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Dancer Rudy Garcia Bio, Age, Partner, Height, Dance 100

Dance 100 arrived on Netflix on 17 March 2023 and introduced to the audience eight choreographers as its contestants. Among them, battling it out for the chance to win $100,000, was also dancer Rex Kline.

In the rest of the writing which is called ‘Dancer Rex Kline Bio’ let’s look at who Rex is personally and professionally.

Dancer Rudy Garcia On Netflix’s Dance 100

On Dance 100, Rudy Garcia introduced himself as someone who has been working in the dance field for years. And these years, he said, have seen him partnered up with renowned artists like Maluma, J Blavin, Daddy Yankee, and Ricky Martin. As of March 2023 though, he had associated himself as a tutor/instructor at Naughty Girl Fitness and Righty Eight Studios.

Rudy’s journey in the competition kicks off with him, like others, choreographing routines for seven dancers.

In the second episode, when the number of dancers was made to 14, choreographers were tasked to incorporate a prop. But some contestants were not able to juggle the added pressure. Was Rudy one of them? We won’t give away the spoilers.

In the following episode, contestants were to elevate their routines with 20 dancers in their crew. Then happened the first half of the semifinals, choreographers created routines for 25 dancers inspired by the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’00s. In the next, choreographers used 25 dancers to tell a story with a narrative dance. And at last, when it was time for the finale, the two standing took on their biggest challenge yet: choreographing routines for 50 dancers, and then the entire Dance 100.

How Much Is Dancer Rudy Garcia’s Net Worth?

Dancer Rudy Garcia, who had his La Criatura USA Tour back in 2018, reportedly hoarded below $300K net worth as of March 2023.

It seems that for the past couple of years, Rudy is being represented by Amanda Tae, as part of her very own Tae Talent Agency.

Rudy has been a fan of arts in general since a very young age. In his earlier days, he was trained in Karate and he transitioned to dancing only later, in his teenage years.

Yet, he told in an interview with Voyage MIA, that he could never have imagined being in the creative field. His father had him join Karate at eight, and by the time he was 14, he was already a black belt. But, never did he know that with the structure and discipline, Karate had brought into his life, he was preparing himself for dance. It was now 2009 and his aunt, Susie Garcia, had just opened her own dance studio. He also wanted to try a dance class and the minute he stepped foot into the studio, he knew that dance was going to be part of his life for the rest of his life. It felt so right, he said. So, he worked hard wanting to be the best and the rest just fell into place.

He just danced through high school and applied New World School of Arts afterward. Of course, he did not get in at first as he failed to impress the instructor during his conservatory audition. Even so, he did not give up and three months later he reapplied and got accepted. He graduated with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the institute in 2017.

Dancer Rudy Garcia Age

Dancer Rudy Garcia was born before 1990. So, he should have been less than 32 years old as of 2022.

Where Is Dancer Rudy Garcia From?

Dancer Rudy Garcia identifies as a Cuban man born in Miami, Florida. It appears that he is really very proud of his Cuban heritage.

In recent times, he had been residing in Los Angeles, earning his living as a professional dancer.

Dancer Rudy Garcia Partner

Dancer Rudy Garcia’s relationship status was unknown as of March 2023. Unlike his fellow dancer contestant Rex Kline, he also did not mention being ‘single’ on Facebook.

Dancer Rudy Garcia Height

Dancer Rudy Garcia stands below 5’10” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dancer Rudy Garcia’s Birthday?

Rudy Garcia’s birthday is on August 9th, which makes him a Leo.

  • Is Dancer Rudy Garcia On Instagram?

Dancer Rudy Garcia can be found on Instagram @rudygarcia___. As of 18 March 2023, there were 366 posts and 11.4K followers on it.

On TikTok (@rudygarcia___ ) though he seemed comparatively new and only had 1506 followers.

  • Who Are Dancer Rudy Garcia’s Parents?

Rudy Gracia’s mother is Helen Melara. She can be found on Instagram @hmelara74. And she turned 48 years old in August 2022.

Rudy loves his mother and he often says so and more on his social media posts. Also, from their pictures, one can tell that Rudy has got her looks.

Rudy, however, had not yet introduced his father to his people on social media.

So for now what we know is, he also has a brother in his family. He is Ryan Garcia. He is Rudy’s younger brother and he is into hockey, it seems.

Not to miss, Rudy when he lost his really “great” grandfather “COCO” in December 2018, he was really devasted. “The hardest day of my life” is what he dubbed the day as, on a social media post. That was the first time he had lost a family member. He gushed that Genaro Garcia was the family rock, full of life, and so much more.

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