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Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy Bio

Meet Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy who went viral on TikTok. The content creators used made funny videos to make fun of his technique. Meanwhile, others are seriously concerned that people might get hurt because of his techniques. So, the question remains is Dale Brown AKA Detroit D.U.S.T. guy fake?

Scroll down as we address that and more about him in this Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy Bio.

Meet Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy

Dale Brown is the founder and director of operations of Detroit Detroit Urban Survival Training (D.U.S.T) and Detroit Urban Survival Training. He formed the survival system by blending different forms of martial art including Kyokushin, Japanese Karate, Hapkido Korean Karate, Aikido Japanese Martial Art, Japanese Jujutsu, Japanese Judo, JKD, and Chinese Qinna/Chin Na.

Dale uses his knowledge of martial arts and firearm training from the military as an Airborne Paratrooper. He also has experience as a private investigator to create a modern survival tactical training system. The goal of this training system was to empower people with the ability to protect themselves from violent predators, legally.

Talking about how it all got started, a woman was of Belle Isle Bridge and killed in front of her young daughter with many helpless witnesses on sight. So, he made it his mission in 1994 to teach families how to protect themselves in the Eastside of Detroit. Speaking with WXYZ Detroit, Dale revealed, “Our training system shows you how to create peace peacefully as a regular person, not a person who wants to fight.”

Dale offers the first hour of training at no cost Monday through Friday, from 6 pm to 7 pm.

Commander Brown began controlling threats in 1995 by devising strategies, tactics, and logistics to rid his neighborhood of violent crime. This approach, with the help of the Detroit Police Department, resulted in a 90 percent reduction in violent crimes and a complete cessation of house invasions and murders in specified communities.

The Survival Scouts Program was established in 1997 to teach urban survival skills and proper work ethic to young people. Basic Self-Defense, Gunfire Evasion, Basic First Aid, Conflict Avoidance, Personal Discipline, Threat Awareness, and Problem Solving were taught to youth aged 4 to 17.

Is Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy Fake?

Is Dale Brown of Detroit D.U.S.T. fake? Well, the question manifested in the first place because of the meme culture. There are tons of videos on YouTube and TikTok where they question the legitimacy of Dale teaches and its effectiveness. Most of the videos are funny videos, “you know you try to perform his technique then you fly to heaven,” it got everyone thinking that his technique wouldn’t even work.

One similar content creator on YouTube who made fun of his technique met Dale in person and later confirmed Dale’s technique was legitimate. There were also anonymous police officers who confirmed that the techniques that Dale taught worked on duty. Although, the question related to the testimonials from those police officers still stands because they don’t reveal their credentials.

But, there is one YouTuber Shaun E. Sundahl who also leaned towards Dale’s technique working in real-life situations at gunpoint. He made an entire 11:47 minute video about Dale. In the video, he took Dale’s side and even claimed shared interaction with Dale with a screen-shot.

So, why should you believe him? Because Dale has worked as a veteran off-duty law enforcement officer with over 19 years of police experience, a police academy instructor, and a POST pistol, shotgun, and rifle instructor. He claimed the video to be his personal opinion that doesn’t represent any law enforcement agency.

However, he pointed out that for his techniques to work you would require a practice that is lacking in Dale’s video or on the company’s website. Conclusively he confirmed that he was a fan of D.U.S.T. because they at least teach something worth learning. You can watch the video here.

Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy Age

As of 2021, Dale Brown AKA Detroit D.U.S.T Guy is over 52 years old.

Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy Wife

Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy AKA Dale Brown is married to his wife Mirela Mešinović-Brown. The pair tied the knots on 11 December 2013. They are happily married and have a beautiful family. They are parents to two children a teenage son and a daughter, who frequently appears on his Instagram and TikTok videos.

Detroit D.U.S.T. Dale Brown with his wife and two kids (Pic: Mirela’s FB)

Talking about his wife, Mirela is originally from Doboj, Bosnia & Herzegovina. She moved to the United States in 1997 to escape from the war. As she revealed in a video, although she moved to the U.S. a much safer place, she felt the need to have known self-defense. She learned about Detroit D.U.S.T. in 2009 and fell in love with the training.

Mirela is the co-founder and an instructor of D.U.S.T. She is also a business owner, a coach, and a speaker.

More about Mirela, she is Muslim.

Is Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy On TikTok, YouTube?

Yes, Dale is on almost all social media platforms including YouTube and TikTok!

Related FAQs

  • What Is The Name Of Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy’s Company?

The names of the companies of Dale Brown AKA Detroit D.U.S.T Guy are Detroit Threat Management Center and Threat Management Center.

  • How Much Is Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy Net Worth?

Dale Brown should have a total net worth of at least $1.5 million.

  • How Tall Is Dale Brown aka Detroit Urban Survival Training Guy?

Talking about height, Dale Brown stands tall at a height above 5 feet 9 inches.

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