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Dakota Mortensen Bio, Wife, Age, Family, Taylor Frankie Paul

Dakota Mortensen was in a relationship with TikTok star Taylor Frankie Paul but the rumor of their break up surfaced six months into dating. Recent TikTok post suggest that they are still together which hasn’t been confirmed. Like Taylor, Dakota was previously married. So, who is his wife?

Along with details about his previous marriage, we’ll also explore detail about his family, age, and job. Find out more as you scroll down.

Meet Dakota Mortensen, Taylor Frankie Paul Boyfriend

After Taylor Frankie Paul parted ways with her husband Tate Paul, she started dating Dakota Mortensen. She rose to fame openly discussing her divorce. Additionally, she also posts about their two children Indy and Ocean on her MomTok.

Taylor introduced Dakota in July 2022, a few months after proclaiming her divorce. The TikTok star then started posting TikToks that she made with Dakota. She shocked fans by announcing their breakup only days before the new year, nearly six months into their whirlwind romance.

“Finally deciding to be single and heal,” she explained in the viral video. “Up next is war with myself,” she added in the caption.

More than 6.9 million people have watched the video, and thousands of people have raced to the comments section to find out what happened. She said that her separation from Dakota last month was the result of “just off timing” without going into further detail. When they began dating, Taylor, a single mother of two small children, was going through a divorce, and he had only recently begun his sobriety as an alcoholic and addict in recovery.

A few days later, she posted a follow-up video in which she acknowledged that divorcing Tate was easier than calling it quits with Dakota.

“Can someone please explain how ending a six-month relationship hurt worse than ending a six-month marriage?” she asked in the on-screen text. After ringing in the new year, Taylor posted on TikTok that she had “spent the last four days in bed with major depression and anxiety.”

A month after she revealed that she had an ectopic pregnancy with their child, Dakota and Taylor split up. In videos that have since been deleted, Taylor reportedly chronicled the journey with her TikTok fans. The films reportedly showed Taylor holding a positive pregnancy test before shocking Dakota with the news.

Afterward, Taylor recalled being informed that she had an ectopic pregnancy and that her HCG levels were low. This is when an egg that has been fertilized develops outside of the uterus.

According to the video, Dakota “slid into her DM’s” before they met. Despite reports that the couple split again, neither Dakota nor Taylor have formally denied the rumors.

Did Dakota Mortensen Have A Wife?

Dakota Mortensen was previously married to his ex-wife Kenna Hopkins. According to MyRegistry, they tied the knot on 15 August 2015. Kenna is currently working as a registered nurse at St. Luke’s Health System since 2017. She is also a graduate of the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Frontier Nursing University.

Taylor Frankie Paul’s Boyfriend Dakota Mortensen With His Ex-Wife Kenna Hopkins (Pic: Facebook)

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Taylor was previously married to her estranged husband Tate Paul.

On November 27, 2015, Tate Paul and TikTok celebrity Taylor FrankiePaul made their relationship public. The two got married on November 18, 2016, just one year later, a week before their first anniversary. Taylor said it was a beautiful day with their family and friends present, and since it was at “NOAH’S Event Venue,” nothing could have gone wrong. She also mentioned that they had made other accomplishments throughout that year besides being married.

“We bought a house. Purchased a new car. Finding new careers. And the most obvious found each other. 2016 has by far been the best year of my life.” she explained.

Tate Paul was reportedly born in 1996. That made him 26 years of age in 2023.

As of 2023, Tate Paul was working as a district manager at AdvancedMD, South Jordan, Utah, for 4 years. Prior to that, he took a job as a “physician recruiter internal medicine” at CompHealth from September 2015 to June 2018.

Dakota Mortensen Age

Dakota Mortensen was born in January 1993. In 2022, he is 30 years old.

Dakota Mortensen Family

Dakota Mortensen is the son of Cheyenne and Ken Mortensen. In February 2023, his mom is 60 years old. His dad is 64, born in July 1958. They were both the owners of Mortensens Pheasants. Moreover, Dakota attended Sheridan High School and Sheridan College (Wyoming).

Dakota has three siblings: a brother named Sterling Logan and Cody Mortensen and two sisters; Chelise Fried and Sheridan Mortensen.

Where Is Dakota Mortensen From?

Dakota Mortensen was raised in Caldwell, Idaho. He is now based in Utah.

What Does Dakota Mortensen Do For A Living?

Dakota Mortensen is currently working in real estate. He is the owner of Basin Tiling. The business specializes in home renovations as well as new builds in addition to remodeling projects.

Before that, he was also pursuing a career as a model and actor while he was in Perris, California, according to his Backstage profile.

While Dakota was in his twenties, he had his first appearance on television in 2015 on the NBC reality series The Island. On this survivalist-style show where men are abandoned on an island and left to fend for themselves, he was one of fourteen competitors. The show was distinctive because it served as an experience only; there were no awards, victors, or eliminations.

Dakota Mortensen calls himself a “recovering addict” on his Instagram account and has been open about his sobriety experience. Taylor Frankie Paul has shared on TikTok since they started dating about her own attempts to stay sober, often with Mortensen dancing in the background. He has now gone on to discuss his battle with addiction in podcasts and discuss how it helped mold the person he is today.

He also appeared on the Todd Inspires podcast and shared that he has been struggling since he was 17.  It took his basketball scholarship and he suffered the pains of divorce. Dakota’s dream now is one day to start his own rehab center and also work with kids who are going through trauma and addiction.

Dakota Mortensen Net Worth

Dakota Mortensen’s net worth is under $350 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Dakota Mortensen?

Per Backstage, Dakota Mortensen stands tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches.

  • When Is Dakota Mortensen Birthday?

Dakota Mortensen celebrates his birthday on 29 January.

  • Is Dakota Mortensen On Instagram?

Of course, you can find him. Dakota Mortensen is on IG (@dakota_mortensen) and Facebook (@dakota.mortensen).

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