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Damian Terriquez Bio, Family, Net Worth, Height, Married

Glamorous on Netflix is an uplifting new queer series. It is about Marco (Miss Benny), a young queer and gender-nonconforming makeup enthusiast, whose life gets turned upside down when he gets hired as an assistant to beauty mogul Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall). Many others have joined its cast. Damian Terriquez is one of them. So, in this writing, let’s get to know him better. But, before that let us tell you that he is nonbinary and uses he/they pronouns.

Damian Terriquez On Netflix’s Glamorous

Damian Terriquez plays the character Dizmal Failure on Netflix’s Glamorous.

Smiling, Damian has talked to Hello! magazine about the “wild” moment when he got the call about starring in Glamorous. He explained that he did not get cast until after they started filming the first episode. So, he already knew the other people that were attached, specifically Kim. So, his concern at the time was “Are there enough roles to sustain a career to try to do this?”. He got his manager and his agent through. And when he got the audition and was cast in the role of the “ironically named” inspiring drag queen.

Damian describes Glamorous as The Devil Wears Prada meets Ugly Betty, but queer and makeup-focused.

Late in the process, Damian was on vacation in London when he got the audition for this show. He was on a cruise. Yet, he said, it was a whole nightmare, just to send recordings back and forth with the time differences.

When sharing his Glamorous experiences, Damian has also talked about being starstruck by Kim and Miss Benny.

How Much Is Damian Terriquez Net Worth?

Damian Terriquez while embracing his role as a nonbinary Latinx role model, has managed to make close to $300K net worth as of 2023.

He previously worked in Hollywood as a dancer and then behind the scenes in production roles. In those times, he often doubted if there would be a place for him as a gender-nonconforming Latinx star on screen.

Damian studied Fashion at Woodbury University in the Class of 2020. Part of his dissertation at the time was the gender-neutral space as he never understood why men had to shop in “this” section and women had to shop “over there”.

In his earlier career days, Damian was so trepidatious about getting into the industry, thinking, “Is there space? Are there enough roles?’”. But now, he is being able to do just that. So, now, for the future, he hopes the industry is going to look even more different than it does now, and he also hopes to get to be a part of that. He also is optimistic to make it easier for somebody else that comes after him.

Damian Terriquez Age

Damian Terriquez was born in 1998. So, he reached the age of 25 in 2023.

Damian Terriquez Family

Damian Terriquez is of Mexican-American descent. He has been vocal about the fact that figuring out his queer identity happened alongside a largely supportive family life.

Damian’s parents divorced and later on, died also when he was young. So, he was raised by his mom in what he describes as a matriarchal Mexican family.

The family moved to his mom’s hometown of Tijuana, Mexico when he was young. But, he moved back to California again when he was in high school.

Damian is part of a really huge family in which his mom is one of nine and their grandmother is one of thirteen.

Is Damian Terriquez Dating Anyone?

Damian Terriquez is actually engaged also, to this man named Luke Lowrey. They are said to be living just outside of Los Angeles with their pet Miniature Schnauzers Nadia and their new puppy Nala.

Luke, a Las Vegas, Nevada born and bred and on IG @lukelowrey with 12.2K followers, is an actor himself. He has been seen as a stand-up comedian and comedy writer, performing in New York’s top clubs including Broadway Comedy Club and New York Comedy Club.

Luke’s father is of Scottish-Irish descent and his mother is of French Cajun.

Damian and Luke have been engaged since 2020. Fast forward to today, they also have the matter of a wedding to sort out. The duo are slowly working towards making plans for their special day.

“It all depends on the next year and future projects,” Damian told Hello! in June 2023. But, he said, they have already decided the ceremony will take place in Mexico. In the meantime, Damian is already happy to refer to his Southern American partner, now in his 30s, as his husband.

The couple, who met through dance, have been really proud of each all this while. Just recently, they were spotted together at Damian’s Glamorous premiere. Before this, they had attended a gala in West Hollywood.

Damian Terriquez Height

Damian Terriquez stands above 5’6″ in height. Also, if you don’t already know, his eyes and hair are brown and he has kept shoulder-length hair for some time now.

Related FAQs

  • Is Damian Terriquez On Instagram?

Yes. Damian Terriquez can be found on Instagram. As of 24 June 2023, his IG @damianterriquez included 23 posts and 10K followers.

He also has shown glimpses of his life on ‘Damian Terriquez’ Facebook. Plus, one could give him a follow on Twitter @TerriquezDamian and get subscribed to his YouTube channel also.

  • Where Is Damian Terriquez From?

Damian Terriquez originally hails from San Diego, California. As of 2023 though, he had been calling Los Angeles, California home.

  • When Is Damian Terriquez Birthday?

Damian Terriquez’s birthday is on January 24th, making him an Aquarius.

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