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Courtney McTaggart Age, Dating, Net Worth, Grand Cayman

Courtney McTaggart, a local of Grand Cayman is the star of Hulu’s Grand Cayman: Secrets In Paradise. Find out more about her in this article below. Here we attempt to cover details about her age, net worth, dating life, and more.

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Courtney McTaggart On Grand Cayman: Secrets In Paradise

Courtney McTaggart is a Grand Cayman local. Being the best friend of Chelsea, she tries to advise her to be careful who she hangs out with. The problem is that Chelsea doesn’t pay attention. Furthermore, Trevor is unaffected by Courtney’s dislike of him. The two have negative opinions of one another.

She has “developed a thick skin”. She won’t back down from a confrontation, especially if her name is attached to a story she doesn’t want to be a part of.

However, Courtney feels that Elizabeth is attempting to undermine her. She believes Elizabeth attacked her on the internet, and she isn’t hesitant to bring it up in conversation. Courtney is proud of her background and that the Cayman Islands have a lot of rules. Having said all of that, we want to witness the drama this woman creates and the drama that surrounds her.

“It’s actually not because I like drama, it’s the opposite. I don’t like it,” she says. “But I’m also very to-the-point. If there’s an elephant in the room, the best thing to do in such a small place like Cayman is to discuss it, to have a mature conversation.”

Courtney added, “I’ve never had a problem with being that person. Sometimes there’s good results and sometimes there’s bad ones.” Still, “at least there’s honesty.”

Long before the cameras started rolling on Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise, the drama was in motion. Everything stems from Elizabeth Chambers’ highly visible split from actor Armie Hammer. The Hulu series reveals that the residents of Grand Cayman and the island itself were significant contributing reasons to the divorce. Courtney McTaggart claims in a trailer for the show that Elizabeth called her one of “Armie’s chicks.”

According to Disney, “sexy and sizzling with secrets, this seductive new docusoap follows a group of uber-rich and on-the-rise locals and expats navigating the rocky waters of their relationships, friendships, and careers in the paradise that is GRAND CAYMAN.”

That also, of course, exciting parties. Before the April 9 debut, the cast of locals and foreigners, which includes Elizabeth Chambers and Selita Ebanks, welcomed PEOPLE to the picturesque island and hinted at the juicy secrets that will be revealed in this paradise in season 1.

The cast also includes locals Aaron Bernardo, Julian Foster, along with Armier Hammer’s ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers, Nick Cannon’s ex Selita Ebanks, Meg Chandler, Craig Jervis, Frank Schilling, Cass Lacelle, Victoria Jurkowski, Chelsea Flynn, Teri Bilewitch, Dillon Claassens, Trevor Coleman, and Connor Bunney.

How Much Is Courtney McTaggart Net Worth?

Courtney McTaggart has amassed a net worth of $600 thousand, according to The Cinemaholic. She works as a real estate agent.

Courtney is currently associated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Cayman Islands, a business that takes great satisfaction in diligently attending to each and every requirement of its clients. A member of the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association, Courtney is also.

Courtney McTaggart Age

34 years is the age of Courtney McTaggart as of 2024.

Courtney McTaggart Parents?

Courtney McTaggart is the daughter of Mark McTaggart and Victoria Legon Merren. Very little is known about her parents.

On her dad’s birthday in October 2015, Courtney wished her dad, “Happy Birthday to the man with the most beautiful soul – unconditional love. #Daddy.”

“I really do have the most beautiful Mama. Happy Mothers Day to my one & only,” the Mother’s Day post from Courtney read in 2015.

Courtney has a brother named Jacob McTaggart. Jacob is in a relationship with Laura Clark and works at CAYMAN OFFSHORE ADVENTURES.

Is Courtney McTaggart Dating Anyone?

Based on Courtney’s Instagram, Courtney McTaggart is dating her boyfriend Stephan Cotterell. They have been dating since February 2020, when he was first mentioned in one of her photos. Stephan is simply known as Cotterell. Since she hasn’t posted much since celebrating New Year’s Eve in 2024, the last post in which she tagged him, our best guess is that Courtney and Cotterell are still together.

Stephan’s family is from the Cayman Islands, just like Courtney’s. He also began pursuing his love of music at an early age. He founded Keep Kreative, an all-in-one studio for photography, videography, and music production, and is now an entrepreneur. Cotterell discussed his career path with the Cayman Compass just prior to starting his company.

“We were freestyling, beatboxing, and knocking out rhythms on tables throughout middle school and high school,” he said of growing up in Florida. “I write songs to help people believe in themselves, and get into a motivated mindset. Even if it’s about a relationship that’s gone bad, I write about getting through it.”

Along with fellow Caymanian musicians, Cotterell joined ThE iZ in 2008; following the group’s breakup, he embarked on a solo project. “I grew up fairly shy,” he said. “I like all aspects of the music business, but being behind the scenes and showing others how to do the work is more my thing. I love writing and producing.”

It appears that Cotterell is now embracing his production side, which may have led to his meeting with Courtney. Although their exact dating history is unknown, she has shared many pictures of themselves together on social media over the years, showing off their travels, photo sessions, and general enjoyment of one another’s presence. Of course, according to Secrets in Paradise, if they split up, it would be in the spirit of the islands.

Courtney McTaggart Height

Courtney McTaggart’s height measures above 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Courtney McTaggart On Instagram?

On Instagram, Courtney McTaggart has 14.3K followers.

  • When Is Courtney McTaggart Birthday?

It is not clear when Courtney’s birthday is.

  • Where Is Courtney McTaggart From?

Newlands, Cayman Islands is the hometown and the current residence of Courtney.

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