, Corey Rathgeber turned 35 years old.

Corey Rathgeber Dad

Corey Rathgeber lost his father Gary Rathgeber on 28 December 2018. Being very close to his dad, losing him was a tough period for Corey. Not only that, the passing away of his dad put a lot of things in perspective. So, he decided to marry Evelin Villegas.

Gary was married to his wife Linda Rathgeber and had six kids with his wife who he raised with Mormon beliefs. Corey had a compound family so they were living with parents, grandpa, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters.

In episode 17 of Season 1, Corey’s mom shared, “He was just sitting on the couch when all of a sudden, he got just really bad pains and he was pale and he was sweating. And we get to the hospital and we find out his pancreas had been inflamed and gone downhill real fast.”

Meanwhile, Corey and his family allegedly set up a GoFundMe page to donate to cover his funeral cost. However, he was criticized online for his act. It all boiled down to him spending $40,000 on Evelin but not paying out of his pocket for his father.

Corey Rathgeber Sister

Corey Rathgeber has a sister named Jen Rathgeber Thuet. She is a fitness instructor by profession and owns Jeneral Fitness. She holds NASM CPT & CNS certifications. As of this writing, she is a married woman who tied the knots with her husband Jake Thuet in December 2014.

On their 4th anniversary, Jen went on her IG and wrote, “Happy 4th anniversary to my babe ❤️😘 We have been on many adventures together, and I know we will have many more to come. We have lived in Hawaii, Vegas, Washington, Utah, and now Brasil 🇧🇷 So happy to be doing life with you— Love you @jake_thuet ❤️ 😘”

So you know, their marries last for 6 years as of October 2021. Whereas, they don’t have any children as of this writing. But, she is a dog mother to Koa and Mowgli.

How Tall Is Corey Rathgeber?

Corey Rathgeber stands tall to the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Corey Rathgeber Job

According to RadarOnline, Corey pocketed $1000 to $1500 per episode. The Other Way, had Corey in 44 episodes in total for two seasons. This would have accumulated Corey a total of $44,000 from TLC. Besides the shows, he is also pocketing income from OnlyFans, Cameo, and Fanbound income.

Besides, The Other Way, he also appeared on 90 Day Fiance’s Love Games, Diaries, Self-Quarantined, and What Now? Furthermore, his job at Skamania Lodge, serving and bartending job at Columbia Gorge Hotel & Spa, Former Attractions at Walt Disney World also contributed to his burgeoning net worth.

Overall, this had accumulated him a solidified net worth of nearly $500 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Is Corey Rathgeber On Instagram, Facebook?

On Instagram, Corey goes by the name @coreyrathgeber_90. He is also on Facebook under the name @corey.rathgeber.

  • Corey Rathgeber Hometown: Where Is He From?

Originally, Corey hailed from his hometown of Massapequa, New York. Later in 2014, he moved to  Mill A, Washington.

  • How Much Is Corey Rathgeber Net Worth?

Corey Rathgeber has a total net worth of over $500 thousand.

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