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Dakota Paschel Bio, Geoffrey Paschel Son, Age, Girlfriend

The former 90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschel might have been found guilty of “kidnapping and domestic abuse” on all counts, but his son Geoffrey Paschel refused to believe it. He was pleading with his father’s fans over the internet and asking for donations to help get him out of jail.

Keep reading this Dakota Paschel Bio to learn more about him.

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Meet Dakota Paschel, Geoffrey Paschel’s Son

On October 14th, 2021 Dakota Paschel took it to his father’s Instagram with a message to his fans. He posted a clip of himself dancing with Geoffrey, and wrote, “Please help us if you can. This is Dakota and I am writing this on behalf of my siblings and the rest of our family.”

Dakota then went on to add how Geoffrey “trusted the system” and it failed them. “He doesn’t deserve what has happened to him. Please support us in getting him the help he needs,” Geoffrey pleaded.

This was the first time anyone from Geoffrey’s side has spoken up since the trial.

In case you missed it, it was October 7th was — the second day of Geoffrey’s trial for abusing his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Wilson — when he was found guilty of “kidnapping and domestic abuse.”

According to Kristen, Geoffrey repeatedly bashed her face into the steps and walls on the night of June 9th, 2019. He then dragged her down the stairs which resulted in multiple injuries to her body and face. Also, she mentioned that after the abuse, Geoffrey kept her locked in a room while taking away her phone.

Geoffrey, in his defense, claimed that Kristen’s injuries were self-inflicted.

After the sentencing (scheduled on December 3rd, 2021), Geoffrey would face anywhere from 8 to 10 years of jail time.

This wasn’t the first time Dakota stood out for his dad. Previously, in March 2020, Dakota also took it to his IG to write a long descriptive post idolizing Geoffrey

Dakota Paschel Age

Dakota Paschel was 21 years of age in 2021; when he came into the spotlight for defending his dad.

Geoffrey was 41 then.

Dakota Paschel Mother

Though anonymous, Dakota Paschel’s mother has always been a matter of discussion amongst Geoffrey’s fans. Whether it came related to Geoffrey’s new love life or the child custody battle, Dakota’s mother often made it into the news.

Also, in 2021, when Dakota was found guilty of “kidnapping and domestic abuse,” he contended that his ex-girlfriend’s allegations were are merely an attempt to sabotage his then ongoing child custody battle with his ex-wife.

Dakota’s parents were married for 20 years and separated before 2020. 

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Does Dakota Paschel Have Siblings?

Yes, Dakota Paschel has a biological sibling named Paxon. Find him over IG @paxton_paschel. As of 2021, Paxon was married to the singer Kirsten Mika Lyn Paschel with a child.

Aside from Paxon, Dakota also has two half-brothers named Cayvan and Kazhem from one of his dad’s previous marriages. Unforutanltry, Kazhem passed away on March 6, 2018, from a seizure at the age of 1. He was in a coma for several until they decided to pull the plug.

After letting his brother go, Dakota took it to his IG with a heavy heart to write, “Kazham Hain Paschel was an absolute dream baby, and also my brother, no words can describe how much we all already miss him. There won’t be a day he won’t be thought about.”

Did you know: Geoffrey has been married four times.

Who Is Dakota Paschel Girlfriend?

Dakota Paschel cherished single life, and he often took it to his IG to flaunt it. On Feb 15, 2018, he suited up in pink and posted, “Happy national single awareness day.”

Likewise, the next year, he went on a senior trip as “single” and shared a picture with two couples by his side. “I didn’t mind 5th wheeling with them, especially with my unicorn friend jaughn (John) there,” he shared.

John was the name of his unicorn floatie.

The last we saw Dakota with a girl was at the homecoming party with his schoolmate Katie Lin. However, the two left just after five minutes into the dance to grab a bite at the Cheddars.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Dakota Paschel?

Dakota Pasche stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175.26 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Dakota has blue eyes like his father and a lean body. He was so thin that his friends called him “noodle” throughout his life. So, in college, he started hitting the gym, and now he can bench press 93kg (205 lbs).

He even had a video of him carrying his 84 kg (185 lbs) dad up the stairs.

  • Is Dakota Paschel On Instagram?

Yes, as of October 2021, find  Dakota on IG @dakota_v_paschel with 4k followers.

Also, reach out to him over Facebook @dakota.paschel.

  • What Does Dakota Paschel Do For A Living?

As of 2021, Dakota was still sharping his vocal skills at the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Guess, he plans to be a singer in the future.

Also, he was in the school choir during his time at William Blount High School and Farragut High School. He even made it to the TMEA All-State program alongside his friend Tyler.

Aside from performing at school, he has also performed at the market square.

But as brilliant of a signer as Dakota was, he was even better at studying — an honor roll student.

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