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Dan Whitlam Bio, Age, Height, Emma Mackey Boyfriend

To those still wondering if Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield, costars from Sex Education, are dating in real life? The answer is a clear no. Because the French-British actress has been dating fellow actor Dan Whitlam instead. Who Dan is, let us tell you in this writing called ‘Dan Whitlam BIO’.

Meet Dan Whitlam, Actress Emma Mackey’s Boyfriend

Until earlier in 2022, Emma Mackey was everywhere on the news creating headlines for her relationship with Dan Whitlam. But, on their own, this couple has been pretty partial to privacy.

The two likely started dating in 2018. Around that time, Emma even made their relationship official on Instagram. But now, not only this particular post has been deleted, but Emma also has pulled the plug on her social media. Like Emma, Dan also did not Instagram their romance like most others.

So, now and then, kudos to their trend of keeping things private, there has even been speculation that the two have called it quits.

Having said that, this couple despite not wanting to put their love out there for the world to see, were seemingly still together until December 2022.

Dan Whitlam Age

Dan, with the full name Danielle Whitlam, was born in 1994. So, he reached the age of 28 in 2022.

Who Are Dan Whitlam’s Parents?

Dan Whitlam’s mother Hannah Whitlam is no more. She died of a brain tumor in 2002 at the age of 42. A year ago, honoring her, on World Cancer Day, Dan raised money for the brain tumor claiming that this cause does not receive the same levels of consideration and funding as larger cancer charities. On the occasion, Dan also beautifully wrote a poem for her.

Other than Dan, his mother is survived by her husband David Whitlam, AKA The Whitlam, and their two daughters Lily and Sarah Whitlam.

Dan’s dad, according to his Facebook, is a piano man and keyboard player for Pink River Dolphins and a former sales and marketing person at Gillette. Also, back in the day, the London-dwelling David studied Russian and German at University College, Oxford, and before that at Bradford Grammar School.

We also learned a few things about Dan’s sister Lily. That is, she was lately staying in London, and before that she studied at James Allen’s Girls’ School and Oxford Brookes University.

Dan Whitlam Job And Career

Unlike Emma Mackey, who is big on the TV screen, Dan Whitlam is big on the stage.

More recently, he made a “BBC Introducing Artist” in September 2022. Around this time, he was also working on his then-upcoming podcast series, Talking Terminals, commissioned by the BBC and made up of four episodes.

Dan, today, is looking forward to continuing both acting and music side by side. His newest single “Young Minds” captures the essence of being a young person in the big city. leading to him becoming a BBC Introducing featured artist. As always, Dan blends his music with “clever” instrumentation with spoken word poetry and rap. By December 2022, there were 6,548 monthly listeners on his Spotify, where he also had his other singles “Lights Down” and “Exit Sign” put on display.

As an actor too, Dan has secured a range of roles, including on-stage ones in the productions such as “The Flood,” “Teechers,” and “Julius Caesar”. Others include a Sky Atlantic series Discovery of Witches and a small independent film called The Beginning and End of Everything. He also played Albert Kropp in All Quiet on the Western Front and the mayor in Govrnment Inspector, both of which were staged at the Pleasance Theatre in London.

How Much Is Dan Whitlam’s Net Worth?

Dan Whitlam reportedly had more than $750K as his net worth as of 2022.

Dan studied Music and Drama at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he learned how he could convey meaning from texts with long monologues and subtle undercurrents. By the time he reached his third year, he discovered that he wanted to become someone who can tell interesting stories through their own work rather than relying on that of others.

Dan Whitlam Height

Dan Whitlam stands at a lofty 6′ 4″ in height. He is red-haired and certainly cuts an impressive figure other than a personality that can sing as well as play the piano and saxophone. You should know that Dan also is an adept dancer, sportsman, freestyle rapper, and even a poet.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dan Whitlam’s Birthday?

Dan Whitlam’s birthday is on December 18th.

  • Where Is Dan Whitlam From?

Dan Whitlam counts southeast London as his home. He particularly grew up in Clapham town. He has several good old memories of this. There is also a painful one though, from his youth. He was 16 at the time and he was stabbed when, with some of his friends, he was coming out of an audition at the Pleasance Theatre in North London. One of his friends got mugged and he ran to help. There was a fight involved and he got stabbed with a screwdriver. Speaking of it candidly now, he said, he was taken to hospital with a “collapsed” lung.

Fast forward to today, in 2022, Dan has not only recovered from his injury. But, he also thinks that the guy who stabbed him was a victim of circumstance.

Also, today, on his Facebook, he cited London, United Kingdom to be both, his hometown as well as his current city.

  • Is Dan Whitlam On Instagram?

Yes. Dan Whitlam could be found on Instagram @danwhitlam with 175 posts and 12.1K followers. And here in the BIO, he posted content mostly as a “London-based Poet”. More recently, he also requested people here to listen to his new single “Young Minds”.

Besides, one could give Dan a follow on TikTok @danwhitlam1 where he entertained 29.9K followers and around 461.9K likes. He also seemed active on Twitter (@DanWhitlam), on his ‘Dan Whitlam’ Facebook, and self-titled YouTube channel. To his 116 subscribers in the latter, he showed a look at his life as a poet and rapper hailing from South London.

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