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Cru Eaton Bio, Height, Job, Age, Back In The Groove

Hulu’s new Back in the Groove is said to be a promising reality TV show. It premiered on 5 December 2022 introducing three successful women over the age of 40, as they checked into The Groove Hotel, a mystical resort on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic. What happens out there was the main attraction of the show. Meanwhile, in the rest of the writing, we mean to talk about Cru Eaton, who in the series finale was seen getting together with co-lead Brooke Mora. Discover all about Cru in this writing called ‘Cru Eaton Bio’.

Back In The Groove: Are Cru Eaton And Brooke Mora Still Together?

When Back In The Groove premiered, filming had already been wrapped for a little more than six months. So, did Cru Eaton and Brooke Mora manage to stay together also in the real world?

After Gary left the show, 43-year-old Brooke was only left with Cru as her connection. Then, we as the audience also saw the personal trainer’s sister arrive at the Groove Hotel to support her and appreciate Cru’s efforts. The sibling even noted that Cru was completely invested in Brooke.

At last, following a successful last date during the last episode, we see Brook inviting Cru to spend the night at her place, and then the two checking out of the hotel together as a couple.

Fast forward to today, other than the fact that they followed each other on Instagram (as of December 2022), they dropped a few clues that they are still together. In September 2022, Brooke referred to a mystery “he” leaving the toilet seat up in an Instagram caption. Before this, in June, Cru showed a brief glimpse of him at Disneyland California Adventure, which is near where Brooke lives. The most recent one has to be the one when he celebrated the show’s premiere with their first onscreen date and kiss in a 6 December post.

However, from his Facebook, Cru had not cleared his ‘single’ relationship status.

Apart from this, as the filming concluded, we saw Brooke reunite with her friends in West Hollywood. She was also seen doing everything, from red-carpet events and posing for mirror selfies in bikinis to catching up on her business, Brooke Mora Training, recruiting clients in the Valley, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills areas.

Cru Eaton Age

Cru Eaton was born in 1991. So, he turned 30 years old in 2021.

Cru Eaton Job

Cru Eaton was introduced on Back In The Groove as a tattoo artist. While on his own Facebook, he mentioned working as a manager at G3 Solar Manager from 19 April 2020 (until present).

His Facebook, also tells us at 25, Cru was working full-time at a software sales company called Solution Reach and also delivering Domino’s pizza part-time. In a Facebook post, this person, Hernandez Gladys, tagged Cru and further explained how Cru had been “searching and searching” for a way to really make some serious money. According to Hernandez, Cru partnered with his company, and in less than 30 days, he qualified for his paid-for Jeep and hit $1,350 in upfront bonuses. As per Hernandez, Cru was also on track to hit $1,200 in residual income in December 2015, when Hernandez made this post about him.

According to Cru himself, he was finally out of debt at the age of 25. And until before this, he was “sick and tired” of living paycheck to paycheck.

In September 2019, Cru again made an announcement that he was starting a dog-walking company called DOGG. Promoting his startup, he was promising that he would be charging only $80 for the first 8 clients.

Also, it should not be missed that he was signed by a modeling company called Urban Talent Management back in May 2019. Cru seemed pretty excited about this new adventure and was hoping to see where this one would take him.

Is Cru Eaton On Instagram?

Yes. Cru Eaton could be found on Instagram @crueaton with 398 posts and 2,985 followers as of 9 December 2022.

Cru Eaton Height

Much younger than Brook, Cru Eaton stands above 5’11” in height. While he appears in his best shape now, it was not the same late in 2015 when he underwent ankle and heel surgery. It took him a while before he was able to walk with ease. He had several stitches after surgery.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Cru Eaton’s Birthday?

Cru Eaton’s birthday matches New Year’s eve each time. He celebrates it on December 31st and that makes him a Capricorn.

  • Who Are Cru Eaton’s Parents?

Cru Eaton is really fond of his parents Todd Eaton (dad) and Liz Eaton (mom). He often can be seen appreciating them on social media.

He loves to call his mother his twin. Other times, he calls her the nicest, kindest, most sincere person he knows. He is confident that his “momma Liz” would do anything for him no matter the circumstances.

Likewise, on Father’s Day one time, he expressed that his “the one and only T.O. Double D” has been “killing it” since 17 years old and still going strong. Other than being a dad, Cru gushed that he is an inspiration and a best friend to him.

  • Where Is Cru Eaton From?

According to Cru Eaton’s BIO on ‘Back in the Groove, he comes from Provo city in Utah. If you don’t know already, this place is home to Brigham Young University and its museums, including the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum.

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