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Dalia Gladstone Parents: Jeff Gladstone And Janet Hutcheon

Lea DeLaria has secretly revealed that she married her girlfriend, Dalia Gladstone. The Orange Is the New Black star for the first time slipped the news while chatting with Page Six on the red carpet at the Miscast23 gala.

In this writing, we shall therefore tell you all about the star wife Dalia Gladstone’s parents, who they are, and what their life has been like all these years.

Who Are Dalia Gladstone’s Parents?

Dalia Gladstone often shows her parents on her IG @daliagladstone. And clearly one can tell that she is really fond of them. Let us tell you more about each of them individually and together in the rest of the writing.

Meet Jeff Gladstone, Dalia Gladstone’s Father

Dalia Gladstone’s father is Jeff Gladstone. His full name is Jeffrey Gladstone. He is the son of the late Alfred L. Gladstone and Lorraine Gladstone. Before Alfred passed away in August 2019, he had been married to his wife for over 61 years.

Also, Jeff’s father was a builder, real estate entrepreneur, and a member of numerous organizations including The Home Builders Association, The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, the Masons, and Shriners. He spent many summers in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and Newport, Rhode Island, enjoying racing thoroughbreds and fishing with his sons and grandchildren.

Jeff, besides his parents, also grew up alongside his brother Stephen Gladstone.

  • Jeff Gladstone Age

On 1 May 2022, Jeff Gladstone’s daughter took to her social media to write a birthday message for him, which read “Happy 60th birthday to my incredible dad 😊✨💙”. So, one can tell that Jeff turned 60 years old in 2022.

  • Jeff Gladstone Job

On his social media profile, Jeff Gladstone mentioned working as a marathon fishing guide since 27 May 2021.

  • Is Jeff Gladstone On Instagram?

Jeff Gladstone did not have an Instagram account as of 7 April 2023. But, he sure was on ‘Jeff Gladstone’
Facebook. Here he seems to enjoy showing glimpses of his life ocassionally.

Meet Janet Hutcheon, Dalia Gladstone’s Mother

Dalia Gladstone’s mother is Janet Ellen Gladstone.

  • Janet Hutcheon Age

Janet Hutcheon was born in October 1962. So, she was born in 2022.

Also, because her birthday is on October 10th, she is a Libra.

  • Janet Hutcheon Job

Until now, it was not understood what kind of a job or career Janet Hutcheon has had over the years. Even her social media activity only tells us that she went to Dean College and Billerica Memorial High School (Class of 1980).

  • Is Janet Hutcheon On Instagram?

Janet Hutcheon was not on Instagram at the time of this writing. But, one could give her a follow on ‘Janet Hutcheon’ Facebook. And here, like her ex-husband, she also showed occasional glimpses of her life.

Related FAQs

  • Are Dalia Gladstone’s Parents Still Married?

Dalia Gladstone’s parents are no longer together and are also no longer married. In fact, Janet even got married again to Shawn Hutcheon on 11 December 2021. She cited this on her social media profile. But, because Jeff did not do the same, it was not known if he also got married again.

Jeff on his social media profile only specified being “divorced since 2013”.

Dalia’s stepfather Shawn Hutcheon is Boston’s only Powhatan/Aztec/Mexican-American hockey correspondent, player rep, and coach.

  • How Many Children Do Dalia Gladstone’s Parents Have?

Dalia Gladstone is not the only child of her parents. There is also Dalia’s brother Brandon Gladstone. Often Dalia’s mom can be seen writing beautiful words for Brandon on her social media posts. She wishes him a happy birthday every year on January 3rd. Other times, she also sometimes thanks him for serving their country. “Happy birthday, Brandon! I’m so proud to call you my son!”, she then wrote this once next to pictures of him from his youthful years.

Also, Brandon has been married to beautiful Kayla Gladstone, Kayla Haynie, since 8 October 2017. Kayla who works at Navarre Healing Arts turned 32 years old in October 2022.

Speaking of Dalia, she was born to her parents in 1990. So, she turned 33 years old in January 2023. Per LinkedIn, her last job was of licensing at Concord Theatricals in New York, New York from May 2019 through September 2021. Here, about his education, he mentioned going to Orange Technical College Winter Park & Avalon for a Pharmacy Technician certificate from 2008 through 2009. She also previously worked at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

A self-proclaimed “killjoy feminist”, “introverted bibliophile”, and “aspiring cat lady”, Dalia had been residing in New York City with none other than Lea DeLaria as of 2023. She was born and brought up in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Dalia first showed her comedian partner on an IG feed in July 2021. This was when they vacationed in Key West, Florida. From there, the duo has continually shown up on red carpets. Most recently as Lea opened up about their marriage, she did not seem keen on discussing it further.

  • Where Do Dalia Gladstone’s Parents Reside?

Dalia Gladstone’s parents do not reside in the same place. On Facebook, her father Jeff mentioned Lowell, Massachusetts as his hometown and Marathon, Florida as his current residence. Janet on the other hand had been residing in Lowell, Massachusetts as of 2023. Originally, she hails from Franklin, Massachusetts.

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