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Damien Pickett Age, Wife, Montgomery Boat Brawl Victim

So, it is Damien Pickett the victim involved in the viral Montgomery riverfront brawl, authorities have confirmed. On 5 August 2023-Saturday night, a heated argument between a Caucasian boater and Damien escalated into a physical altercation on the dock before other members of the public became involved. This very fight soon made its way to Twitter. Twitter users since have been rallying behind Damien Pickett and defending that the Montgomery brawl was unneeded as Damien was doing his job.

Let’s discover more about the brawl and about Damien Pickett in the rest of the writing.

Meet Damien Pickett, The Montgomery Boat Brawl Victim

Montgomery Police Chief Darryl J Albert informed the public that the fight stemmed from a dispute over a docking spot. The Harriott II riverboat carrying 227 passengers was trying to dock its reserved spot but a private pontoon was docked in the space. So, the Harriott boat and its caption Damien waited for the owners for about 45 minutes. The captain then was hauled to the dock to speak to the boat owners, where he is confronted in a very “hostile manner”.

Another victim, an unnamed 16-year-old white male was also allegedly struck by the operators of the private boat.

Damien had not released his statement on the incident, as of the time of this writing. What we know is three males named Richard Roberts, Allan Todd, and Zachary Shipman have been charged with third-degree assault for attacking him.

Footage of the said conflict has gone viral and is all over the internet.

Damien Pickett Job

Damien had been the Harriott II Riverboat co-captain for over six years, as of August 2023. A social media profile picture of him shows him posing happily by a Harriott II life preserver ring in his captain uniform. And it dates back to 21 July 2017. That implies he has worked with the ferry company for more than six years.

Damien seems to be good at doing what he does. In October 2021, for instance, one certain consumer of his service wrote a “shout out” to him on FB. “This evening cruise on The Harriott was everything. My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend you go,” he gushed.

If you also need to know, Damien’s salary as a boat captain should range between $13.27 to $26.15, per hour, in Alabama.

Long before taking on this career, Damien went to Robert E. Lee High School in Midland, Texas (now known as Legacy High School).

Damien Pickett Age

Damien D Pickett was born in 1966. So, he reached the age of 56 in 2022.

Damien Pickett Family

So far, there was no way for us to know who Damien’s parents are or what kind of family background he comes from. Still, here are a few things known about some of his family members.

Damien has a sister named Alisha Pickett (Lisha). According to her FB, Alisha has been an assistant manager at Circle K since 2018. She, like her brother, attended Robert E. Lee High School. She turned 41 in September 2022 and as of this time, she had been calling Montgomery, Alabama her home.

One time on her FB, in February 2021, Alisha raved about her brother Damien being “the best Big Brother in the world”.

Another family member of Damien known is Laisha N Pickett, AKA Lã LA, of Montgomery, Alabama. This one reached the age of 31 in September 2022.

Lastly, on FB’s “family members,” Damien also referred to this person called Tashika Durty D Nickson as his family member. Tashika too is a dweller of Montgomery, Alabama.

Damien Pickett Height

Below 6 feet is the height Damien Pickett stands at.

Damien Pickett Wife

Even today (in August 2023), Damien’s relationship status over Facebook read “In a Relationship”. Although, he had not specified with whom he has been in a relationship with.

In a FB photo from back in May 2015, Damien is posing alongside a beautiful lady, who is most probably his partner. Yet, it is not understood if that’s the case and also if they are still together.

Not to miss, Damien is also a father of a son named Damien Pickett Jr. Damien Junior according to his FB is a “Running B)” at N.F.L. Also, he graduated from Robert E. Lee High School (Midland, Texas) on 28 June 2014. Later, he studied at the University of Alabama in the Class of 2011.

Also, it is understood that Damien Junior’s mom is Tay Robinson, AKA Latasha A Pickett, who studied Certified Clinical/Administrative Medical Assistant at Capps Medical College. And as she mentioned being ‘single’ on her FB profile there is a high chance she and her son’s dad are no longer together.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Damien Pickett’s Birthday?

Damien Pickett’s birthday is in October. On what day exactly was not known though.

  • Where Is Damien Pickett From?

Damien originally hails from Tulane, Alabama. As of 2023 though he had been residing in Montgomery, Alabama.

  • Is Damien Pickett On Instagram And Facebook?

Damien Pickett could not be found on Instagram, but he was on Facebook as of August 2023. And on ‘Damien Pickett’ Facebook, he has posted many glimpses of his life.


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